How to Get a PBE Account?

Are you still waiting for your League of Legend PBE Account? If your answer is Yes, then you know how frustrating it is to wait for an email from Riot to inform you about the validity of your PBE account. In this article, we will take you through a small guide to the PBE League of Legends account, what it is for, and the way to get it. 

We hope that these tips will help you become the PBE League of Legends account owner as soon as possible. Take ten minutes and read what we have prepared for you…

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What is PBE?

PBE or full name Public Beta Environment is a special server designed by Riot Games, where lucky players can see new game updates that are not yet in play. 

They can try to play a slightly different version of League of Legends, and at the same time, report to Riot game bugs or some other shortcomings. Of course, Riot does not undertake to officially introduce into the game new components that players try on the PBE server. But it’s worth trying to play League of Legends with new features.

However, the League of Legends PBE account can cause trouble for all new League of Legends players who want to connect to a special server and try new game updates first. There are certain conditions that a player must meet in order to access his PBE account.

How Can I Get My PBE Account?

Well, in order to get your PBE account, you have to have enough practice in regular games to have Honor level 2. At the end of each match played, you can honor the players you played the match with. Maybe you liked their strategy, or they had the most kills, or something third. It depends on you who you will and why you will honor him. 

With the collection of honors, your Honor status grows. However, Riot doesn’t let you know what level you’re at – you’ll only find out when you win the Key Fragment and get notified within the League of Legends client. Remember, you have to have Honor 2. And also, good teammates who will be happy to honor you and show that they appreciate your effort and gaming skill.

Along with Honor status, your account must not have bans in order to get your PBE account. Riot doesn’t want to give all players this unique privilege with a PBE account, so you have to be a decent player without bans. Riot actually wants to know that you won’t cause any trouble, as trolling other players or something else. We can say that this is a very fair decision.

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Where Can I Find And Download A Pbe Client?

We mentioned earlier that a PBE account is tied to a separate server than the one on which you play regular matches. But first you have to sign up to get a PBE account. So, if you have reached Honor level 2, you have to log in on this page – 

Remember, you have to log in with your real League of Legends account. After entering Summoner’s Name and Password, select the region you belong to and press ‘Login.’ After that, a special screen with “Check my eligibility” will appear where you will see if your account is or is not compatible with the conditions for obtaining a PBE account.

If your account is approved, you will automatically sign up for a PBE account. Just follow the steps on the link mentioned above. You will then see the option for “Download the PBE client” and just choose whether you want the Windows or Mac version of the client. 

Once your client has successfully downloaded, you can log in with the data you used to sign up in the PBE account. Also, don’t forget that your existing League of Legends account can only have one PBE account registered.

What Does My PBE Account Look Like?

First, don’t be surprised to see a huge amount of Riot Points on your PBE account – Riot gave them to you for free so you can buy the champions that have just come out, so you can be among the first to try them out. We already like this opportunity!

Your PBE account will automatically be at level 30 but will not have anything you have on your real League of Legends account. So on the PBE account, you will not have your champions, skins, runes, emotes, etc.

Since the PBE account is something like a beta version of new game updates and contents, you are expected to participate in creating content for the entire League of Legends community around the world. What does that mean? 

This means that while playing matches with your PBE account, you have to keep track of which content is acceptable and which is not working. If there are some bugs and glitches, do not hesitate to send feedback to Riot’s support team. They will be grateful to you. Just go to their official website and find a link through which you can contact them and describe the problem.

Of course, you are not obliged to send feedback, and you can play on the PBE server out of pure curiosity if you want to see new changes in the game or try new champions.

One of the biggest problems that players face during matches is high ping. High ping is common for non-North American players because the PBE servers are hosted in North America. If you want to avoid high lag, try playing on a PBE server at a time when most North American players will not be online.

Within the PBE client, you can perform special missions that will give you a large amount of Riot Points (for one matchmade game a day, you will get 3,000 Riot Points). And since all these champions are unlocked with Riot Points, you will be able to buy all the desired skins. You will finally try a few legacy skins. Yay!

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Final Thoughts

Some of you may have only recently heard about the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for the first time and what this special League of Legends account is for. To reiterate, the PBE account is a special type of League of Legends account located on a special server (North America is hosting these servers, so Europeans often have high lag during matches) and is an opportunity for all League of Legends players who can play with the PBE account to try new champions or new game updates that have not yet been released. 

However, there are several conditions for obtaining a PBE account. First, the player must have at least Honor level 2, so make sure you play enough League of Legends matches and show that you are a responsible and great teammate. Once the match is over, your teammates can honor you; the more honors you have, the more your Honor rank grows. Other than Honor rank, your League of Legends account must not have any bans. 

Once you have met these two conditions, you can go to the link we provided in the article and log in there with your League of Legends account. If Riot approves your account, you will be able to sign up for the PBE account and download a special PBE client and start testing everything new Riot has designed for its players. Good luck and have fun!

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