How To Quickly Get Key Fragments in League of Legends

How To Quickly Get Key Fragments in League of Legends

When a player scores an S rank performance in a League of Legends match, they get a reward for their efforts. And that reward is either a Hextech Key fragment or Hextech chest. You can pop open the Hextech chest to receive cosmetic items like skins and crafting material with those keys. With these, there are no gameplay benefits, but they are a great way for you to personalize your champions. 

In order to open up the Hextech chests, you will need Hextech Keys, and these keys will first need to be forged (this can be confusing, and that’s why we’re writing this post). 

I look at key fragments as being a psychological trick, which is fine. It’s our nature for us humans to strive for the next reward at hand, and the rate at which League of Legend players can receive these keys has been designed around this. In total, you can earn an average of 12 Hextech Keys per month. Those numbers right there are just enough to make players feel as if the chests are worth it, and they really are worth it. 

People find themselves tempted to put money towards some key fragments, especially if they really want a Hextech Skin. If you feel as if this scenario doesn’t apply to you, go back to Christmas time as a little kid. Do you recall that excitement you felt as you were ripping through the presents that Santa neatly wrapped? Well, I’ve noticed that those Hextech chests bring out that same feeling in League players. 

You’re not here to learn why you want those key fragments though, so let’s get moving and talk about the good stuff – quickly earning those Key Fragments…

How do You Forge a Hextech Key?

Forging a hextech key is a very important process because you won't be able to get keys without forging the fragments. Here's how to easily do it.

In order to forge a Hextech key, you will first need to earn three Key Fragments. Once you have three Fragments, you’ll need to combine them. So the next question is – how do you get Key Fragments to put this process in action? 

In this post, you’re going to learn the ways you can get a hold of Key Fragments quickly, so after you have read this, you can move forward and start unlocking those Hextech Chests you probably have stashed away on your account…

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What are Key Fragments?

First things first, what are Key Fragments? As we previously explained, Key Fragments are needed to craft Hextech Keys, and those Hextech Keys are needed to unlock Hextech Chests.

What you need to do is take three Key Fragments and combine them in order to make one Hextech Key. 

That’s all there is to do. Now, we’re going to move forward and explain what you can do to start earning more Key Fragments on League of Legends. 

How to Earn Key Fragments

Key Fragment drop rates are unique for each player. In four weeks, you can earn up to 12 of these. Drops are purposely made so that you feel they’re being spread out over four weeks. After those four weeks have passed, the timer is going to reset.

Here are some ways you can start earning those Key Fragments: 

  • Champion Capsules: Once you have reached Summoner Level 5, you will start to earn one Champion Capsule each time you go up a level. Make sure you unlock those Champion Capsules as this will give you a chance of receiving a Key Fragment. 
  • Play Matches: When you play those matches, make sure you avoid penalties and remain honorable throughout the match. Do this, and you are more likely to receive a Key Fragment. Mind you, it’s not going to drop right after a match, but it may eventually show up in your inventory at some point down the road, and it’ll be a nice little surprise for you.
  • Climb the Honor Ranks â€“ If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and start climbing the Honor Ranks, and you will start receiving Honor Orbs and Honor Capsules. This is a great way to earn Key Fragments as the higher-ranking orbs and capsules may contain multiple Fragments. 
  • Hextech Chests: As funny as this sounds, opening up a Hextech Chest may give you Key Fragments. 

Tips on Earning Key Fragments

Key fragments are a small pieces of hextech keys. You will need 3 key fragments in order to forge a hextech key, and then open a hextech chest

When it comes to exploiting the LoL Hextech Crafting system, this isn’t going to happen because the system is watertight. Besides, exploiting systems in video games takes away the fun. 

When it comes to quickly earning key fragments, your main focus should be on playing to win and keeping a positive mental attitude from the beginning. Sure, this advice may sound a little bit on the silly side, but you should be earning respect from your teammates so that you can gain Honor.

This is the main way for you to quickly increase your chances of getting those Key Fragments to drop. Riot Games seems to be focused on rewarding good behavior. 

There’s another good reason why the new system is better …

With this system in place, you won’t have any pressure to perform well in every game. After all, we have the threat of being demoted that we already worry about, and that right there is more than enough stress for us LoL players. 

Luckily, all you have to worry about is playing nice, and that’s not hard at all. The higher your honor level, the higher the number of key fragments you receive. 

Buy EXP Boosts

Another option to help you get Key Fragments quick in League of Legends involves putting some money towards EXP Boost. This will help you level fast and earn those Champion Capsules. Of course, take note that there’s no guarantee the Champion Capsules are going to contain a Key Fragment, but if you have some spare change and you don’t mind putting it towards a game, this is definitely an option.

Keep it Friendly

Raging and being rude to others in League of Legends will come with consequences, which some players don’t seem to realize. When you’re toxic in the game, it will have a negative impact on your ability to earn these key fragments. You don’t want that, now do you? Then you got to learn how to play nice with others. 

If you have been punished in the game, like getting a chat restriction, for example, then your honor is going to fall below the threshold required for you to receive keys.

Why does this system work better than the old system that Riot previously had for key fragments?

Hear me out…

Back in the days, players could get key fragments simply by winning League of Legend matches, but those days are long gone. Now, those key fragments are handed out to players that play nice with others and behave themselves. 

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Grind it Out and Get that Daily Bonus

Riot Games have recently implemented a 'first win of the day' quest which resets every 24 hours. Here's all we know about the LoL daily bonus and how to get it as often as possible

The more matches of League of Legends you win, the faster you’re going to level up. Usually, you’re probably going to receive junk Championship shards, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a chance for you to get Hextech keys. 

Try to hook up with other players who want to win since winning will get you more XP, and the more XP you get, the more levels you’ll go up. Each day, make sure you get your win of the day bonus – this isn’t going to take long at all, as long as you win. That first win of the day bonus will get you 400 exp, but let’s take a closer look at this. Every 30-minute win is going to get you around 204 exp. This means that your first win of the day bonus will be worth a small bit less than two victories. So, every day, make sure you pick up that first win of the day bonus, and you’ll be looking at 2800 exp each week. If you really want to level quickly, 

Are you aware of any additional methods for earning key fragments quickly in League of Legends? If so, go ahead and drop the tips in the comment section below.

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