How to Play Against Ranged Top Laners?

Some players adore it, and some avoid it and hate all the champions who play in that position – yes, we are talking about the League of Legends top lane. The top lane can also be intended for split pushing, forcing brave players to go on the road to the enemy’s team Nexus with a bit of madness and a lot of caution, with the help of minions, of course. 

Also, the top lane is a position that is an ideal target for enemy champions who want to gank it. Ganks can be expected all over the top lane. Below we will list some of the best ranged top lane picks and tactics on how to fight them successfully.

What is a Ranged Champion?

Ranged champions are champions who have long-ranged auto-attacks. Basically, you don’t have to be near an enemy champion to deal damage to him. If you play ADC roles, then you know that all ADC champions are ranged champions. We have Miss Fortune with her dangerous bullets, and we have Jinx, who likes to change guns; we have Tristana, who is dangerous with her bombs and target jumps. 

In addition to ADC champions, most Mage champions are also long-ranged, for example, Lux. They all have a great advantage in common: they can keep their distance while harassing enemy champions at the same time. We can still put Nidalee, Annie, Gnar, Morgana, Ezreal, Soraka, Jhin, Vayne, Zilean, and many others in this category.

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The Most Annoying Top Lane Ranged Champions

Since the top lane champions are quite different, we cannot apply the same tactics and strategies to fight them, so we will choose several top lane ranged champions and use their examples to illustrate the do’s and dont’s in the match against them.

1. Akali

It’s a tough choice to put someone first, but we opted for Akali this time. Akali is undoubtedly not the favorite enemy champion you want to meet in the top lane with her swords and a smoke bomb. Akali’s biggest weapon is her Twilight Shroud (W), a smoke bomb that creates a curtain lasting 5-7 seconds, during which she becomes invisible and gains movement speed. However, it takes away her energy which is slowly charging, so you have to wait a moment when Akali is on low energy and then jump in because she is quite vulnerable at the moment. 

Also, she’s terrible at farming under the turret, and your next move should be to get her under the turret to be killed by a minion wave or turret. In this case, her range loses effect because Akali has to get closer to the farm, and when she gets close to your minions, you can harass her by giving up and becoming an easy target.

2. Teemo

Teemo is on this list for a reason; he is a very dangerous opponent no matter how cute he is. The poison is kept in small bottles, isn’t it? Mushrooms, poisoned darts, and Move Quick (W), which gives him a movement speed of 3-5 seconds, are a killer combination for anyone who gets in his way. If you don’t keep an eye on him in a short time, he can make a minefield on the map. The trick is to catch him when his abilities are on the cooldown, he is a squishy champion, and there aren’t many options to escape in those moments. 

In addition, please pay attention to him already in the early game; his ult Noxious Trap (R) has a long cooldown at the beginning, which prevents him from laying mushrooms at the usual speed. If you clean the lane from its mushrooms in time, you can prevent a catastrophe that can occur later.

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3. Vayne

Come on, did you really think this list would go without Vayne? Vayne as a marksman who loves to play on the top lane, is dependent on her Tumble (Q), which deals damage and at the same time avoids the attacks of enemy champions. But, not everything is so perfect about her. Her Condemn (E), which fires a bolt that knocks back dealing physical damage, has a long cooldown in the early game. 

That’s where your champion comes in. Freeze lane, push her under the turret, and harass her while she is powerless while waiting seconds until the next use of her abilities. Also, she has one of the lowest base health pools, so you can surprise her and kill her if you play tactically..

4. Vladimir

Vladimir, inspired by vampires but not a vampire. “Bloody” deserved a place on this list of ranged top laners. His Transfusion (Q) sucks the lifeforce of his enemies and restores his strength and health. Creepy, isn’t it? You can attack him in the early game when he is most vulnerable, and his Transfusion has a long cooldown which makes him incapable of poking—your chance to attack him while he waits for a transfusion. 

Also, pay attention to the red bar under his health; if it is low, the chances are higher that you will win the duel with Vladimir. As with Vayne, Vladimir is also pretty bad at controlling the lane state; getting him under the turret or freezing the lane will make him helpless.

5. Quinn

Last but equally strong, Quinn and her eagle will do their best to destroy you in the top lane. Her passive called Harrier can mark you; try to avoid her basic attacks not to cause you more damage. Also, if you play against her in the top lane, try to build your armor because she relies on attack damage. It may prove useful later in the game.

 When she transforms into Valor, try to attack her before she attacks you because otherwise, her combo will deal a lot of damage, and she will gain movement speed. She is in this category even though she has a short range, so when she gets closer, you have a chance to attack her with a great chance of winning a kill.

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Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of this short guide on how to play against ranged top laners. We were reminded how the top lane can be tricky and how it takes experience, skill, and elaborate strategy to beat the top lane. Also, we repeated what ranged champions are and how their long-range attacks can be helpful during a match. We mentioned tactics against Vayne, Teemo, Quinn, Vladimir, and Akali. 

The five of them you can often meet in the top lane and they will never be easy opponents. Defeating these champions is a difficult task, except that you have to be careful not to get caught by their long-ranged abilities; you have to know how to attack them and drive them into a corner. Some just need to jump in when they are vulnerable, and their abilities are on the cooldown, and some need to be forced under the turret and, with the help of minions, do the job. 

Either way, this list can be filled out with other champions, there are many more who are tough ranged top lane opponents, but with these tips, you will be ready if Teemo or Vayne meets you tomorrow in the top lane.

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