How to Get RP on PBE? 

Riot Games has a unique website that allows players to create a PBE account. Public Beta Environment  (PBE) in League of Legends stands for “test-centric” server where game developers, in this case, Riot  Games, first implement upcoming game patches. The PBE runs separately from regular League games,  and users need to meet specific criteria to log into it. 

PBE is open to the public, but not everyone can enter. Those who enter can test the upcoming content. Content available to players on PBE is not final,  so when it is fully released, it may differ from the content tested on the server.  

PBE accounts are created by linking an existing Riot or LoL account with at least Honor 3 lever on a live server of the game. At the time of creating a PBE account, a player cannot be banned. After creating an account, the player must download the PBE client for which link is on the same page as the account creation screen. The PBE updates constantly, so it’s important to patch the client after the account and client are downloaded.  

Riot Points (RP) are the game’s premium currency. Riot Points can be used to purchase any champ,  skin, as well as other features with a preference for new and upcoming content. While you usually have to buy RP from the game shop in the PC client, in PBE, you can earn them. 

In every matchmade game in PBE, players can earn 3000 Riot Points. After creating PBE, the RP value was 8000 daily, but it got reduced to 3000 after a while. For gaining RP, players don’t have to win the game; just play any matchmade game aside from  TFT. So, basically, if you play at least one matchmade game a day, you can earn 3000 RP daily.  

PBE was not intended for players to get RP, but it’s helpful since it allows them to try out champs and skins before buying them on their existing accounts. In PBE, all champions are unlocked, and skins are the same price as they are in the main game. Trying them out can be valuable in making a well-informed purchase that players won’t regret.  

Public Beta Environment is a great place to test LoL features without committing to buying them, so remember to keep your main account clean and honorable, and you’re on your way to having that generous PBE account.

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