How to Counter Trundle? The Best Counter Tips To Beat Trundle in Season 12

Trundle is one of those OP champions that’s a nightmare to be playing against. This champion is a pure monster, he deals a lot of damage, he heals a lot, and he has an incredibly fast movement speed. If you pick a tanky champion, he’ll just steal your stats and beat you down with his life steal. On the other hand, if you decide to pick a squishy champion, he’ll just run and hunt you down.

So, now you’re probably asking yourself: “Well, how do I beat this unstoppable answer?! He seems invincible!”. Don’t worry because I’ll tell you all about his weaknesses and how to counter Trundle in this quick and easy-to-follow guide! But, before I do, let’s have a look at his abilities to give you a better understanding of what things you should avoid doing when you’re facing him in your ranked games.

Trundle’s Abilities

  • Passive – King’s Tribute – Whenever an enemy unit dies near him, Trundle heals for a percentage of its maximum Health
  • Q – Chomp – Once activated, Trundle bites his opponent, deals extra damage, steals some of their Attack Damage, and slows them.
  • W – Frozen Domain – Trundle turns the target location into a zone where he gains attack speed, movement speed, and increased healing from all enemies inside the zone.
  • E – Pillar of Ice – Trundle spawns an ice pillar at the target location, slowing all enemies around its location.
  • R – Subjugate – Trundle starts dealing magic damage to the enemy champion, and he heals for the amount of damage dealt. Trundle also steals a percentage of his target’s defensive stats.

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Best Champions That Counter Trundle in Season 12


Camille is one of the worst matchups for Trundle because she’s able to deal massive amounts of true damage, which hurts Trundle really bad. Camille overall does a great job in beating Trundle overall, but she can outdamage her in short trades in the early game if he doesn’t allow Camille to get her 2nd proc of Q. However, if you do decide to pick Camille against Trundle, be careful when you’re using your wall dash, as he can stop it with his Pillar of Ice ability.


This is a pretty hard matchup for Trundle because Darius’s passive (Hermorrahge) stops Trundle from healing, and if Trundle doesn’t manage to dodge Darius’s Q (Decimate), he’s in big trouble. When you’re playing Darius against Trundle, you should always use your W (Crippling Strike) before using Q (Decimate) because that way, he won’t be able to dodge it as he’’ll be slowed.

He doesn’t stand a chance against Darius in short trades in the early game because Darius can quickly proc his passive with E (Apprehend) + Basic Attack + W (Crippling Strike) and Q (Decimate) combo.


Thanks to her true damage and her W (Riposte) ability which can block some of his abilities, Fiora is one of Trundle’s biggest counters in Season 12 of League of Legends. A good Trundle player will always try to bait it out, so make sure not to get tricked by his baits because if you fail to land it, there’s a high chance that you’ll lose the trade.

When you’re playing Fiora, your main objective when trading with Trundle will be to hit those vital points (Passive) in order to win the trades.

How to Beat Trundle? Best Counter Tips:

  • Buy healing reduction items to counter Trundle’s healing from his passive and ultimate.
  • Always make sure to move out of his Frozen Domain during a fight because it gives him massive amounts of movement speed, attack speed, and healing.
  • If you’re playing a champion that has dashing abilities, save them to dash over his Pillar.
  • Avoid long fights with Trundle because of his healing. Just do short trades because he’s not able to deal massive amounts of damage in short periods of time.
  • Avoid fighting against him alone if he’s already ahead.
  • Be careful when he hits level 6 because he can bait you with his ultimate when he’s low on HP.
  • Trundle is weak against champions with CC, use them to your advantage.
  • Use champions with high mobility so you can get out of his Frozen Domain faster.

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Best Items to Counter Trundle in Season 12

Executioner’s Calling

If you’re playing an AD champion, you should always rush Executioner’s Calling because it seriously counters Trundle and his healing abilities. This item counters Trundle’s passive, W (Frozen Domain), and R (Subjugate) and will be of great help to you when you trade with him in the lane. Executioner’s Calling costs only 800 gold, so it’s a very cheap item to grab in the early game.


If you’re playing an AP champion, you should always rush Oblivion Orb (later upgraded to Morellonomicon) because it does the same job as Executioner’s Calling. This item also counters Trundle’s passive, W (Frozen Domain), and R (Subjugate) and will be of great help to you when you trade with him in the lane. Just like Executioner’s Calling, the cost of Oblivion Orb is also only 800 gold, which means that you can easily buy it in the early game.

Blade of the Ruined King

Blade of the Ruined King is an extremely important item to grab if you’re playing squishy champions. BotRK’s passive, Mist’s Edge, deals bonus physical damage on hit, and it’s other passive, Siphone, empowers your basic attacks with stacks, stacking up to 3 times.

The third stack consumes all stacks to deal 40-150 bonus magic damage on-hit and also slows the enemy target by 25% for 2 seconds while also granting you 25% movement speed. This extra movement speed will significantly help you against Trundle, especially if you’re using a low mobility champion.

Final Thoughts

I know that beating Trundle seems like an impossible task, but don’t worry, it’s possible, especially if you follow the tips from our guide. So there you have it, our counter Trundle guide in Season 12! We wish you the best of luck on the fields of justice, Summoner! If you’ve tried some of these tips against Trundle in your ranked games, please leave a comment under this post and tell us how it went!

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