How to Improve at League of Legends?

Looking for ways on how to improve in League of Legends? If you follow some of our tips closely, you'll have no problem in climbing the ranked ladder!

There’s always room for improvement, regardless of what you’re doing in life – even the best players in League of Legends could improve in some way, shape, or form. To most new League of Legends players, the game seems simple, until you dig into it. 

LoL is a complex game that appears basic to a new set of eyes. Before enemies can push your towers down and destroy your base, you need to push theirs down and destroy their base. Sounds simple, right? Well, it isn’t as simple as it sounds, which is probably why you’re reading “how to improve at League of Legends” right now.

If you really want to get better at LoL, then there are many areas you need to be skilled in. Here are some of them:

In our time of playing LoL (we’ve been playing it since the very beginning, season 1), we have witnessed new players come in and spend months, sometimes even years, learning the basics. Not to brag or anything, but over the years, we have developed advice that can be beneficial to all players, both new and old. 

Get Better at League of Legends with the Minimap

The minimap isn’t just there for your viewing pleasure as decoration – you need to learn how to use it. We have noticed many people ignoring the minimap when they need to be using it. Some players take a peek at it here and there to see if there’s a Jungler ganking, but it has more use than this.

Check Your Minimap Every 3 Seconds

Checking map is a very useful feature that a lot of pros are using. You should always take a look at the map so you know how your teammates are doing, and if you can help them out...

Having to check the minimap every 3 seconds map seems tedious, but we’re not telling you to stare at it – you just need to glance at it to see whether you need to back off, push in, or make your way to an objective. Trust us, the more you check your minimap, the better you’re going to gather information in a couple of seconds. 

If you’re a Support player or a Jungler, you’re going to have more time to type. We’re saying that you can take the information you gained from viewing the minimap and lead your team to victory. 

Are There Missing Enemies?

While checking for the Jungler is great, that’s not all you should be watching for. Every three seconds, when you glance at the minimap, could how many there are. Is someone from the enemy team missing? If so, you can automatically assume they’re around you.

To some of you, this may seem like a paranoid gamer, and you could be right, but there will be times when someone is really trying to kill you. During those times, we don’t call it being paranoid; we call it being prepared.

On the same note, if you notice enemies that are missing, and you witness your team pushing too fast, then you should tell them to stand back. Of course, typing that out may seem a bit rude, so follow the next tip as to what you should do when you think the team should back off.

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Ping the Teammates

Those pings aren’t just integrated into the game to annoy people – they’re there to use as a form of communication with your teammates. For example, let’s say there’s a Shaco sneaking his way to the Dragon – he just topped level 6…what are you going to do? Stop what you’re doing and ping “Assist.” This way, the team will know what’s going on. Just to make sure your team heard it, go ahead and double-tap. Personally, we like to ping right onto the minimap, which is helpful.

Make the HUD Smaller and the Minimap Larger

Think about it, besides your character stats, what does the HUD do for you? As a League of Legends player, you don’t need to know exactly how much attack damage you’re doing. 

Here’s how to make the HUD smaller and the minimap larger:

Options>Interface>HUD Scale>Minimap scale

You want to put the HUD scale at 0 and the minimap scale at 100. By doing this, you will have a better view of the minimap, and it will be easier to glance at it. Plus, with having a larger minimap, it will remind you to look at it every 3 seconds. 

Lead the Team

Having a hard time in ranked games? Always losing because the enemy team has that one good smurf player? Well, why don't you become one? You don't need to become a pro, all you have to do is how to lead your team...

It goes without saying that the best LoL players lead the team. We all want to become a leader in LoL, and this can be a challenge, but it’s easier than you think. However, you can’t lead if you’re not able to focus on the game and learn all about it.

Your Focus Objectives

Killing a Champion is harder than killing a Dragon, and many of you already know this, yet tend to focus on ranking up on Champion kills over everything else. We’ve witnessed this scenario in Silver, Gold, and ranks above. There are two reasons why people do this:

They Don’t Understand

There are some players out there that are still under the impression that getting more kills is better than objections. Even though they are told time and time again that kills aren’t as important, it’s something that has grown to believe, especially if they’ve been playing video games that require the player to get a lot of kills.

It’s okay to lead the way and tell your team what they need to focus on – instead of telling them that they should take Baron, ping “On My Way.”

Tell them that they all need to push mid while it’s open because the mid laner just recalled. Your team needs to back your plans, so tell them what to do. 

Some People Want to Show Off

Oh yes, in the video game world, you’re going to come across those that just want to show off, and they believe that getting more kills makes them look big. They go by the understanding of “why would I want to kill four dragons, when I could get four kills?” Just remember, kills make the players LOOK better, while the Dragons make the team DO better.

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Support Your Team

By all means, you need to be a better person and support your team. You know, by being a better person. If you notice the Jungler is an excellent ganker, let them know – if you notice your Marksman is doing great at farming, tell them so.

It’s good to encourage your team, it will make them feel good, and people are more likely to give it their best when they feel good. You never want to make someone feel bad – if you have a teammate that is dying a lot, just tell them it’ll be okay. When you make a player feel bad, it will cause them to make bad plays.

  • Tell Your Team They Need to Buy Control Wards
You should always have on active control ward placed by you on the map. That's a golden rule which you need to respect if you want to climb the ranked ladder

To succeed, the team needs to invest in Control Wards. Yes, control wards are a bit on the expensive side, but without those wards, your chances of winning are going to decrease. 

Besides, control wards are forever – meaning, if you were to place them at the Jungle entrance, they’re going to be beneficial. Let’s say that Jungler sneaks up – when he does, you’ll notice him. He may even make a pit stop to destroy the ward – if he does this, you can rally your allies to come over and destroy him.

Plus, Control wards are great when clearing out enemy vision or taking Dragon/Baron. Go ahead, tell your team they need to buy some wards and don’t forget to grab a couple for yourself.


If you’re the type of person who can find your mistakes and admit that you’re making them, then you are already better than most of the League of Legend players. Follow our advice on how to improve at LoL, and you should reach the top before you know it.

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