How to Get More LP Per Win in League of Legends?

In addition to normal games, League of Legends players like to play ranked matches. For starters, participation in ranked games is only allowed to players who reach level 30 or higher. In addition, a player must own a minimum of 20 or more champions. With these two criteria met, a player can participate in the Ranked System. 

Ranked matches allow them to climb divisions, and they all dream of reaching the challenger division. To explain how multiple League Points (LP) per win can be won, we must first explain the ranked system, what League Points are for, and how they are won. So let’s get started.

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League System

League System, the ranking system in the League of Legends, is divided into nine tiers, and each of the nine is divided into four divisions. This system connects players based on their skill level so that lower-ranking players will play more often with lower-ranking players. A player can progress by winning League Points (LPs), and the amount of LPs won depends on the player’s MMR. 

MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating; if your team beats the team with the higher Matchmaking Rating, then your champion wins more LP, and if the team with the lower Matchmaking Rating wins, it will win less LP. It’s the same with losing an LP. If your team loses a match, or if you get out of a match for some reason, you lose a certain amount of LP. Briefly explained. If you’d like to see how does your MMR looks like, you can check it out here.

The hunting season for the best rank lasts one year, and at the end of each season, the tier and division are locked as the official rank for that season. Riot has saved nice prizes, such as skins, and the amount and value of the prize depend on the tier you ended up in.

You can end up in one of the following nine tiers: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, or best of all – Challenger Tier. For a better start, it is necessary to play placement matches. Winning or losing these placement matches will determine in which tier you will begin your ranked adventure.

 It can be the worst tier, the Iron tier if you lose most of the placement matches, or the Bronze or Silver. You must play placement matches as well as possible because it can be difficult to get out of a low division later. 

We have already mentioned that each tier has four divisions, and the transition from division to division is made possible by collecting 100 LPs into division ones. After that, you can move to division four of the better tier, and you just have to win most of the matches in a short promotion series.

The transition from a worse tier to a better one is not easy, and it takes a lot of experience and a lot of teamwork. So it’s no surprise that most League of Legends players is in the Silver or Gold tier.

The best advice for climbing within divisions and tiers is to gather experience with several champions, more specifically two or three, learning their builds and perfecting in the use of their abilities. 

Creating a strategy is also desirable because, with a good strategy for attack and defense, you reduce your chances of making mistakes and increase your chances of contributing to your team, and make it easier to win the match.

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A Little Bit More About LP

As we mentioned earlier, winning a match brings LP; losing a match brings LP. The number of LPs gained or lost depends on the MMR (Matchmaking Rating). We can’t know for sure how Matchmaking Rating actually works and what its math algorithm is. MMR is tied to a player’s wins or losses; if a player has a positive win rate, they will win more LPs and progress faster. 

If his win rate is negative, MMR will recognize that his current matchmaking placement is too high and will give him less LP when he wins. Matchmaking Rating actually shows your true skill; we can say so. To move from one division to another, you need to have 100 LPs, and to move from, for example, Bronze I to Silver IV, you need to have 100 LPs and win a minimum of 3 matches within a short promo series. 

That is why the player must try not to lose too many matches in order not to get a losing streak, because this will win a smaller amount of LP, and his attempts to get out of the weaker division will be more difficult.

Divisions like Grandmaster and Challenger require as much as 200 LP or 500 LP. However, each server has a certain number of open slots, so EU and NA servers have 300 Challenger and 700 Grandmaster spots, while for example, Japan has 50 Challenger open slots and 100 Grandmaster.

How Can I Gain More LP?

Furthermore, to increase the amount of LP by winning matches, it is necessary to raise the MMR. First and foremost – you need to win constantly. Going on a winning streak will increase your ranked MMR, give you more LP and increase your rank. 

You can achieve this by choosing a champion with whom you will practice different strategies to defend yourself in each situation and find tactics for the attack. It’s always good to have a friend of the player who, like you, is eager to raise the ranking status, in which case you can pair up and play a ranked duo. Or better yet, you can play with a player who is better than you, thus increasing your chances of winning and a higher amount of LP if your team wins the match.

Final Thoughts

Playing in the League of Legends ranked system can be quite exciting and tense. The players do their best to achieve the best results, have a winning streak, win a lot of LPs and reach the highest tier. The first rule for successful ranked matches is to choose a champion you know how to play, a champion whose strategies you have perfected, and whose build you know how to make so that no one can beat you. 

There are two conditions for moving to better divisions, at o are LP, League Points that accumulate and lose depending on your success. If you lose too many matches, you will lose the LP as well, but if you have a winning streak, then you will also win more LPs. The amount of LPs won depends on the MMR (Matchmaking Ranking), which is a special algorithm (but extremely mysterious!) according to which players match during queues and which actually shows the player’s actual skill. 

One of the better tactics for increasing ranked status is going duo with someone in a higher rank than you. That way, you can somehow “cheat the system” because, in case of a win, it will be that you beat the players who are ranked better than you, which will bring you more LP.

And finally, with these tactics, you can be an even better League of Legends player and reach an even higher rank, which will bring you not only a reputation in the League of Legends community but also nice prizes at the end of the ranked season. Good luck!

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