How to Counter Yasuo? The Best Counter Tips To Beat Yasuo in Season 12

We all know Yasuo, with memes like 0/8 power spikes or as simple as people banning him because they’re afraid that people would perform so poorly in this champion that they would lose. Despite this fact, Yasuo is also a champion who would completely dominate the game if he is played by a player who knows him well. If a player knows how to utilize his E dashes well, you won’t even be able to touch him. He is basically a hit-or-miss champion when you encounter him. So today, I’ll show you how to beat a good Yasuo player and never see that mastery 7 spam from a Yasuo ever again. First off, let’s study his skills and get a good look at what this champion can do.

Yasuo’s Abilities

Passive – Way of the Wanderer- Yasuo doubles his current critical strike chance at the cost of lowering his Critical Damage. He also builds his passive, that when he reaches 100 stacks of it, he gains a shield that blocks the subsequent damage he receives.

  • Q – Steel Tempest – Yasuo thrusts his sword forward and hits all the units within its range; he then generates one stack of Steel Tempest. When he reaches 2 stacks, he can cast a tornado on a straight line which knocks up all enemies that it hits. This skill’s cooldown cannot be affected by ability haste; it can be affected and lowered by attack speed instead.
  • W – Wind wall – Yasuo summons a wind wall that blocks all types of projectiles and missiles. 
  • E – Sweeping Blade – Yasuo can cast this ability to dodge towards a unit; he can cast this along with his Q ability which makes his dash end in a circular strike that damages units around him. Casting E on a unit puts a cooldown on it, making Yasuo unable to use that same unit for a certain period. If Yasuo also has full stacks of steel tempest, enemies struck by his sweeping strike will be knocked up.
  • R – Last Breath – He immediately blinks at knocked-up units and strikes them; afterward, it gives him a penetration bonus in his damages. 

Now that we’ve learned all about his skills let’s look at the champions that counter him. 

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3 Best Yasuo Counters in Season 12

1. Ramus (jungle)

Ramus is best known as the champion that hard counters champions that rely primarily on basic attacks; he has a skill that reflects a percentage of the damage dealt with him along with the added damage from his bonus armor. He can also lock any unit and taunt them forcing them to take his reflective damage. With this, Ramus can simply Q his way towards Yasuo, activate his W, and follow it up with his E taunt to lock Yasuo in place. Your teammates can then burst Yasuo down. You can even solo kill him with this basic move. 

2. Volibear

At any given match, be it high or low elo, Yasuo’s main counter are champions with lots of CC and burst damage; Volibear certainly has both, along with a fair amount of sustain. With this champion, you can do a basic Q E W combo for a trade in the early game and step away as you see Yasuo lose the trade and lose the will to win the lane. If He persists, continue making your basic combo trade until such time that you can burst him down. 

3. Riven

Riven is not only connected to Yasuo through lore and lots of fan arts, but she is also a great counter for Yasuo. Riven can keep up with his dash, and she can also lock him down in one place with her 2 Crowd Control abilities. Suppose Yasuo decides to trade with her during the early game too. In that case, Riven can easily win it with her shield dash and by weaving her Q casts in between basic attacks. Riven can also use her ult to amplify her damage and increase range skills, furthering her lead against Yasuo.

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How to Play Against Yasuo? The Best Counter Tips:

  • Be aggressive in the early game and kill Yasuo as much as you can because his early game is weak
  • Build armor to counter his all physical damage
  • Pick champions with lots of crowd control and lock him down as allies burst him down
  • Yasuo is squishy and is very vulnerable against assassins 
  • If you are a marksman, only trade with him or go all-in if he uses his wind wall. 
  • Fight him if there are no minions around so he cannot fully utilize his dash ability 

3 Best Items to Counter Yasuo in Season 12

1. Randuin’s Omen

This perhaps is the best item to counter Yasuo’s high damage output. Building this item gives you a flat amount of armor and the passive that reduces oncoming critical strike damage inflicted on the wearer. This defensive item also gives the user an active effect which, when activated, unleashes a shockwave that slows nearby enemies and reduces their damage output by 10%

2. Thornmail

Another Great item that counter’s hit reliant champions is the Thornmail. This item works great against Yasuo because not only does it have its famous reflective damage, but it also inflicts grievous wounds against champions that hit you with their basic attacks. It also provides the wearer a flat armor of 60 to even further mitigate Yasuo’s damage output. 

3. Sunfire Aegis

This item has immolated damage that inflicts continuous damage against enemies around you; it is perfect to build this item when you are a tank or a fighter so that every time Yasuo gets near you, you can immediately remove his passive shield. 

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Final Thoughts

It is pretty easy to keep Yasuo from getting stronger and eventually win a game against him and his team. All you have to do is pick counter champions and items, as I have mentioned above. He might be a strong late-game champion, but it will be impossible for him to bounce back if you manage to get a lead against him by countering him. As I have said before, there are multiple ways to win a game against any champion; if you try hard enough to learn the game and not just the champion alone, you will find yourself climbing the ranked ladders much easier. If you understand the game, you will have the edge over the majority of players. Another thing I want to add is, try playing the champion and master it that way you would know about its kit and know its weaknesses for yourself, so when you encounter a game with that champion, you’ll know how to deal with it, and as always GLHF summoner, see you on the rift. 

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