How to Counter Ekko? The Best Counter Tips To Beat Ekko in Season 12

Ekko is a champion that got played in different roles. He was played in the top lane before as a tank that can dish out high amounts of damage; he can also be played in the mid lane as an assassin mage or in the jungle. But during season 12, he is mostly played in the jungle, and we are going to take a closer look at the ways Ekko can be countered. He has a very high damage output, and he moves really fast, which is great for his q ability. Like any other assassin champion, their greatest weakness is CC abilities that lock them down in one place, making them lose the ability to burst your carries down.

Ekko is a champion that relies mostly on his skills, so it is very important to always observe his mana. If he has low or no mana, he is basically useless and will back away from your team. He has a one-shot capability, so always remember to bring a ward and never face check a brush. I know you want to know how to counter Ekko, and that is the main reason why you are here, but first, let’s look at his skills. I know it might sound boring or unrelated to counter him, but trust me, the best way to counter any champion is to know how that champion is played. Now let’s take a look at his abilities.

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Ekko’s Abilities

  • Passive – Z-Drive Resonance – every time Ekko damages an enemy with his basic attack or skills, he applies one stock of this skill on them. On the 3rd stack, Ekko deals bonus magic damage, and when he triggers this on champions, he gains movement speed. 
  • Q – Timewinder – Ekko throws a projectile that travels fast, and when it reaches a certain point, it slows down and comes back. This projectile can damage enemies while it is on its way to its casting point. Second damage is inflicted to the enemies hit by time winder while it is back to Ekko.
  • W – Parallel Convergence – Ekko can cast this skill at a certain location. When it reaches its point, it leaves a circular area that slows enemies within it. When Ekko steps inside the circle, all enemies inside it will be stunned. This can be countered with spell shields or Morgana’s Black shield. 
  • E – Phase Dive – Ekko rolls forward, which is a great way to sidestep abilities or dodge other skills; after he rolls forward, he gains the ability to blink strike enemies near him. Ekko can use this at the 3rd proc of his passive to deal massive damage on his enemy.
  • R – Chronobreak – As soon as Ekko acquires this skill, he leaves a form of a shadow behind him that is delayed for 4 seconds. This shadow follows each path of Ekko and can be seen by the enemy team. Ekko can cast this ability to quickly go to that shadow’s location. When he reaches his destination, he causes a massive explosion that deals a burst of magic damage.

Best Champions to Counter Ekko in Season 12

1. Malzahar

2. Kha’Zix

Ekko is mostly played in mid-lane or the jungle, and Malzahar can be played in both roles. Ekko has a very strong ultimate ability that heals him. Still, Ekko cannot use this ability every time he is crowd controlled. Ekko also has a silence ability that would shut Ekko down, especially he is an assassin mage. He can build Liandry’s along with Demon Embrace that works well with his ability to deal DPS damage. Malzahar also has a passive spell shield with a low cooldown, which is great to shield himself from Ekko’s skills.

It is very easy to burst Ekko down in the early game, and there is no better champion in doing it other than Kha’Zix. He is the perfect jungle champion to counter Ekko as he can hop walls and perform very well on 1v1 fights. When you harass him during the early game and get the lead on him, it is pretty easy to predict his jungle camp clears and solo kill him every time. When he gets a lead on Ekko, it is pretty much game over for that player,

3. Poppy

With Poppy, you can easily mitigate Ekko’s damage output with your skills and item builds. Poppy also can deny Ekko’s gap closer or disengaging ability. She also can trade with Ekko because of her low cooldown high damage skills.

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Best Items to Counter Ekko in Season 12

1. Zhonya’s Hourglass 

A counter in the league of legends is something that you do that would render a certain champion against you useless. That is what this item exactly does to Ekko. You can use this on different occasions against Ekko. You can use it when he comes in for a surprise burst with his W and E combo. You can also use this item when you see he is about to ult and you are in the range of his ability. This item prevents you from being busted down by Ekko and can prolong a great fight against Ekko as he relies on short fights.

2. Morellonomicon 

Grievous wounds are an item effect that works well against Ekko. He mostly uses fleet footwork keystone for his sustainability. His ultimate has a strong heal effect on him; building this item greatly limits his sustainability.

3. Banshee’s Veil

Ekko’s E ability has very great damage when partnered with a Lich Bane; with this item, you can block Ekko’s initiate ability. This item also provides the wearer with huge magic resistance, which is also perfect against Ekko’s abilities.


When you are against an Ekko, rooting him down or reducing his healing is always the way to go. He can also be easily predicted as he needs his W ability to initiate fights which can be spotted pretty easily as you see a shadow of him cast this ability. Take note that Ekko is an assassin, so another way to keep him from getting stronger is to keep him away from your squishy carries. Just remember, knowing the champion is equal to countering him.

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