How to Increase Your Honor Level in League of Legends?

Are you doing your very best but you still can’t reach Honor level 5? Well, once you read our guide you won’t have to worry about that anymore…

Before Riot updated the honor system a couple of years ago, Honor was broadcasted through numbers on your profile and tiny badges. During this time, no one really knew how many honors they needed in order to get a badge – they didn’t really know anything about the system. Now, the honor system rewards players for being on their best behavior. 

How Does This Work?

How to Increase Your Honor Level in League of Legends?

At the end of each match, you can choose a teammate to “honor.” Receiving an honor point will help your level rise faster

There are numerous categories you can choose to give your teammates. Here are the categories:

Great Shotcalling: For example, you could give this to the ADC who chose to make a slick Baron call after they cleaned up a team fight. 

Stayed Cool: This would go to someone that didn’t get tilted during the match after they took a beating and didn’t give up. 

GG<3: This goes to the player that made you smile, saved you, or someone you enjoyed playing with.

Leveling Up That Honor

When you play League of Legends, naturally, you’re going to start out at level two in Honor. Once you reach level three, you’ll start getting screen flair. At this level, you’ll also start to receive special honor loot capsules. 

So, how do you level Honor in League of Legends? Well, that’s simple! All you have to do is play matchmade games and try to win while remaining on your best behavior. 

If you are punished for something in the game for some reason, you’ll get pushed down a level and will be temporarily locked from receiving rewards, so by all means, make sure you are a good sport. Other than this, there is no other way to go down a level – you don’t have to worry about losing honor points simply because you weren’t honored, it doesn’t work like that.

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How to Check Your Honor Level?

How to Check Your Honor Level in League of Legends?

You can easily go to your profile to check your honor level, but you cannot see other players’ honor levels. There will be tiny bubbles on the bottom of your honor emblem; this shows your progression to the next honor level. These are what we call “checkpoints.”

What Can You Get by Leveling Your Honor?

What Can You Get by Leveling Your Honor in League of Legends?

As you probably already know, you don’t get Hextech Crafting key fragments from random wins in the game. Instead, you can get them simply by playing League of Legends, and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose the game. As long as your honor level is two or higher, you can receive Hextech Crafting key fragments. What’s pretty neat is you don’t even have to earn Honor to get these keys, all you have to do is play. Also, key fragments can be dropped outside of the game, not just in the post-game lobby.

Each time you reach a checkpoint past honor level 3, you’ll receive an Honor Orb. These Honor Orbs hold two Key Fragments. Along with the Key Fragments, they can also contain some raw essence or champion shards. 

After you have reached honor level 5, you will not have any more checkpoints, but you will still receive honor orbs. You’re just not going to be able to see those intervals on your emblems because there isn’t any honor level past level 6. The last 5 Honor Orbs are going to drop a three Key Fragments and some more Blue Essence

You’re only going to get Honor Capsules when you get your Honor to level 3, 4, and 5. During level 3, you’re going to get a total of three Key Fragments, a champion shard, and a random ward skin

Once you have reached level 4 in the honor system, you’re going to receive four Key Fragments, a champion shard, and a random emote

At the final level, you’re going to get a total of five Key Fragments, a champion shard, and either a Grey Warwick or a Medieval Twitch. If you already have both of these skins, don’t worry; you’re not going to get them again. Instead of getting the skin you already have, you will be rewarded with either a ward skin or a random remote. 

Now, the Loading screen flair is a bit different. Your flair is only going to last for one game. If one person out of your premade group or two people in your premade group honors you, then you will receive the flair for your next game. The loading flair doesn’t have any cooldown, and as long as people continue to honor you, this is something that you can continuously have. 

Also, whenever you level your Honor (this maxes out at level five), your flair will continue to change. 

Is it possible to drop a level in Honor?

Yes, you can drop a level in Honor, but only if you receive a penalty. For example, if you receive a chat restriction and your honor level is 2, then your Honor level will go down to 1. If you’re at level 1, then it will go down to level 0. A two-week suspension is going to drop your honor level to 0. Your honor progress will be locked, which will make you ineligible for receiving the next hextech crafting rewards. After your restriction is complete, your honor progress will unlock. 


So there you have it – the one way to increase your Honor points on League of Legends is to simply play the game and be a good sport. Don’t cause other players any problems, and you should do well at leveling your Honor.

If you are wondering what the highest level in League of Legends is, here is an article that explains it all pretty well.

Honor Orbs – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Honor Orbs in League of Legends?

Every time you reach a checkpoint past honor level 3, you will get an Honor Orb. Checkpoints stop once you reach level 5, but you will still receive level 5 Orbs at the same intervals as checkpoints. Being that there is no level 6, they aren’t referred to as checkpoints past level 5. 

Do I need anything special to open the orbs?

No, you do not need anything special in order to open the orbs you receive. Orbs are like Capsules and are keyless. 

Do orbs get better at each checkpoint?

No, the orbs do not get better at each checkpoint.

Do orbs get better as I level up my Honor?

Yes, each time you level up your Honor, the orbs will give you more key fragments and rewards. 

I dropped from Honor level 4 due to a penalty. Will I still receive Orbs once I reach checkpoints?

Of course, you will receive an orb each time you reach the checkpoint.

Is anything special needed in order to progress to the next level?

All you have to do is play League of Legends, and you will level up. Show up, be on your best behavior, and you’ll progress. You’ll receive a slight bonus each time your teammates honor you.

Will I still level up if I don’t receive any Honors? 

Yes, you’ll still level up. 

Will voting for my teammates give me Honor Levels?

Yes, but it doesn’t help that much. 

Will I receive better rewards when I reach a higher Honor level?

Yes. With every level, the Orbs and Capsules have better rewards. 

What are checkpoints in League of Legends? 

The checkpoints are markets showing how far you have progressed in an honor level. Before leveling up and earning a reward, you will need to reach three checkpoints in every level. 

When I finish my last checkpoint in a level, what happens?

Once you have reached your third checkpoint, you will level up.

After level 5, what happens to checkpoints?

After level 5, the checkpoints will stop. You will still receive level 5 Orbs for playing, but there’s no level 6, so they aren’t referred to as checkpoints.

How do I receive a loading screen flair?

First, you will need to reach level 3 in Honor. Then, you need to earn Honor from one stranger in the game or from two premade teammates. For your next matchmade game, the flair will unlock. 

My flair disappeared after I played one game, why is this?

The flairs will disappear after one game, they are there as a way to show off that you had a great game, so they will only last one game.

Does my loading screen flair have a cooldown?

No, the loading screen flair does not have a cooldown. As long as you continue earning honors, you will continue to have your flair with each game.

What does it mean to lock my Honor level and rewards? 

In your profile, there will be a lock on your Honor level. This means you won’t be making any progress to your next level, and you won’t be getting any rewards. You can unlock that honor level by being a good sport in League of Legends. When you’ve unlocked the honor level, you will receive a notification.

If I transfer my account across servers, how will my Honor work?

Unfortunately, your Honor levels aren’t going to transfer with you. Once you have transferred to a different server, you will start out at level 2.

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