How to Report Players in League of Legends? (Before & After The Game)

How to Report Players in League of Legends? (Before & After The Game)

League of Legends is one of the most played and streamed eSports titles in the world. Unfortunately, this large player base is home to one of the most toxic communities in the world, and if you have been playing this game for even some time now, you know what that means.

The competitive side of this game brings out the worst in people. Keyboards are broken, monitors are smashed, and a player or two gets bullied and sworn at if any short-tempered player gets tilted.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways in which you can report toxic players in League of Legends to prevent them from ruining others’ experience of the game.

In this article, you will read about the different ways of reporting players for bad behavior. You can do so before and after you play a match with any hostile player. The player can either be on your team or the enemy team, but has to have played a match with you in the last 20 games.

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Reportable Offences

According to Riot’s official website, you can report players for the following things:

  • Any form of harassment towards others
  • Hate speech (like sexism, racism, homophobia and ableism)
  • Feeding on purpose (dying over and over again for no reason) or trolling
  • Abandoning the match by going AFK
  • Disruptive language and behaviour that ruins the games for others
  • Inappropriate usernames

How To Report A Player Before The Match Starts

How to Report Players in League of Legends? (Before & After The Game)

There is a way to report players on your team even before your League of Legends match starts. League has to be one of the only games in which one might very well have to report bad behaviour before even starting the game! Just League things, I guess.

Anyway, the Champion Select screen before the match actually starts allows you to report people on your team. On the left side of the screen, hover your mouse over any teammate’s name to see this option.

Once you hover your mouse over a teammate, you will see an option to either mute or report them (symbolised by a red exclamation mark). Click on it to see the list of available options for which you can report a player right there and then. These are:

1. Verbal Abuse

If a teammate is using foul or offensive language, or using words that fall under the umbrella of harassment or hate speech, pick this option. There are a lot of words, especially slurs, that will immediately get them banned.

2. Refusing To Play Position

If a player refuses to play the role he has been assigned, you should pick this option. For example, if a player takes Smite and insists on going Jungle, when he has been assigned Support by the system, you can click on this option to send a report to Riot.

3. Griefing/Hostage Taking

If a player says that they are going to feed or troll, maybe because they did not get to play their role, or perhaps because they need to drop to a lower elo, you should report them this way to avoid being held hostage in a miserable match that will only end in a loss.


If you are reporting someone for behaviour that does not fit in the above categories, you can always just pick the Other option and Riot will investigate on its own.

How to Report Players in League of Legends? (Before & After The Game)

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How To Report A Player After The Match

There are two ways of reporting a player after your match has ended. The first one is easier but can only be done immediately after the match. However, you can use the other method for players you did not report right there and then.

1. Report A Player In The Post-Match Lobby

This method is extremely simple. Once you are done with a match, you are presented a screen where you honour a teammate. Once done with that you end up in the post-game lobby.

Here, you have the names and other stats of all the players on both the teams. Click the red exclamation mark in front of any of the names to report that specific player.

You can pick up to three reasons for reporting, out of the entire list which is similar to the list of reasons described at the start of this article. There is also an empty box beneath the checklist in which you can describe the player’s behaviour.

Be sure to list out the reasons properly in the checklist and provide an apt description of their behaviour and actions in the box given below the list. If the report is deemed valid, players can face different punishments, ranging from chat bans to permanent account bans.

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2. Report A Player Through Riot’s Website

How to Report Players in League of Legends Through Riot’s Website? (Before & After The Game)

In case you forget to report someone right after the match ends, or if you are too tilted to immediately report them, Riot provides a way to report players even after you have left the post-game lobby or closed the client.

In such a case, all you have to do is to go to Riot’s official player reporting page here. Just open this link and click on Login. Then you can find the player you want to report from your profile and report them.

Our Verdict

Riot has increasingly been a lot more active in taking swift action on reports against toxic players. If you want to make League a more enjoyable experience for everyone, be sure to report all problematic players.

Also, do let us know in the comments below if you ever got a notification saying that your reports have gotten a player banned.

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