How to Play League of Legends? – A Complete Guide

How to play League of Legends?

If you are a new League of Legends player, then you must be wondering exactly on How to play League of legends and hopefully, this article makes everything clear for you.

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a team-based strategy game where two teams of five powerful champions face off to destroy the other’s base. Choose from over 140 champions to make epic plays, secure kills, and take down towers as you battle your way to victory.

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How to Play League of Legends?

How to play League of Legends?

The basic goal of the game is to destroy the enemy base. As simple as that. But not just as simple. You need to destroy the enemy nexus and to do that, you will need to clear a path all the way to it. Your team needs to clear at least one lane to get to the enemy Nexus. Blocking your path are defense structures called turrets and inhibitors. Each lane has three turrets and one inhibitor, and each Nexus is guarded by two turrets.

    Turrets deal damage to enemy minions and champions, and provide limited vision from the Fog of War for their team. Attack these structures with minions ahead of you to avoid damage and charge ahead.
    Each Inhibitor is protected by a Turret. When destroyed, super minions will spawn in that lane for several minutes. Afterward, the Inhibitor will respawn and Super Minions will stop spawning.

In between the lanes is the jungle, where neutral monsters and jungle plants reside. The two most important monsters are Baron Nashor and the Drakes. Killing these units grants unique buffs for your team and can also turn the tide of the game.

There are five positions that make up the recommended team comp for the game. Each lane lends itself to certain kinds of champions and roles—try them all or lock in to the lane that calls you.

    Champions in the top lane are the tough solo fighters of the team. It’s their job to protect their lane and focus on the enemy team’s most powerful members.
    Junglers live for the hunt. Stalking between lanes with stealth and skill, they keep a close eye on the most important neutral monsters and pounce the moment an opponent lets their guard down.
    Mid laners are your high burst damage champions who can do it all—solo and as a team. For them, combat is a dangerous dance where they’re always looking for an opportunity to outplay their opponent.
    Bot lane champions are the dynamite of the team. As precious cargo, they need to be protected early on before amassing enough gold and experience to carry the team to victory.
    Support champions are team guardians. They help keep teammates alive and primarily focus on setting up kills, protecting their teammate in bot lane until they become stronger

After deciding your role, you get to choose a Champion for that role and then get into the game. Each Champion has 5 unique Abilities that can do things from damaging to healing to stunning a target. You have to then Power up each Champion by purchasing items, earning Gold and Experience Points which will help you defeat the enemy Champions.

Champions have five core abilities, two special spells, and up to seven items at a time. Figuring out the optimal ability order, summoner spells, and item build for your champion will help you succeed as a team

    Most champions have a unique kit made up of five abilities: a Passive, three Basics, and an Ultimate. These abilities are mapped to the Q, W, E, and R keys.
    Summoner spells are abilities with unique effects that champions can use. They are mapped to the D and F keys. There are many spells, but a few commonly used ones are Flash, Teleport, Smite, and Ignite.
    Items enhance your champion’s performance, like granting faster movement, improved damage, and reduced ability cooldowns.

With the help of your allies, you have to fight against the Enemy and bring down Turrets, Inhibitors and Enemy Champions while defending your own and eventually destroy the Enemy Nexsus to win the game. Each game will be different because each Champion has unique abilities and how each player plays also is different, and with the different combinations of Champions, it is truly impossible to have two games that are the same,

Now you know about all the basics of League of Legends and the “How to play League of Legends?” and are stuck at the “How to get better at League of Legends?”. Well, this article will cover that too.

How to Get Better at League of Legends?

How to get better in League of Legends

Decide a role.

You need to start focusing on one role rather than jumping between all the roles. You should pick a role that is well suited for you and only play that role until you understand the in’s and out’s of that role.

Get a small Champion pool

To get better at League of Legends you need to stick to a few champions in a particular role. Once you decide a role, you decide 3 Champions for that role and play them until you master them. In low elo gameplay, the macro does not matter, the skill at how you play the Champion matters. If you are able to out-skill the enemy, you will win.

