How To Get Korean Voices in League of Legends? 

Korean pop culture is, without a doubt, dominating the pop culture scene at the moment. From K-pop to Korean movies and series, everything Korean is in. When it comes to gaming, there are just some things that are done better for the Asian market. 

For example, there are special releases of gaming equipment that are only available in the Asian market, which gives Europeans and North Americans major FOMO. However, you don’t have to be lurking and Googling how to import things for everything. Getting Korean voices in League of Legends is actually less than 10 minutes of work, and it’s reversible if you don’t want it forever.

So, If you are a fan of all things Korean, here’s how you can get those cool champion tweaks. Let’s face it if you are reading this, you already made up your mind, and you know how cool the voiceovers are. You are just here to figure out how to do it. But if you happen to just stumble upon this article, you can go on Youtube and check out how some of the voiceovers sound. Hint: male champions are more dramatic, and female champions are more Kawaii. 

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Now that we are all up to speed, let’s begin the tutorial. According to a recent tutorial published in December of 2021, it only takes three steps to change the language of your game. However, keep in mind this changes everything, not just the voices.  

  1. First, you need to find your League of Legends directory. There are two ways to do that. If you have a League of Legends icon on your Desktop, you can just right-click it, click on Properties, and Open File Location, which should bring you to your Riot Client. From there, you want to click on Riot Games and go to League of Legends. The other way is to open your Files and go to the disk where you stored the game, and if you click on the disk, the Riot Game folder should be there. 
  2. Once you are in the League of Legends folder in Riot Games, you are going to scroll down to find LeagueClient. When you locate it, you want to make a shortcut. Then, you want to bring this shortcut to the Desktop. From there, you can rename it if you want, but you can also keep the name as it is. This step is optional.
  3. The third step is important. Once you have your shortcut there, you should open Properties again and find the line that says Target. Then, you want to scroll all the way to the end of the text and add “—locale=ko_KR” and click on apply. Depending on what device you are reading this post on, you might not register that it’s two dashes, but it is. So don’t forget to add the two dashes, then locale, and the rest of the text. 


All you have to do now is click Apply, and OK. Then, relaunch your LeagueClient shortcut and log in as usual. The server does not matter because this only changes the language. If you have an update after the change, do not worry. It’s because you probably need to download some new voices. Heads up, the chat and the whole game will also be in Korean. Keep that in mind. If you do not speak Korean and do not automatically know how to start the game, this could be an issue and something that requires extra steps to memorize. 

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How To Revert It?

Do not panic when you go back to your properties on the shortcut to revert. Chances are your Target line changed. Whenever you make a change, it should say something like “launch-patchline=live.” The icon might change too, but that’s normal. Anytime you start the game back from there, it will be in Korean. 

All you need to do is find a code for the language you had before or the language you want to play in next. If that is English, it will be two lines again “locale=en_GB” and then click on Apply and OK again. With these simple “hacks,” you can choose any language you want as long as you find the code for it. 

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