How To Play Against Aurelion Sol? The Best Tips To Beat Aurelion Sol

It’s a bird…it’s a plane, it’s Superman! I mean Aurelion Sol, the almighty dragon! Aurelion Sol is a mage with a kit that gives him the potential to be a powerful roaming champion with his Comet of Legend (E) ability and his passive Center of the Universe. 

An experienced Aurelion Sol will try to utilize his Starsurge (Q) stuns in the teamfights later in the game, killing people with his stars and using his powerful Voice of Light (R) when the time is right.

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Aurelion Sol’s Abilities

Aurelion Sol’s kit is defined by managing his passive stars and using his Celestial Expansion (W) well. Other abilities such as Starsurge (Q) and Voice of Light (R) add CC and damage, and Comet of Legend (E) adds unorthodox mobility.

  • Passive – Center of the Universe: Stars orbit Aurelion Sol, dealing magic damage when they hit an enemy. Each Star deals magic damage to enemies that come into contact with them as well as executes enemy minions that have less than 25 health, including if they are brought to or below that threshold. The Stars orbit counterclockwise around Aurelion Sol. Aurelion Sol’s Stars have independent vision hitboxes, meaning that they may remain visible even while he is within a brush and must be in the brush themselves in order to be hidden.
  • Q – Starsurge: Aurelion Sol fires a star in the target direction that expands as long as it remains within the Outer Limit, granting him 20% bonus movement speed while active. If he moves faster than the star, the rate of the star will increase to keep up. Starsurge can be recast after 0.25 seconds while the star is active and does so automatically when the star travels beyond the Outer Limit. The star detonates, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for a duration. This duration is increased by 0% − 300% (based on time traveled).
  • W – Celestial Expansion: Aurelion Sol expands his Stars to the Outer Limit for 3 seconds, rotating them at a high but decaying speed and increasing their total damage by 40%. After recasting the ability, Aurelion Sol commands the stars to retract, granting him a 40% bonus movement speed that decays over 1.5 seconds.
  • E – Comet of Legend: Aurelion Sol pulls in his stars and takes flight, dashing in the target direction. While in flight, Aurelion Sol has unobstructed vision and sets his movement speed to a fixed amount. Any immobilizing crowd control will knock down Aurelion Sol during the dash. Starsurge (Q) is usable during the dash. Celestial Expansion (W) and Voice of Light (R) are not usable during the dash.
  • R – Voice of Light: Aurelion Sol exhales a wave of star fire in the target direction, granting sight of the area for 2 seconds from the start of the cast time, dealing magic damage to enemies within its path, slowing them for 2 seconds, and, if they are within the Outer Limit, stunning them for 0.125 seconds and knocking them back to it. Aurelion Sol channels over 0.3 seconds until the star fire reaches the maximum range. Voice of Light cannot be interrupted by crowd control.

Countering Aurelion Sol’s Spells

As we stated before, Aurelion Sol has to manage his stars well to maximize his potential. One of the best ways to counter Aurelion Sol is to keep a reasonable distance (or get very close to him), as his most significant damage will be with his passive combined with W. 

Getting very close to him will put him in an inconvenient situation, as long as he doesn’t hit his Q as he will stun you right away.

Most Common Aurelion Sol Combos

While Aurelion Sol is not the champion that uses complicated combos, he does have a few. Q>W is an easy setup for ganks or trading in the lane. The more complicated one is W>Q>R. 

Aurelion Sol casts Q, then R then recasts his Q to stun enemies and continues hitting them with his W. Since his R is an AOE knockback, he can hit multiple targets with this and can help turn teamfights in his favor.

Aurelion Sol’s Weaknesses

1. CC

CC is always good to have. His stars disappear while stunned or silenced, giving you an easy opportunity to fight him with lights out. If you can lock him down with CC, it will be difficult for him to adjust his positioning for his Stars. 

Additionally, as he is a poke champion, locking him down with CC as quickly as you can make it harder for him to dish out damage in the team fight.

2. Vision

He likes to roam, so spotting him before he appears suddenly in your back is needed. Wards and good communication are critical against Aurelion Sol. Make sure you have the river warded at all times and ping if he goes missing. Don’t be afraid to write in chat that he is missing too.

3. Clearing

Try to put him under the tower, pick a champion that has a strong push, so if he decides to roam, he loses waves. This might be harder than usual because Aurelion Sol wants to push you under your tower and use his E to roam to other lanes.

