How To Get Better At Farming (CSing) As An ADC?

You’ve probably heard of CS, a very popular term in the League of Legends community. In this article, we will explain what CS is, how to improve CS, and a few more tips and tricks to keep your CS at the top level. Keep reading.

What Does CS Stand For?

When we talk about CSing in League of Legends, we’re talking about Creep Score, which is especially important for ADC players because your ADC won’t be at its peak without good CS. Basically, the Creep Score indicates the number of minions killed during the game. The more minions killed, the more gold earned. 

A large amount of gold allows you to buy items, of course. With strong items, your ADC becomes an unstoppable killing machine. Now it may be a little clearer to you why the Creep Score is so important during the game.

The creeps come in waves; every 30 seconds comes a new creep wave containing 6 or 7 minions that you need to kill to win a certain amount of gold. There are three types of minions: caster minions and melee minions. Later, a third species appear, cannon minions. Cannon minions appear in every third wave during the first 15 minutes of play, and after the first 15 minutes, the cannon minion starts arriving in every wave. 

It’s called a siege wave and you can earn the most gold on it. In short, a caster minion is worth 14 gold per kill, a melee minion is worth 21 gold per kill, and in a siege wave, you can win 60 gold, 84 gold, or 90 gold per kill. Farming is profitable, as you can see. In conclusion, the higher your CS, the better your chances of winning your lane, increasing your chances of your team winning a match.

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What Are The Types of CS?

You can CS in several different types. So there is Basic CSing, Intermediate CSing, and Advanced CSing.

First, let’s talk about Basic CSing, the simplest – you have to kill minions during the laning phase. You need to know which minions you need to kill first and learn how to last hit minions. At this stage, you will not win a large amount of gold, maybe 30 to 40 CS, but the most important thing is to learn how to move your champion on the lane and auto-attack minions.

In the Intermediate CSing phase, orb-walking should already be at a high level, avoiding as well as attacks of enemy champions. Also, you need to be a master of CS last hit and learn how to control creep waves. That is, which minions to focus on while harassing enemy champions. The Intermediate CSing phase is the phase where you have to be a good tactical player, and you have to know when to freeze creep waves and when to push your minions. At this stage, it is advisable to have over 50% of minions killed to make your CS score ideal.

The next phase is the Advanced CSing phase. Getting to it is a big task that if you improve, you can say that you have come a long way in the League of Legends community. The Advanced CSing phase involves last-hitting minions while aggressively attacking enemy champions and not allowing opposing champions to win your lane. 

At this stage, you are playing with a champion with whom you have enough experience and know how to farm properly and avoid enemy champions attacks. In addition to choosing the champion you have already practiced so far, you must know how to control the waves and push the lane properly so that the opponent’s champion is left without the opportunity to defeat you.

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How Can I Increase My CS Score as an ADC Player?

Of course, after all this theoretical information, you’re probably wondering, “Okay, but then how do I increase my CS score during the game?” Don’t worry; here are some practical tips on how to increase your CS score as an ADC player:

As an ADC player in the bottom lane, your task is to kill most minions. Your support is in charge of healing you and protecting you from possible attacks by enemy champions. Pair with a good support champion and win together that bot lane with a few easy hacks.

Learn how to last hit minions – as you can guess, you need to learn how to only last hit minions without using your spells. That way, you can save the mana and not waste your spells. With proper practice, you will quickly learn how much health a minion must have to kill it with one hit.

Learn how to push the wave – Pushing the wave is basically killing minions all the time, without stopping and without focusing on enemy champions. This way, you will be able to control the creep wave and know which minions you need to kill first to win the most gold, but don’t forget to apply the last hit rule.

Learn how your items and abilities will impact your CS – finally, this trick will allow you to use the full potential of your champion. When cleaning the lane from creeps, it is necessary to use everything mentioned so far with balance: last hitting, pushing the wave while focusing only on minions, and using purchased items to clean the creep wave with your champion’s abilities faster and better while watching for attacks of enemy champions. Because it’s a cycle, you kill creeps to win gold and buy items that you can use to kill creeps more successfully.

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Final Thoughts

I hope this article has given you a little insight into what CS (Creep Score) really is and how to improve it. But repetition is the mother of knowledge, so the Creep Score is the number of minions killed during the game. The more minions you kill, the more gold you will earn. The average number of minions killed for one ADC is +/- 8 CS per minute. 

Creep waves come every 30 seconds. The first 15 minutes come caster minions and melee minions. You can earn 14 gold per kill for caster minions, and for melee minions, 21 gold per kill. Around the twentieth minute of the match, cannon minions appear in siege waves where you can win 60, 84, or 90 gold per kill.

As an ADC, your main focus in winning the lane must be high CS, so with a few practical tips, you can easily take control of the lane with your support. First, you have to choose a champion with whom you have enough practice, and then you have to learn the last hit minions to not waste your champion abilities. Once you learn when the minion is suitable for the last hit, you have to focus on pushing the lane. 

Pushing the lane is an aggressive game where you kill minions and, at the same time, avoid being killed by the enemy champion. Once you have collected enough gold and bought certain items that you need for the late game phase, you will use your abilities, items, and skill to kill the minions. With these tips, you can easily improve your CS and become the master of minions.

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