How To Get More Gemstones in League of Legends?

How To Get More Gemstones in League of Legends? LoL

League of Legends has a confusing crafting system that isn’t exactly easy to understand. In fact, we believe it has one of the most confusing crafting systems you’re going to find in a game, so we have decided it was time to help newcomers that are having a hard time understanding it. Gemstones are a part of Hextech Crafting – they’re one of the most valuable drops you’re going to find in LoL. You can use gemstones to either forge them into a key and chest bundle, put them towards a new skin, or exchange them for some rare skins in LoL.

If you’re having a hard time understanding how to get gemstones in League of Legends, continue reading as we’re going to tell you what you need to do in order to get them – we’re also going to reveal some of the best ways to early gemstones quickly.

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What is Hextech Crafting?

First things first, what is Hextech crafting? Riot Games first introduced the Hextech crafting system in patch 6.5 – it was an additional mechanic that players could turn to in order to earn exclusive rewards. Those rewards included champion shards, skins, and other premium items that you could acquire. 

In order for Hextech crafting to be relevant, Riot Games came up with a currency that was only available if you opened up Hextech Chest, known as Hextech Skins. These skins could be crafted by using a special type of currency called Gemstones.

What Are Gemstones?

How To Get More Gemstones in League of Legends and what are they?

Gemstones are a rare currency in League of Legends that give players access to unlocked exclusive loot. Unlike Riot Points or Blue Essence, though, it isn’t exactly easy to acquire Gemstones.

What Can be Purchased with these Gemstones?

Gemstones are the rarest type of currency in League of Legends. Gemstones can be used to give access to some of the most exclusive items in League of Legends. 

Here’s a list of things that can be purchased using Gemstones:

1. Hextech Skins

If you guys like Hextech skins, then you’re going to want to get some Gemstones because you can use Gemstones to purchase Hextech Skins. These are exclusive skins that can only be acquired by using the Hextech Crafting system. The only way for an LoL player to get their hands on these skins would be to purchase them with 10 Gemstones, randomly getting one from Masterwork Chests, Hextech Chests, Honor Capsules, or Champion Capsules.

2. Masterwork Chests and Keys

In my opinion, this isn’t something I would toss my hard-earned Gemstones at, but the choice is completely up to you. This may be a good way for you to use those Gemstones if you have purchased all of the Hextech skins, and you may get some skin shards you haven’t managed to unlock yet. 

3. Event Skins

There were some legacy skins and event skins that could be purchased with Gemstones. Looking back at the 2018 Lunar Revel event, they had a promotion where players could use 1 Lunar Revel Token or 5 Gemstones to purchase one of the Lunar Revel Skins. 

How To Get More Gemstones in League of Legends? Purchase with Gemstone

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How to Obtain Gemstones in League of Legends?

There are a handful of methods you can use to obtain Gemstones, and that’s all. These methods exist, but furthermore not all of them are guaranteed 100% to give you gemstones. Let’s have a look at a couple of them:

1. Hextech Chests

The most popular way to get Gemstones would be from Hextech chests. You can get Hectech chests by getting an S- or above rating by you or another player that is on your team after playing a match. If you’re not sure what it takes to get S rank in LoL, have a look at our guide. While it’s easy to obtain Hextech chests, the same cannot be said about getting Hextech keys. In order to open those chests, you will need Hextech keys. 

2. Leveling Up

One of the most common ways to get gemstones would be by leveling up. Of course, as you probably already guessed, Riot Games doesn’t make it easy for people to get them this way as you can only acquire them once you have reached Summoner Level 150. From here, players will receive 1 Gemstone each time they have reached a level 50 milestone. So basically, you can farm Gemstones by continuously playing League of Legends and purchasing XP Boosts, which will speed up the process. 

3. Essence Emporium

The Essence Emporium was introduced back in 2018 and is a yearly event. With this event, there are specific items that Riot Games puts on sale. 

4. Events

From time to time, Riot Games holds events that will give you these Gemstones. These events’ features vary, but all of them use a specific currency that is referred to as Event Tokens. By using Event Tokens, you will be able to get loot boxes, all of which will give you a chance to get Gemstones. In some events, you can buy Gemstones directly by using these tokens.


Is it Worth Purchasing Masterwork Chests to Get Gemstones?

If money isn’t a problem for you and you have all of your bills paid, then Masterwork chests would be worth it, yes. Masterwork Chests give the highest chance of obtaining Gemstones. When you get a Masterwork Chest, you will also have a chance to get Hextech skins.

Are there other ways to obtain Hextech Skins?

Hextech skins can only be obtained from Hextech crafting methods such as opening Hextech chests, Gemstone crafting, and skin shard re-rolling. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase these skins with Riot Points through the shop. However, by using RP, you can get Masterwork Chests and Keys, giving you a chance to get one randomly.

What are Masterwork Chests

Basically, a Masterwork Chest is a premium version of Hextech chests. These types of chests will give you more rewards than the normal Hextech chests, plus there’s a higher chance for you to get better drops. However, you can only get the Masterwork chests by using Riot Points to purchase them directly from the LoL store. You have a higher chance of getting Gemstones from Masterwork chests. There’s a 3.6% drop chance, and with bad luck protection, you’ll have a 4% drop chance, which you can activate after you have opened 3 Hextech/Masterwork chests.

Ending Note

On an ending note, there are also bonus Gemstones. Gemstones can drop as a bonus along with normal chest content. Gemstones have what is referred to as light bad luck protection. This means that you won’t be able to get more than 50 boxes without obtaining a Gemstone. 

So there you have it – everything you need to know about Gemstones. It’s time to start grinding now!

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