How to Get More Orange Essence?

How to Get More Orange Essence?

While there are many free-to-play games available, one of the most popular MOBAs is from Riot Games – League of Legends. Today, there is so much competition in the free-to-play world, especially from other popular games like Fortnite, Smite, and Apex Legends, so Riot Games has to stay ahead of the crowd to keep the gamers interested. Just like in Smite, League of Legends offers many unique skins that you can get for your champions.  

Since the launch back in 2009, we have witnessed Champion reworks, map changes, and many new champion skins emerging. League players just have a “need” to buy a skin for their favorite Champion. (

From the Doctor/Ninja series to the Star Guardians skins, players can display their epic personality in every match. However, with this loot-based rewards system introduced, there comes a new item called “Essence.”

What Does Orange Essence do?

You can obtain Orange Essence in a numerous ways, but what does Orange Essence do? What can you buy with it? Here's an explanation!

There are different types of Essence (Orange Essence and Blue Essence), and both have different ways to earn them. With Blue Essence, it functions like influence points (IP)This means that you can use it to purchase champions. What is Orange Essence used for? Orange essence functions like Riot Points (RP). This means that with Orange Essence, you can buy exclusive cosmetics like skins. While you can still buy Riot Points in the LoL shop, this can really add up. You can save yourself from purchasing RP by grinding Orange Essence, collecting skin shards, and trading the Orange Essence for new cosmetics.

Now that we have answered your question of “what does Orange Essence do?” It’s time to find out how to get more Orange Essence LoL

How to Get More Orange Essence LoL

Here are some easy ways on how to get more orange essence LoL. There are many ways, but here are the easiest ones!

The obvious way to get more Orange Essence involves purchasing a chest through the store. One chest in the LoL store will cost you 125 RP. Keep in mind that these chests aren’t guaranteed to give you Orange Essence – there is a percentage drop rate, so you only get a “chance” of getting Orange Essence from the chest. Unfortunately, the drop rate isn’t too high, which is causing gamers to spend more money just to get the Orange Essence.

Instead of having to spend real money on those chests, here are some easy ways on how to get more Orange Essence

Perform Better to Earn Hextech Chests

You are rewarded a Hextech chest by earning an S-Rank on an eligible Champion in ARAM or Summoner’s Rift. In Summoner’s Rift, you do not have to play Ranked to get an S-Rankbut you need to be in a PVP Setting (you cannot do this in Co-Op VS AI).

The score you receive after a match is based on different things like the number of kills you got vs. deaths, the amount of damage dealt, and so on – the scores range from S tier to D tier. 

To get more Orange Essence and earn more chests, you will need to earn an S- or higher in the match. 

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Play with a Good Team to Get a Hextech Chest

While you can receive Hextech chests for getting an S-Rank, you can also receive a chest if you play in a pre-made team, and someone from your team gets an S rank. This is an excellent way for you to get more Orange Essence, especially if you have friends that are great at the game.

Just remember that to get the chest, you will need to be in the same match-made group as the individual that got the S-Rank.

Each time (per Champion) that you or your friend on your team receives an S-Rank, you will get a Hextech chest. It’s common to get a skin shard in the chest, and if you’re unlucky, you may get a champion shard. However, there are times when you can get up to 270 Orange Essence in a chest.

How Do You Open a Hextech Chest?

To open a Hextech chest, you will need one Hextech key. There are a couple of ways to get the keys, including using three key fragments to make one. You can get the keys and key fragments through the Honor System and occasionally through quest lines. 

Special Notes:

  • You can only earn these chests while you are playing a champion that you own.
  • You can obtain one chest per Champion.
  • You can find the champions that are eligible to earn chests through the “Champion Collection” tab.
  • The Champion will become ineligible after earning a chest, not after receiving an S-Rank.
  • You can earn one chest every seven days and can store up to four chests in reserve. In the Summoner Profile, you can see the number of available chests. 
  • You can purchase Hextech chests, and this does not count towards the earned limit
  • You can purchase up to 25 Hextech chests every day.

Disenchant Skin Shards

If you are not lucky enough to get that 270 Orange Essence when you open up your chest, you can still get Orange Essence. 

Simply disenchant those skin shards that you earned through chests into Orange Essence. If you’re the type of person that just wants one or two skins every now and then, this will work great. 

Also, Ward and Champion skin shards can be obtained from events, missions, and opening orbs. 

Disenchanting Skin Shards to Get Orange Essence

To disenchant a skin shard (ward or Champion) so you can get Orange Essence, follow these steps:

Step 1: The Loot Page

First, you need to go to the Loot page on the League of Legends client – you can get here through the “Loot” icon. Once you’re there, scroll down – you will discover all of the remaining skin shards you’ve earned. Click on the skin shard you would like to disenchant – there will be a “Disenchant into Essence” option (click on that). 

Here's how you can easily disenchant your League skins into Essence

Step 2: Confirm

Next, click on the “Disenchant” button to confirm the exchange. 

Note: The amount of essence you will receive in exchange for the shard will be mentioned in both steps. Along with disenchanting skin shards for essence, you can also disenchant ward skin shards through the “Ward Skins” heading.

Can You Buy Orange Essence?

One of the most popular questions League players often ask is: "Can You Buy Orange Essence?" It's time to give you an answer on that question

Yes, you can always just buy the essence from the League of Legends store. Here’s how:

  • Click on the “store” icon.”
  • From there, click on “Loot.”
  • Scroll to the bottom – there will be different chests.
  • You can either purchase the combo of 5 chests and keys + Bonus Essence or the Masterwork Chest.

The combo chest is guaranteed to give you 50 orange essence, but the Masterwork Chest isn’t guaranteed. The Masterwork Chest could contain emotes, Orange Essence, and ward or Champion skin shard. 


If you want to rapidly earn Hextech Chests, we recommend playing ARAM – this is a game mode that forces the player to try different Champions they have never played before. While in Summoner’s Rift, you will end up with the same Champion, in ARAM, you’re never going to end up playing the same Champion.

At the end of the day, it’s not really about the amount of Orange Essence you made; it’s about the fun you had while playing League of Legends. 

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