Strengthen your Basics

If you are trying to become better at League of Legends, you need to become better at every aspect of it. You have to master how to Kill minions and how to gain gold efficiently, having better CS can gain you more gold than a kill. Last Hitting plays a major role in your laning phase and decides if you get an item in 7 minutes or 17 minutes.


Warding plays a major role in the mechanics of the game and if you start warding properly and looking at your map more often, you will be much more aware and will be able to make the right decisions at the right time.

Learn from your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, even the pros. We can all improve. It’s difficult to see what you could do better in the chaos of a team fight. Definitely watch your recordings, especially your defeats to learn what you can do better.

Don’t worry about fixing everything wrong you did. Focus on improving one aspect of your gameplay at a time. Once you’ve improved, look out for another area of improvement. You can also go for different League of Legends coaching tools that can help you get better at League of Legends and also help analyze and improve your gameplay.

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League of Legends Coaching Tools

League of Legends Coaching Tools


Mobalytics is a game companion that helps players define their strengths, eliminate weaknesses, and provides them with personalized advice on how to improve. Mobalytics wants to be the personal trainer of all gamers, with their “GPI,” or “Gamer Performance Index”, I’m pretty sure they could achieve it. The platform analyses your game in-depth and gives you a lot of information that can help you get better at League of Legends. Information such as how many wards placed, when did you get your first item by, matchup advice, how much aggression or damage you have done in the laning phase, and whatnot. Mobalytics has got you covered all the way from pre-game to post-game.


If you are interested in learning more about League of Legends and how the pros play and where you can improve, Proguides has got you covered with their abundant amount of Video Guides. They cover everything from the basics to high-level gameplay which can help each and everyone improve. Proguides also provides a “Talk to a pro” service which lets you contact League of Legends pro’s and challenger players and ask them how to improve your gameplay.


Gameleap similar to Proguides provides a lot of material that can help you improve in League of Legends. They have guides and tips available for warding to help new players and even guides and tips for particular champions to help master those animation cancel’s and become a true main. Very detailed video guides from top-tier players, organized and structured for a very effective learning experience.


Mobafire is the all and mighty for League of Legends Champion builds and guides. All of the guides are user-created and can go really in-depth about the Champion and help you learn things you might not already know. They are all created by users like you and me.

All of these League of Legends coaching tools will definitely help you improve your game drastically and are considered to be the best of the best.

Now you have all the information ready in your hand and are just about ready to dive into a game. Below are the best beginner support champions in League of Legends which can help you understand the flow of the game in the initial stages and really give you a grasp of the game.

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Who is the Best Beginner Champion in League of Legends?

1. Soraka

5 Best Supports in Patch 10.13

Soraka is one of the best beginner support LoL champion. She supports her team primarily through healing her teammates. You may choose to dash forward at times to use either Starcall (Q) or Equinox (E), which both damage and inflict CC, yet you will spend most of your time healing your teammates from the back of your lines.

Soraka also has a rare global Ultimate Wish, meaning that it can affect champions anywhere on the map. Use it to help heal teammates engaged in combat far away. Very simple champion with close to zero skill shots and can help the team easily.

2. Sona

Best Supports for Beginners

Sona has a very simple kit and can be played by anyone who knows how to press the buttons Q, W, E, and R. She can simply spam all her abilities and help her whole team if positioned right and is definitely very good support to pick up.

3. Yuumi

More hated than Teemo: Yummi has incredibly high ban rate on EU servers

Yuumi is very beginner-friendly support to play because all she has to do is sit and aim her one damaging ability. Yuumi sticks on to an ally making you not worry about your movements or getting damaged. All you have to do is to heal your ally when they get low and use your ultimate when going in.

Yuumi also gives the added benefit of being able to easily watch other lanes as you do not have to worry about your pathing or movement as the ally you stick on to will take care of that. Here are the best supports in Patch 10.14

I hope this article has covered everything from the “How to play League of Legends” to “How to become better at League of Legends” and also helped you dive right into the game with the best beginner support champions to help you get a feel for the game.

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