How to Remove Chat in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, as you move through your ranks, you’re going to come across a large amount of salt. What I’m saying is that you’re going to be dealing with some toxic people who don’t know how to drop things. Some people just seem to get frustrated in the game and tend to place the blame on others. 

While League is a great game (it’s one of my favorites), as much as it pains me to say this, it’s full of trolls, and that is the reason why Riot equipped us with the option to mute the chat whenever we want to. 

How to Permanently Disable Chat in LoL

There are two ways to go about removing your chat in League of Legends. Those two ways involve:

  1. Turning off the visibility of the chat (through settings)
  2. Disabling the possibility of typing something

Now, if you’re looking to turn off any means of communication, you’re free to use both of those methods. However, by disabling chat, it is important to remember that you won’t be able to see pings in chat, and you won’t be able to track summoners, which can be a major downfall to disabling chat.

Removing Chat in League of Legends

  • Step One: Turn on your League client and log in. 
  • Step Two: Go to the directory. This is where you originally installed LoL. The default for this is: C:/Riot Games/League of Legends/Config/
  • Step Three: Search for PersistedSettings.json. Once you find this, open it up in notepad. 
  • Step Four: Locate “name”: “ChatScale”, and once you find it, change the value to -100. After you rename it, it should look like this:

“name”: “ChatScale”

“value”: “-100”

When you make those changes, just make sure you keep the formatting how it is so that the file will continue to function properly. In order to save the file, you’ll need to run the game – you can run any game – practice mode would be perfectly fine. 

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Disable the Possibility of Typing

There’s a program that you can download and install to disable the possibility of typing. The program is called Auto HotKey. Once you have the software installed on your PC, start a new notepad file and paste the following code into it: 


#ifwinactive League of Legends ™ Client



Name it disablechat.ahk and change the save option to “All Files” and then click save.

Take the file you just created and run it – you’re now done. 

Muting Players

From time to time, you’re going to come across players who are born to be trolls. Trolls love messing with people; it’s one of their favorite hobbies. ( I had a friend who spent a lot of his time arguing with trolls – whenever someone frustrated him, it would really get him off his game and ruin the entire night. 

When you come across a player who is being verbally abusive, I highly recommend using the mute feature that Riot gave us, because for real, who wants to sit and argue with a complete stranger all night? 

Using the mute feature is simple, and all you have to do is hold Tab to open up the scoreboard – locate the individual you would like to silence and click on that mute button (this would be next to them). 

Alternatively, in the chat window, you can type in /mute, following by the player’s summoner name of the individual you would like to mute. If, for some reason, you feel the need to unmute that summoner, you can repeat the process, and this will unmute them. 

When you find players on the opposite team getting in your hair, you can turn off [All chat] in the options menu. 

Why would you want to use your time to argue with a stranger? Instead of arguing, you should be playing the game, so ignore them so that you can focus on what matters (the match). By ignoring and muting the trolls, you will be eliminating negativity from your game. 

Muting is a temporary solution, it’s something you will need to do every game, and that’s why I showed you other options (permanent ones) that will completely eliminate chat for you. Either way you go, this will prevent you from trying to defend yourself, which could cause you to get banned. 

Report Toxic Players

One day, I’d like to see an LoL community that is full of positivity. The best way to do this would be to report every toxic player you come across. By reporting them, Riot will be able to track them down so that they can appropriately discipline them. 

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Keep a Positive Attitude

By all means, try to keep that positive attitude, and don’t let someone else ruin your night, especially when that “someone else” is a complete stranger. Don’t allow the behavior of another human to justify your own behavior. Instead of focusing on others’ negative behavior, think about what you could have done to improve your game. 

Every game you play is a chance for you to improve those skills. Just because you lose a game, this doesn’t mean you can’t do better in the next game – you can improve your laning phase, objective control, coordination, and so much more. 


So there you have it, you can either disable your chat altogether, make it where you can’t see it, or mute the players. Personally, I’d just mute the players because then you would still be able to see what the other “non-toxic” players are saying in the game, but the choice is entirely up to you. In the end, League of Legends is meant to be a fun game, and if it takes disabling chat to make it fun for you, then go ahead and do it. 

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