4. Early game

Aurelion Sol can be burst down quickly before he has many items. If you’re looking for kills, the early game is the ideal time. After he gets to level 6, try to stay spread with your teammates as his R and Q could CC lock your entire team. His Starsurge (Q) ability can grow to cover a large area.

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The Best Aurelion Sol Lane Counters In Season 12

1. Talon

Talon is hard to learn and has excellent mobility. With the gold difference of +650 gold at the 15th-minute mark, Talon is the champion that is an ideal pick against Aurelion Sol. Talon has the highest amount of first bloods in the game, which takes advantage of Aurelion Sol’s weak early game. Talon’s early kill pressure is crazy.

2. Diana

Diana is an easy to learn champion, has few skill shots, and might provide excellent assassination potential with her damage. With the gold difference of +770 gold at the 15th-minute mark, Diana is the champion that is an ideal pick against Aurelion Sol. 

Diana has a solid push with her Pale Cascade (W). Diana is dependent on landing her Crescent Strike (Q) for the all-in. If Aurelion Sol used his Q recently, it is a good idea to follow your Q with Moonfall (R) to punish him.

Honorable Mention: Lissandra

Lissandra is very easy to learn as well, has a few skill shots, and offers some CC. With the gold difference of +220 gold at the 15th-minute mark, Lissandra is relatively reasonable to pick against Aureliuon Sol. 

Lissandra can use her Ice Shard (Q) and Glacial Path (E) to push the wave. She has good CC with her Ring of Frost (W) and Frozen Tomb (R) as she needs to get close to Aurelion Sol to hit her W, which is not ideal for Aurelion Sol.

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The Best Champions To Counter Aurelion Sol In Season 12

1. Sett

Sett has a lot of physical damage early and will win most auto-attack trades. His Facebreaker (E) allows him to pull Aurelion Sol closer. After level 6, Sett’s ultimate The Show Stopper (R) will be used to engage or even dive the backline where Aurelion Sol is most of the time flying around looking for opportunities to pick up kills.

2. Ekko

Ekko will look to set up a Parallel Convergence (W) stun by walking out of vision. His Phase Dive (E) allows him to dodge or close the gap necessary to get to Aurelion Sol and CC him. His all-in potential with Ultimate Chronobreak (R) is excellent, and he can even use it to escape after a kill.

3. Twitch

He can use his Ambush (Q) to scout around and set a vision for his team. Besides that, his Venom Cask (W) allows for some crowd control set-up for his team, which they can follow up on. 

His Ultimate Spray and Pray (R) will enable him to shred through the enemy team further away with ease as it increases his range. All this gives him a powerful advantage over Aurelion Sol.

Best Items To Counter Aurelion Sol In Season 12

1. Banshee’s Veil

Banshee’s Veil is a strong item against magic damage but is most valued for its ability to prevent crowd control or counter poke damage. As such, it is highly recommended to build Banshee’s Veil when you are being focused by crowd control effects. This item provides everything that you need to combat Aurelion Sol efficiently. 

2. Quicksilver Sash

It removes all crowd control debuffs (except Airborne) from your champion. It also gives magic resistance – another fantastic item to counter Aurelion Sol’s magic damage and CC.

3. Mikael’s Blessing

Mikael’s Blessing removes all crowd control debuffs from yourself or an allied champion and heals the target for 100 − 200 (based on the target’s level). It gives magic resistance and other stats such as ability haste, base mana regeneration, and more potent heal and shield power. 

Supports with good reflexes will use this item to save your squishies from CC that Aurelion Sol can unleash on them.

4. Items With Dash Active

Last but not least are items such as Galeforce, Hextech Rocketbelt, or Prowler’s Claw that allow you to dodge Aurelion Sol’s Q or even R.

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Aurelion Sol is weaker in the early game, although that does not mean he is to be underestimated. He has severe damage later, and he has solid mobility through the early to late game. After reading our guide, we firmly believe that you found a few tips that you can use next time to counter him. 

Pick a champion within our recommended counters that you are most familiar with and feel most comfortable playing with. If you did not find any of your favorite champions from our list, try to pick something that has reliable CC and can compete with his pushing power in the lane. 

If he used his Q or R, he is very vulnerable to ganks. His only way to escape will be his E, but this can be stopped with well-timed CC.

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