How to Counter Invisibility in League of Legends?

Invisibility is a form of ‘stealth’ and this phenomenon has been part of League of Legends for a long time, it is an integral part of some of the champion’s playstyle and kit. 

There are many arguments that players have made against invisibility for it being unfair and overpowered. It is undoubtedly a strong mechanic but so are invulnerability, true damage, and dashes/blink, but it can be easily countered with adequate knowledge and strategy. 

Let’s dive in and find out how you can counter this annoying ability by keeping a few simple guidelines in mind, so you’ll know exactly what to do with your next invisible foe.

There are a number of ways in which you can counter Invisibility in League of Legends, there are numerous champion abilities that can be used to detect, chase or attack an invisible enemy. Oracle Lens is an efficient way of detecting invisible enemies too, towers can also be used to counter an invisible unit while playing safe and defensive.

The different ways that we have mentioned below have a different effect on the invisibility of the champions, some can be used to get intel on the enemy’s location and chase them while other methods can be used to target the invisible champ just like a normal target.

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Champions With True Sight

True sight is a form of sight that reveals any invisible units, true sight has all the same features as standard sight once an invisible unit comes under its area of effect

Using champions that have true sight is probably the most undemanding way of dealing with invisible enemies.

Best Champions with True sight abilities:

Champion Abilities 
Garen Demacian Justice
Fizz Chum of waters 
Atarox Infernal Chains
Akshan Comeuppance
Catylin Yordle Snap Trap, Ace in the Hole
Thresh Death Sentence 
Fiddlesticks  Harmless Scarecrow, Bountiful Harvest
Malzahar Nether Grasp
Lulu Help, Pix!
Morgana Soul Shackles
LeBlanc Ethereal Chains
Rengar Bola Strike, Thrill of the Hunt
Twisted Fate Destiny

Here is a brief explanation of how you can use some of these champions and their abilities to be an absolute nightmare for the invisible enemies.

1. Rengar

Rengar has the potential to be beneficial against invisible enemies, Rengar has not one but two abilities that can crush an enemy’s stealth strategy. 

Bola strike can help restrict the movement of an invisible unit by slowing it down and dealing physical damage if cast in the direction of the invisible unit. Once Bola strike hits the enemy it is revealed under Ture Sight. 

Ranger’s Thrill of the hunt can be used to chase stealth units and finish them off. Rengar gains bonus movement speed and true sight of the nearest enemy in range for the entire duration of the ability.

2. Morgana

Morgana is another wise choice when dealing with invisible enemies. Just like Rengar’s Bola strike, Morgana’s Soul Shackles can restrict the enemy’s movement and cause them pretty decent magical damage. 

In Soul shackles Morgana tethers herself to nearby enemies in range for 3 seconds, while slowing them down and revealing them, she also gains bonus movement speed when she moves towards the tethered targets. 

If the enemies are unable to break her tether they receive the same magic damage again and are stunned and reveled for 1.5 seconds. 

Soul shackles can give you a massive competitive advantage when fighting invisible and non-invisible enemies in a teamfight.

3. Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a champion that can be used to counter invisibility hastily and without much complications. Lee Sin’s sonic wave causes physical damage to the first enemy it hits, upon impact, the invisible enemy is revealed for 3 seconds, which is a really adequate amount of time to deal with invisibility.

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4. LeBlanc 

LeBlanc’s Ethereal Chains work on almost the same mechanism as Morgana’s Soul Shackles, Le Blanc throws a chain towards a targeted location, tethering the first enemy it hits for 1.5 seconds. The tethered enemy is revealed and receives magic damage, if the enemy is unable to break free from the tether they are rooted for 1.5 seconds. 

By completely restricting your enemy’s movement and revealing them, you leave them not to hide or run from you. Le Blanc’s Tempest can be used to cover an area of effect to reveal all the invisible enemies within range for 4 seconds and also impose magic damage on them. Tempest works efficiently when dealing with multiple invisible foes.

5. Aatrox

On top of dealing physical damage and slowing enemies down, Atarox’s Infernal Chains form a tether with the enemy revealing them. 

If the tether is not broken within the time limit, physical damage is dealt to the enemy champion again and they are moved towards the center of the area of effect. Infernal Chain is a good tool to pull a stealthed enemy towards or away from you.

6. Caitlyn

All champions that we discussed until now in this section require an active and immediate approach with their abilities to counter invisibility. Caitlyn on the other hand uses traps to deal with the sneaky ones. Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Traps are visible but untargetable units that she can place on the battlefield. If an enemy unit comes under the effect of the trap they are rooted and revealed. Enemies that are revealed take extra damage from Caitlyn’s other ability, Headshot. 

Ace in the Hole is also an ability that can be beneficial against an invisible target, The first enemy that comes in the path of this ability receives a pretty decent amount of  physical damage.

Using abilities with an area of effect can also help against invisibility even if they don’t grant true sight, Invisible units shimmer while taking any kind of damage, so if you have some idea of the location of an enemy, casting an AOE (area of effect)  ability can give you their exact location. 

AOE taunts like Shen’s Shadow Dash and Galio’s Shield of Durand can force the enemy to attack you, revealing them against their will.

Abilities of Champions like Hecarim, Camile, and Warwick can also help you indicate the presence of an invisible foe nearby, these abilities are not the strongest counter against invisibility but they can still sense the presence of an enemy.

Oracle Lens

Opting for Oracle lens is a more strategic way of countering invisibility. The lens summons a drone that stays with you for 10 seconds, enemies in the nearby area are revealed under obscured vision, and you can see their exact position but your enemy still remains untargetable.

Oracle lens can be used to chase out an invisible foe and it works really well with an AOE ability, if you know their exact location it becomes quite simple to target them.

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Yes! We get it, turrets are not always close to you and their lack of movement might make you think that they don’t have much potential when dealing with invisibility. 

You must not forget that turrets make any stealth ability totally useless, so by adopting a safe and defensive playstyle in close vicinity of turrets you can do really well against an invisible opponent.


Mark is the only summoner spell that grants you True sight for enemy champions, with Mark you can throw a long-distance snowball in a targeted direction, if the snowball hits an enemy they receive true damage based on level and also reveal them for 3 seconds, granting you the ability to dash for the same duration.


Invisibility is no doubt a strong and annoying ability but calling it unfair or overpowered would be wrong. 

Finding out ways to deal with invisibility also kind of depends on your imagination and creativity and there are numerous champions and items in League of Legends that can give the cloaked champs a tough time.

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