How to Master a Champion on League of Legends? – A Complete Guide

How to successfully master a champion in League of Legends? This article will help you with that

League of Legends is a popular MOBA-style game. When the game first released in 2009, it was released with 40 champions, and currently, there are 153 to choose from. Each of those champions is equipped with their own set of unique skills, and mastering them can be a lot of fun. If you’re looking for information regarding how to master a champion on League of Legends, you’re reading the right article as we’re going to lay this information out for you in a step-by-step form …

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Step 1 – It All Starts with Choosing Your Champion

First, you need to find the champion you’re the most comfortable with – each week, you can try out different champions. 

In League of Legends, there are numerous roles you can play – Mage, Marksmen, Tanks, Brawlers, and Assassins. Each role has an essential place in the match. The mage, for example, uses a variety of spells to deal magic damage, while the tank, of course, is the one that takes the brunt force. 

Then you have the support – they are responsible for helping the ADC and, later on, the entire team. Whether the support has a stun, a slow, or the ability to heal, they are useful during the laning phase. The ADC is dependent on support to feed them – the more kills, the more useful they are. 

We cannot forget about the Jungler – this is the one that travels around to camps and destroys them. They are also capable of ganking for their team and ranking up on their fair share of kills. A good Jungler will have good map awareness and be familiar with their buffs and routes.

Step 2 – Learn the Mechanics

Now, you can’t just jump into the game without first learning the mechanics. The mechanics are the way the champion works as well as the game. Before you jump into a match, take time to learn about the champion you plan on playing, so you know what’s going on – it would also be a good idea to learn about your enemy as well.

Farming is essential in the game, so you definitely need to learn how to do that. Farming is what brings in an income, which in return will help you buy items, and those items are what helps you win the game. 

You need to learn map awareness – this means that you need to make a routine of looking at the map. We suggest looking at the map every 3 seconds to get an idea of what’s going on around you. If you see someone is heading your way, knowing your champion can save you from uncertain death.

Know when to “juke.” Juking involves going stealth, going into a bush, etc. Juking can help you keep some distance between you and the opponent. 

Step 3 – Learn Your Champion

Once you have chosen a champion you think is suitable for you, you need to study them as much as possible. Learn what their Q, W, E, and R moves are – learn their builds, passive, and how they can escape a fight or initiate it.

  • Q – For most champions, the Q is the one that deals the most damage. 
  • W – For most, this button usually has a boost to offer. 
  • E – For most, this gives a bit of damage or is a utility. For mages, it could be a power-up or shield. For ADCs, it will give damage. This will all depend on the champion you’re on.
  • R – This is the ultimate, and is one of the best abilities regardless of the champion. Using the ultimate can help you do more damage, give you a boost, stun, heal, and so on – again, this depends on your champion. Mind you, the ultimate ability does have a longer cooldown than the other abilities. 

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Step 4 – Your Essential Combos

Some essential combos allow you to deal a lot of damage, engage or disengage – we suggest learning those essential combos. Also, take note that the champion passives are useful, so don’t forget about them.

Step 5 – Learn to use Your Abilities

Like we said, in League of Legends, each champion will come equipped with their own set of abilities. Find out what each ability is for the champion you chose, and learn them like the back of your hand. Learn their combos (all champions have them).

Step 6 – Learn the Builds

You can learn the champion builds by experimenting, but this is going to take some time. Many League of Legend players look up the champion builds online, which can save some time. 

Step 7 – Who Counters Your Champion?

Who counters who? If you use this website you can easily find out your counters

You need to learn who counters your champion, and who your champion counters and learn how to counter pick. You can find champion counters here.

Step 8 – Don’t Forget about Masteries and Runes

Runes and masteries can give your champion a nice little boost. Mind you, you aren’t going to need any runes until you’re at least level 20. The best runes and masteries will all depend on the champion you have chosen.

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Step 9 – Practice Makes Perfect

With everything you do, practice makes perfect. You can’t expect to choose a character and master it right away – mastering a champion on LoL is something that takes time. 

When you make mistakes, and you will make them, learn from those mistakes, and try to do better next round. When you start out on a new champion, you’re not going to be a pro player – the best way to get to the top is by putting some time into the game and learning about the champion.


So now that you know the steps it takes to master a champion on League of Legends, it’s time to get started! First, choose your champion, learn the mechanics of the game, learn the champion, figure out the combos, learn the abilities, and learn the champion build. Yes, this is a whole lot of learning on a game, but in the end, if you really want to feel like a pro LoL player, you can’t skip past any of these steps. 

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