How to Get Unbanned From League of Legends?

A question that's been asked a lot of times: "How to get unbanned from League of Legends? A lot of people got League of Legends Ban, here's how you can retract it!

Whether you got banned by mistake or actually got banned for a reason, this article will let you know the best way to get yourself unbanned from League of Legends

First of all, have you been banned permanently or just temporarily? If it’s just a matter of a few weeks then most likely it’s not worth the effort, just wait it out. However, if the ban is permanent then the reason for the ban determines how likely it is to get unbanned.

Reasons For Getting Banned

If you don't want to get banned in League of Legends, you should avoid doing these things

Banned for Scripting

If you have been banned for Scripting then it is a well-deserved ban. If you did get banned for scripting in League of Legends then the chances of getting unbanned are close to zero. League of Legends have recently upgraded their banning system and have absolutely no mercy for players scripting so even if it was a one time mistake or someone else was playing in your account, there is no coming back from a scripting ban.

However, if you did get banned without doing anything, there is a small chance of recovering your account as Riot makes mistakes too. Reach out to their Player Support and make your case.

Banned For Third-Party Software

If you have used a third party software that lets you use any skin in the game or any other feature it provides you, getting unbanned for this reason is also quite close to impossible. Even though this does not have much of an effect on the other players, these softwares usually change the League of Legends files which goes against the TOS. Along with that, Riot Games cannot find the difference between scripting and using third party software so they ban all alike.

If you have been banned for this, then the chances of getting unbanned are pretty slim.

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Banned For Toxicity

This is the most common reason for a ban in League of Legends: Toxicity

If you have been banned for toxicity, then you have a good chance of being unbanned considering it is your first time. If you have been banned repeatedly then there is literally no chance of you getting unbanned. Riot Games believes in giving players a second chance to reform themselves so they will usually unban you if this is your first time, that is why you can see super toxic players like Tyler1 to get unbanned. It is because he changed

Become a less toxic person or at the very least promise Riot Games you will be lesser toxic and watch your account get unbanned.

Banned For Boosting

Well if you have been banned for boosting then it is quite difficult to get unbanned from that account. The thing with getting banned for boosting is that Riot Games gives you a 14-day suspension for boosting first stating that if you continue doing this, you will be banned permanently. Riot Games gives you proper notice in advance and if you still continued doing it, it is all on you. Getting banned for boosting also is a difficult case to appeal.

Most of you reading must have been banned for toxicity so it is rather quite simple to get unbanned for that, but for the other readers who have been banned for Scripting, using third party services and boosting in League of Legends, well you are out of luck. But fear not, follow the procedure below and you just might get unbanned!

How to Get Unbanned?

How to appeal League of Legends ban?

Riot Support is your go-to place to get unbanned. Send them a few polite, non-demanding messages for your appeal and wait for their response. If the response is negative then well… don’t make the same mistake that led to your account suspension again and go get a new account.

Also, make sure you do not give up after your first try, keep trying to appeal for your ban because Riot Games will then think you truly care about your account and are actually trying to make a change. If you fail 2 times then don’t worry, the third time is a charm. Stop only after 3 times because then they have a fixed mind and are keen on keeping the ban.

Websites That Will Get You Unbanned

If you have been unable to get unbanned from the above method and are getting desperate and looking at all these websites that will promise you to get unbanned, well stop looking at them. They simply do the same thing as mentioned above. They do not have any “secret way” or a “man on the inside” to help get your account unbanned. These websites will simply write to Riot Support on your behalf, something that you can invest your own time in and save your money.

There are no websites and nobody who can help you so go on and write a heartfelt, polite message to Riot Support and hope that you get unbanned.

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