How to Hyper Roll in Teamfight Tactics?

Hello everyone, you have come to the right place if you want to learn all about Teamfight Tactics Hyper Roll. Since Teamfight Tactics was released in 2019, this auto-battler game has not stopped gathering new followers. 

Riot Games strives to upgrade the game with each new update and raise the quality bar even higher. Besides new content, Teamfight Tactic also contains various game modes that you can try. One of them we will write about today is Hyper Roll. 

This fast-paced mode is a pleasant surprise that Teamfight Tactics has prepared for all players. Keep reading, below we will explain what Hyper Roll is and how to win in this tactical game mode.

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Differences Between Hyper Roll and Teamfight Tactics

To make it easier to understand what Hyper Roll really is, it is necessary to explain the distinction between the classic Teamfight Tactics game and Hyper Roll mode. As we said in the introduction, Hyper Roll is a fast-paced, which means that this game lasts much shorter than the classic game. 

The Teamfight Tactics normal game can last about half an hour, while the Hyper Roll usually ends in about ten or fifteen minutes. The key is in HP. In Teamfight Tactics, you start the game with 100 HP, while in Hyper Roll, you start the game with only 20 HP, which results in a shorter game duration.

Also, the damage depends on the stage of the game you are in; initially, you can lose 2 HP, and later you lose 6 HP or 8 HP.

Furthermore, you don’t have to fight with other players on the Carousel for new items; in Hyper Roll, there are additional opportunities to win items. Even when we talk about gold, there are differences; in Hyper Roll, you don’t have to try to save gold for later. You will not have more gold income by keeping gold, so you are free to spend gold on those rerolls.

This is mainly because, in this game mode, gold comes in much larger quantities that you practically have to spend it quickly and thoughtfully in order for your strategy to be successful and winning.

How to Play Teamfight Tactics Hyper Roll

The first surprise you will encounter when you start playing Hyper Roll is the difference in rounds and stages. Also, you can’t level up but your level is always the same as Stage. Simply put, if you are in Stage 2, your level is 2.

  1. The beginning Carousel, one Neutral round
  2. One neutral round
  3. PvP, two opponent
  4. Armory (with Shadow) and two PvP Rounds
  5. Krugs and one PvP Round
  6. Wolves, two Armories (with Shadow), two PvP Rounds
  7. Raptors, Armory (with Shadow), two PvP Round
  8. Dragon, two PvP Round
  9. Rift Herald, five PvP Rounds

The main advice we can give you when you play Hyper Roll is to THINK. Remember, this is a tactical game that requires a lot of thinking; the game is fast, so you have to think fast about your moves. For example, you can’t save gold and wait for the late game to do something; if you allow yourself too much thinking and strike a few bad moves, the rest of the lobby will become stronger, and thus, you will have a stronger competition until the end. 

So, think fast and play fast. You may need a little practice at the beginning because the classic Teamfight Tactics game mode has a slightly different way of playing and leaves you plenty of time to think about the next move. Hyper Roll is ruthless, and you will pay dearly for mistakes.

Since the game lasts only ten minutes, you have to attack immediately to win. This means you have to use the early game to buy as many units as you can. That way, you can have more choices when it comes to stacking comps. The point is to make an effort and make a perfect comp that can bring you victory.

Players have already started trying out various tactics in Hyper Roll, so there will be those who will ignore the early game and save gold to spend it in later Stages to buy some crucial unit. If you are a beginner, we advise you to play according to proven techniques. Later, when you understand the game’s concept, you can afford to experiment with different strategies.

The late game is the moment when many players, due to their mistakes committed in earlier Stages, start falling one by one. More powerful units will give you a much better chance of survival, so maybe you should try those five-cost units instead of three or four-cost units.

Teemo Tip: You can buy Teemo for one health and then sell it for gold. You can do this if you have 2 to 6 life. This means that you will trade health for gold, but in this game mode, this is a successful tactic because there is no difference between 5 HP or 6 HP anyway. Also, remember that in Hyper Roll game mode, you will lose health as follows: 2 health in the first 4 Stages, 4 health in Stages 5-7, and 6 damage in Stages from 8 onwards.

There is also no-lose streaking because there are no streaks in this game mode. You will still earn gold every time you lose a round. If you lose a few rounds at the beginning of the game, it won’t affect your performance much, but be careful not to lose rounds in the late game. 

In levels 7 and 8, you can use gold to buy 4-cost units that are much stronger, so be careful how you play the moves from the very beginning of the game until the late game. One wrong move, and you lose everything.

A tactic that is also quite popular and desirable in Hyper Roll game mode is rolling while Neutral rounds last. This is advice you won’t find when playing classic Teamfight Tactics game mode, but it is also more than a desirable choice in this game mode. 

During Teamfight Tactics classic game mode, this is avoided because you lose interest gold, but in Hyper Roll game mode, there is no such interest, and it is desirable to do the rolling while the Neutral round lasts.

Following this advice, it is desirable to have a full bench, which means that players are advised to buy as many champions as they can. This is emphasized for the early game because when it comes to fights in Stage 2 and Stage 3, quantity units and their strength will decide the winner. You want to beat those fights, don’t you?

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Final Thoughts

Hyper Roll is a new game mode in Teamfight Tactics that you can have serious fun while you play it. What distinguishes this game mode from the classic Teamfight Tactics game mode is no streaking, no leveling, shorter game duration, different amount of lost health per round, and main focus on early game. Also, do the rolling in the Neutral round and spend those coins.

The point is to get as strong as possible in as short a time as possible so that the rest of the players in the lobby don’t overtake you because, during the mid and late-game, there are great chances that you will drop out if you haven’t thought about moves during Stages before.

But you have no reason to worry, and if you are a new player and you still do not understand how Hyper Roll works, you can always see on streaming platforms how professional players do it and which comps are the most successful in winning. 

You have no choice but to play a lot and think a lot because you will learn best through practice. Good luck and have fun with Hyper Roll!

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