How To Equip Little Legends? (2022 Guide)

If you’re tired of queueing up for Teamfight Tactics and looking like a noob before you even load into the game, you’ll probably want to separate yourself from the pack with a new Little Legend. 

While the default River Sprite is kind of charming and reminds us of the TFT release before anyone had the time to accumulate eggs, free Little Legends through the battle pass, and more Arenas and Booms than we could ever actually use – you probably have better options in your inventory by now. 

ARAM players will also be interested to know that their little legends will follow them during matches on the Howling Abyss, provided they’ve changed to anything other than the base River Sprite, so there’s good reason to leave nostalgia behind and upgrade your looks.

If you hop into a TFT lobby, you’ll see customization options below your Summoner Name in the middle of the screen. You can change your little legend under the ‘tactician’ menu, and you’ll find options for Arena Skins and Booms here as well.

You’ll also notice that little legends come in three different stages – stars denote these. They don’t have any impact on gameplay, but it certainly feels more impressive to strut around your arena with a rare 3-star Little Legend than it does to remain a River Sprite forever.   

Every time you obtain a copy of the same little legend, you’ll unlock the next appearance for your tiny tactician. So how do you get more little legends? Play Teamfight Tactics, complete the missions in your battle pass, and you’ll get a few freebies along the way from our friends at Riot Games. If you’re keen to get a 3-star little legend, you can always head over to the shop and see what you can buy! 

Maybe you don’t want to roll the dice and hope the little legend you want to upgrade shows up in eggs from the shop though, that’s where star shards come in. 

Star shards are a currency released with the Fates set that can be earned in TFT battle passes or purchased in the shop. If you’d rather just guarantee a level up for your favorite Little Legend, you can pay in star shards to fast-track their evolution instead.

“The number of Star Shards it takes to upgrade a Little Legend depends on both the type and rarity of the LL in question. Rare Little Legends and Pass+ Legends like the Star Guardian Silverwing cost 100 Star Shards to upgrade to both a 2 and 3-star version. Epic Little Legends require 125 Star Shards, and the Legendary Little Legends will run you 150 Star Shards.” – Star Shards FAQ

While you can get some pretty cool cosmetics just from the luck of the draw, some of the rarest Little Legends, Arenas, and Booms are unlocked through the TFT battle passes, milestones in your ranked performance during the set, or just purchasing them outright from the shop – keep an eye out for new releases, as they seem to get better every iteration! 

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