How To Efficiently Use Recall in League of Legends?

Recall is one of the most underrated abilities in the game. Low elo players never use recall on time so they usually miss out on a lot of gold and XP. Knowing when to use recall is a necessary skill which will help you climb the ranked ladder!

Learning how to use recall efficiently in League of Legends can be a long-term benefit for you as a player. The recall is often misused or completely neglected in the lower elos of the ranked ladder for many reasons. But the truth is that recalling on time can lead to some huge advantages, especially in the early game. That’s why it’s considered a crucial element to know how to do it effectively.

Now you might be thinking something like: why is recalling so important in LoL? Why can’t I recall whenever I want to? Surely the best time for going back to base is when I’m out of HP or full of gold?

And the answers to those questions aren’t easy ones. So, let’s start like this.

Why is Recalling on Time so Important?

Recalling on time is a crucial skill in League of Legends because if you use it right you can easily win your lane. Let's say that you have finally collected enough gold for some item and your lane is pushed. What would you do? Would you keep randomly poking your opponent? If you would, then that would be a big mistake that most low elo players make. Simply use a recall, and finish your item so you can crush your opponent.

The primary reason why recalling in the right moment is an essential skill to build in LoL is because of gaining time

Imagine this scenario. You’re 1v1 in the mid lane, and you happen to clear the minion wave very quickly. Now your opponent is pushed and is trying to do the same. What would you do in this situation? Would you stay and harass him? Would you go and help out your jungler? Or would you just recall? Please understand that there is no right or wrong option here. Each of the three decisions can be the best optimal one in a different moment. 

But, if you’ve just pushed your minion wave and have enough gold for an item, while there is nothing better to do except throwing abilities randomly at your opponent, then recalling will almost always be a correct move. That’s because recalling at this particular moment gives you enough time to get to base, shop, regenerate, and come back to lane with full HP and an item power over your opponent! 

And guess what the enemy will be doing when you reach your lane? He’ll either be rushing to clear the next minion wave or just recall in an attempt to catch up with you. But in that case, he’ll lose an entire wave of gold and experience while you’re there to collect it for yourself. Simply put, it doesn’t matter what your opponent chooses because you’ve already gained the advantage by being more efficient with your time.

Doing these kinds of recalls is equivalent to performing checkmate moves. The scenario that we described here is called a “recall timer,” which refers to the most optimal moments to use your recall. Learning the proper recall timers may take you a lot of practice, but it is crucial for your development as a LoL player. 

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When to Recall and the Different Types of Recall Timers?

When used right, Recall option is one of the most important abilities in the game. If you want to win more games, it's highly crucial for you to learn when is the best time to use Recall so you don't miss out on gold and XP.

Obviously, different roles have different recall timers. What might be the best moment to head back as a mid laner might not be for an ADC and vice versa. However, here are some general rules before we get into the specifics.

  • Always recall in the fog of war. Recalling in the open is a terrible idea. You’ll never see a pro player channeling his recall in a lane or near the enemy turrets. This is because the chances of you getting interrupted by one or multiple opponents are very high. So, instead of losing 10-15 seconds, hiding in a safe spot and then recalling is always the better option.
  • Always recall when you have enough gold to complete an item. Especially when it comes to mythic items. Upgrading them is a massive power spike that you need to take advantage of. Suppose you can purchase the full item at the 10th-minute mark, but you recall around the 13th minute. In that case, you lose 180 seconds of potentially dominating the game.
  • Always recall on the cannon/siege minion wave. The cannon minion is a significant contributor to your gold and XP. It arrives with every third wave, so the idea here is to never go to base when it is on your lane. Instead, the right time to recall is after you clear the second wave, so you can run back to the lane to collect it.
  • Always recall in the bush. This is very straightforward. Bushes in League of Legends hide you from enemies, and recalling in them makes you invisible. Always try to utilize the bushes to recall efficiently and not waste time on getting interrupts.
  • Always check whether the bush is warded. Many nasty deaths may happen when you’re recalling in a bush that you think it’s safe. Your enemies can spot your vulnerability and decide to gank you while you’re immobile. So spending a red ward or a sweeper will always be the smarter choice.
  • Never use shop while recalling. This is the most simple rule in League of Legends, yet people never seem to learn it. Recalling makes you defenseless. And opening the shop while recalling turns you into easy prey. While you purchase items, your attention isn’t on your champion, nor the minimap. You expose yourself to death, so always wait until the last second of the channel to buy your item.

Now, if you’re a jungler, then your recall timers will vastly differ from those of the mid laner. While your AP carry wants to recall after he has enough gold for Lost Chapter, you, on the other hand, need to do it before an important camp spawns. Resetting before the major objectives will maximize your power.

Supports and ADCs have very similar recall timers. It’s widely accepted for the two roles to recall together because they essentially play the game together from start to end. They need to coordinate with each other and decide on the best moment for it. And that can be a BF sword purchase, completion of an item, or resetting for drake.

Top and mid share some recall timers as well. Depending on whether they run teleport as a summoner’s spell, their recalls will revolve around optimizing their time in lane. As a top or mid laner, you want to be present in your lane as much as possible, so your recalls should be few but in the right moments. Those are usually after shoving a wave, after getting a kill, or after getting enough gold of an item upgrade.

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Final Words

In this article we've covered pretty much everything you need to know about recalling, and why is it important to recall on time. I sincerely hope that you'll use these tips in your games because they'll help you out a lot!

It’s hard to pinpoint every single recall timer because every game of League of Legends is completely a unique chain of events that can’t be known beforehand. So using the recall efficiently is much more about your own ability to recognize a “good time” for recall, rather than some strict rules. 

And to improve in that, it’s good to always think about what you want to do next? How is your enemy going to respond, and can you benefit from it?

Finding answers to these questions can give you a clear idea of the best time for you to recall is. Efficiency is the key in League of Legends, so make it a goal for yourself in every match you play!

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