How To Get Better At Dodging Skillshots in League of Legends?

Are you tilted by continually being pulled by Blitzcrank? How about Thresh? Is he annoying you as well? Do you feel that your farming could improve? Do you think you need to tighten up on those kiting skills? Regardless of who you are, if you’re looking to improve yourself, there’s a mini-game set that can help improve your LoL playing skills. It’s called LoL Dodge Game.

For you newcomers to this MOBA game, those dodge skills aren’t exactly easy to pick up on. There are veteran League of Legends players out there who still cannot grasp these skills, especially when coming across Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab or Thresh’s Death Sentence. When some players are struck with these moves, sometimes, all they can do is sit there and die, which can be quite frustrating.

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An Introduction to the LoL Dodge Game

In 2018, a Reddit user that goes by the name Swompythesecond created a unique flash game to train himself to get past those unexpected attacks. This is a mini-game that can be played straight from your browser, so you don’t have to worry about installing any special software or anything like that. 

When it was first created, it was named League of Dodge, with the main protagonist being Yasuo, the legendary Swordsman. At that point in time, the entire site had one skill-avoiding game. However, the creator ran into some copyright issues (we all try to avoid those), so the site had to go through some edits. It’s nice to see that the designer didn’t just give up on the site/game after those copyright issues, and chose to rework it.

During the development process, the guy created three more games:

  • Skillshot/Dodge Game
  • Farming Game
  • Kitting Game

LoL Dodge Game

Playing the game, you shouldn’t have any trouble – it’s smooth and light. You could probably even play it on an old PC, and it doesn’t even require a super-strong network connection. This site/game has become a great, let’s say, textbook, for newcomers to help them get started on League of Legends. 

Even professionals like Faker (the three times Worlds champion) have been to this site to do some research and improve dodging skills.

Get Better at Skillshots with this Mini-Game

With this mini-game, you can improve your skillshots. You can play with a 2d Version of Ezreal on what appears to be the rift. Enemies will be approaching you at an increasing speed, and you will need to kill them – you can adjust the difficulty when you’re ready and see how long you can survive. Y

ou have the Ezreal Flash and dash that you can use as well. This is simple, but don’t let this fool you, because it’s very beneficial when it comes to improving your skillshots at League of Legends or any MOBA game.

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Improve Your Dodging Kills

With the mini-game, you can improve your dodging skills so that you can finally learn to get past Blitzcrank. You’ll have the opportunity to play as a miniature Zed, dodging skill-shots that get harder and harder the longer you’re in the game. This game will help increase your reaction speed and teach you how to avoid Morgana Q, Ahri charm, and even Jinx’s Ultimate. 

Get Better at Kiting

In League of Legends, kiting is important, especially for ADCs and mid-laners. The goal of kiting is to make sure there is enough distance from your enemy while you’re dealing as much damage as you can.

Get Better at Farming

There’s a mini farming game that will help you get better at farming – you’ll be playing as Vayne. During this game, you’ll need to farm as much CS as you can while staying alive.

Frequently Asked Questions about the LoL Dodge Game

Is there a mobile version?

At this time, there is not a mobile version of the game. However, it’s easy to access via a web browser. Soon, you will be able to play it on your smartphone – this will be announced later.

What is LoL Dodge Game?

This is a training tool for famous MOBA games such as League of Legends. You can use this game to get warmed up or to improve your mechanics. 

Is it free to play?

Yes, the desktop and browser version is free to play.

How do I download it?

This game doesn’t need to be downloaded because you can play it in your browser. So, as long as you have a browser, you are good to go.


I encourage you to go ahead and give LoL Dodge game a try – when it comes to being good at League of Legends or any other MOBA out there, practice makes us perfect, and it’s really nice to see someone create something to help us perfect our skills. 

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