How to Make Money Playing League of Legends? (4 Easy Ways)

Starting off, you CAN make money BECAUSE you played League of Legends, and then you can make money BY playing League of Legends. Don’t worry. I’m going to go over both of those, so pay close attention to this post. 

Now, I know that many of you have a goal of becoming a professional League of Legends player in the gaming world. Many love the idea of streaming and making money simply by playing video games. SO, they compete in major gaming tournaments and compete for high-dollar prized, and from there, they score big-name contracts. 

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Make More Money BECAUSE You played League of Legends – Gain Important Life Skills 

By playing League of Legends, you can move on to making more money. You see, by playing LoL, you’re learning to deal with individuals, you’re learning teamwork, and you’re learning to make decisions faster. All of those things right there will come in handy when you work, regardless of the job at hand. When you start playing LoL, or any other game for that matter, you will gain skills to help you in real life. 

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Revenue Ad

With a game as popular as League of Legends, it doesn’t surprise me that there’s going to be a market for content about LoL. One of the easiest ways to start making money from League of Legends is to create your video channel and publish fresh content about the game. After you have built up a following, you can leverage it for what is called ad revenue. The best way to do this would be to create a Youtube or Twitch channel focused on League of Legends. 

For Youtube, the idea here is to produce popular content that viewers will want to watch based on LoL. The content you create could include gameplay, or it could consist of game-based content such as strategy guides, champion guides, patch notes, and simple League of Legends discussion.

With Twitch, we all know that you can make money by streaming games and getting gifts from subscribers and donations. Many Twitch streamers make a good amount of money simply by streaming their games, but it does take some work to build up to this.

Coaching Newbies

I know this sounds funny, but there are people out there who will pay actual money for League of Legends coaching. Once you have reached a certain level, people will want to pay you to show them how they can improve at the game, so you can start to earn money just by playing with them, giving them advice, training them, and helping them increase their skills. This is no different from people hiring private football tutors, except, of course, this is League of Legends, and LoL is an e-sport, while football is a real-life sport. 

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Playing League of Legends on a Professional Team

Have you looked at the prize money for the LoL tournaments? The prize money is huge, and some players have earned as much as $15,000 per month from playing League of Legends as a professional. Pro gamers tend to supplement their income by streaming the game through sponsorships.

Of course, we’re talking about the big league right here, and not all of us can make it, but we sure can aim for it. Just understand that the players who make it into these teams are competing at a professional level. If you ever want to make it to this level and be a professional League of Legends gamer, you will need to go through a large amount of training and lots of practice.

I think that soon, games like League of Legends could be included in the Olympics, kind of like an Olympic sport, and you know just how much attention and training is required to go to the Olympics. 

Elo Boosting

League of Legends has many terminologies. You have terms like smurfing and ganking bot to Elo boosting. So, I understand that it can be hard to understand specific phrases. If you have been playing LoL long enough, then you have probably heard of Elo boosting before.

However, do you know what elo boosting is and why everyone has been talking about it? Long story short, elo boosting is a service offered by a high elo player, where they increase someone else’s rank by “boosting.” This means that the player will give the booster access to their Riot account to fulfill this service.

Once the booster has reached a particular league, the boost will be complete, and the player will get their Riot account back. The owner of the account can then login and play in their new divisions. There are people out there who make a good amount of money by boosting accounts to a higher division. 

Selling Accounts

League of Legends is a free-to-play game, but there are many out there who are interested in purchasing accounts. When an account has value put into it, then it will sell for more.

For example, if you have rare skins, ranks, Riot Points, and Blue Essence/XP, competitive players will be more attracted to the account and willing to put more money towards it. By buying an account, these competitive players can start playing ranked without grinding the entire month to reach level 30. This way, they can log in and start playing right away. 

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As you see, there are many ways to make money from League of Legends. Regardless of who you are, you can make money from the game, you just need to put time into the game, and in the end, you know hard work does pay off. Just set your goals and reach for the sky – remember, the sky is your limit. Friends and family may laugh at the thought of you making money by playing a video game, but we are living in the new age – the age where people are making millions by playing their favorite game. 

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