How to Get More Dragons in League of Legends?

League Of Legends has been out for more than a decade now and in its tenure, the Riot devs have introduced many changes to the Rift. With that said, one of the biggest changes to the rift has to be the introduction of the elemental drakes in Season 9.

With the introduction of season 9, four different elemental dragons were introduced. These dragons have a huge impact on the game due to the buffs and map changes they provide. Therefore, it is only natural that securing drakes will be one of your main priorities.

So if you are looking to get more dragons in League of Legends, the very first thing you need to do is to play with your team. This will require your mid and bot to have prio as it will give your jungler an edge. However, if your team is not in a contesting position you might need to go for a steal.

Having said that, we know how hard it can be to secure drakes in the Rift. Therefore, we have written this guide to help you get More Dragons in League Of Legends.

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Picking Up a Strong Early Game Jungler

League is a game that has a vast roster of champions to choose from. Therefore, it is only natural that some of the champs are stronger than others in the early game. This allows champions like Master Yi and Warwick to have a strong presence early on.

With that said, picking up strong early game champs isn’t always the best route as securing drakes always requires a team effort.

Setting up for Drake 

As a Jungler you need to ensure drake priority for your team in all scenarios. You not only need to track drake timers, but also make sure that your lanes have the required priority to rotate for the said objective. 

The first drake of the game can be extremely important if your team comp is early-game focused. Therefore, you need to leverage your lead by implementing objective control in order to take as many dragons as possible.

While identifying lane priority is one aspect of this job, you also need sufficient vision around the objective in order to access your way into the river without getting collapsed on by the enemy. While this can be done by placing a control ward on the river tri-bush, you can also ask your support to ward his side of the river whenever possible. 

Learning About Drake Spawn Timing 

When it comes to setting up for Dragons nothing is more important than knowing about the drake’s spawn timing. If you know when a Dragon is going to spawn you will be able to complete your clears and work on setting up for it.

Having said that, the first Drake spawns at the 5 minutes mark. Hence, giving you enough time to make your first clear and then recall the Drake set up. After you take a dragon the timer resets for the Drake and the next Drake spawn after another 5 minutes passes by.

Why Do You Need To Identify Objective Priority?

Drakes are not objectives that can be taken whenever your want. You can easily get punished if you do not have the sufficient setup needed at hand. For example, you could be playing Master Yi – thinking that it’ll be a piece of cake to solo the early game drake. 

You start your journey to the drake pit without any lane priority. You forgot to check for any wards in the pit and start auto-attacking the dragon without any concern for your laners’ ability to rotate. 

Unsurprisingly, the enemy jungler will come at the last second and will leave with a kill and a drake. Thus your team ends up losing jungle pressure on the map and there’s one lesser drake to grab. That’s why it is extremely important for you to not let this happen since one bad mistake can be the difference between winning and losing. 

How to Give Your Lane Prio?

So now that you have an idea about how objective priority works, you need to understand how to help your lanes to set up for the dragon. Giving your lane priority requires two things, first is making sure that both your mid and bots lane wave is pushed in while the second one revolves around knowing the whereabouts of the enemy jungler.

To give your lanes priority the best thing you can do is to look for gank openings. Once you are able to get a successful gank your laner will have prio and will be able to push in the lane and roam for the dragon.

To deal with your little enemy jungler problem you can try setting up vision around the drake and in the enemy jungle. This will allow your bot lane and mid lane to push in their waves without the fear of the jungler interfering hence making for an excellent roam.

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How To Set Up Vision Around The Drake Pit?

The best place for setting up control wards are the bushes and the back of the drake pit since both are mostly out of vision. The control wards last indefinitely until they’re attacked. Therefore it can essentially be considered as a free vision that not only prevents enemy laners from pulling off successful roams but also allows you to spot the enemy jungle in various places on the map.

Apart from control wards getting the first two scuttles on the bottom side of the map is also essential. The vision provided by the scuttles takes off the pressure from the bot lane and allows them to rotate for the drake.

Lastly, having a Sweeping Ward is a must as it allows you to take out enemy wards. This puts the enemy at a great disadvantage and lowers the chances for a steal. Moreover, the trinket can also help you find enemies that are hiding like Teemo and Shaco which can potentially steal the drake.

Securing the Drake

Now that you have set up for the drake and made sure that your laner can rotate for the objective. You need to make sure that you are able to out smite the enemy jungler. However, this can get really tricky as champions like Nunu or Cho’gath can easily out-smite you.

With that said, there are a few steps you can take to secure the drake for your team.

Bursting Down When At Low-HP

This one has to be your main priority no matter what. As a jungler or a laner you need to prioritize bursting down the drake and you can do so by timing your abilities with your jungler’s smite.

For example, if you are a Lee Sin you should know how much damage your Q E combo can deal. Once you execute your combo you need to smite the drake as well. This allows Lee Sin to deal almost 1500 dmg instead of just using the Smite for 900.

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Stealing the Drake 

League is a game that is all about your highs and lows. This means that sometimes your team will be winning, sometimes they will be losing. Therefore, if your team is losing it will only be counterproductive for them to rotate for the drake.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still go for a steal. In fact, with the bounty system introduced, Riot itself encourages the players to make these moves and get back in the game. Having said that, stealing is not as easy as it sounds but if performed right it can help you win games.

Champions like Kayn and Shaco kits are tailored in such a manner that stealing Objective seems like their birthright. However, if you are using a champ like Udyr or Hecarim you can still go for a steal.

You can utilize a blue trinket to get vision on the objective and then use the blastcon or a flash to secure the objective. Sometimes stealing the Dragon might end up in you dying but if you are able to secure the objective it’s worth the risk. 

Looking For a Teamfight 

Lastly, if both the teams are on an equal footing it is only natural that the enemy team will contest for the drake. In this scenario, the entire game’s balance can completely tilt towards a single team. Therefore, you need to look for openings in the enemy’s defense.

Once you are able to find an opening, you need to take out the enemy Jungler at all cost especially if their jungler is a champ like Nunu which is nigh possible to out-smite. By taking out their jungler, the enemy team will have to stop contesting, leading you to an easy drake.


We know how Impactful Dragons can be in a game of league. Especially when it is a soul point or the Elder Drake itself. Keeping this in mind, we have written down all the guidelines above to help you secure these dragons as they can be a key factor in deciding your team’s fate.

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