How to Quickly See All Of Your Skins in League of Legends?

Today, the League of Legends base numbers more than 150 champions and over 1250 champion skins. Anyone who is an avid player of this game is certainly familiar with all types of skins. Like humans, champions like to change into different costumes and take on different characteristics – this is a brief description of what champions actually look like with particular skin. Each skin is different and can change the color of the champion’s voice, clothing, way of casting spells, or animations. Another special feature of Champion skins is the existence of Chroma skins. Currently, there are more than 200 Chroma skins in the League of Legends database, and their specificity is to change the champion’s color loadout, like a chameleon!

In addition to Champion skins, there are also Ward skins – there are a little more than a hundred of them, but it is very likely that their number will grow. They are special in that they change the look of existing Stealth Wards, Totem Wards, Zombie Wards, Control Wards, and Farsight Wards.

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How to Buy Skins?

Skins prices vary quite a bit, so there are basic skins that are the cheapest, and there are so-called Ultimate Skins that cost a real fortune. Players who like to play individual champions will usually collect skins to have the whole collection, but you should know that owning skins does not affect the strength and ability of champions; skins are more of a visual experience but also a status of prestige among players because players often like to own very rare skins.

  • The prices are approximate as follows: Regular Skin – 975 RP or less ($9.75)
  • Epic Skin – 1350 RP ($10)
  • Legendary Skin – 1820 RP ($14)
  • Ultimate Skin – 3250 RP ($25)

Sometimes Riot throws out skins that are limited edition and are in the shop for a very short time, which also motivates players to have a limited edition skin in their collection. Some of these were UFO Corki, King Rammus, Rusty Blitzcrank, Championship Riven, and others.

The good news is that not all skins are for sale. Some of them can be obtained by crafting or grinding out in-game content. In addition, there are many ways to win League of Legends skins for free. For example, by inviting new friends to join League of Legends, leveling up a new account, participating in real-world League of Legends events, winning freebies, participating in giveaways, or through gifts – a player on your Friends List can gift you a skin.

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How Can I See My Skins?

So that each player has an insight into their skins, champions, runes, wards, etc. Riot made sure to make a Collection option. Within the League of Legends Client, there is a Collection tab. Clicking on Collection opens a menu where the player can choose what interests him.

Under the Champions tab, the player can see all the champions in the game. And with the sorting option, you can rank the champions in alphabetical order, by most recently played, by the highest mastery, or champions based on your ownership.

By clicking on the Skins tab, players have an insight into all the champion skins that are currently in the game. Players can also sort out how they want their skins to be displayed – by name, display only those skins they own, or by skin set or skin tier. Clicking on an individual skin displays the date of purchase of that skin (if purchased) and the accompanying splash art. In addition to some skins, there is a short description of them, and on the right side, there are chromas and other skins from the set.

If players want to see which skins they have for wards, they will do so by clicking on the Wards tab inside, which are all the Wards skins in the game. The skin name, ward tier, and how the player can get to each skin will be displayed by hovering over a certain skin.

The Chromas tab will inform players of all the chromas the player owns. As we mentioned above, chromas are skin texture swaps that, in rare situations, can change the color of the champion/skin. Hovering over a chroma icon will show chroma’s price and tier and how a player can own a particular chroma.

Fun Fact: more than seven years ago, older players were very familiar with Elophant, a third-party service through which players could get all the necessary information about other players, such as stats, champions, skins, etc. Elophant allowed players to save and create a collection of champions and skins to make them visible to other players. Elophant was thus an easy way to enter the base of all players and find out about their stats and collections.

Today, the easiest and fastest option to see all your items in one place is the Collections tab within the Client.

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Who wouldn’t love to own Elemental Lux, Coven Morgan, Galaxy Slyer Zed, or True Damage Akali?

Champion skins are one of the most common reasons why passionate League of Legends players save and spend their money. These skins come in different versions, from limited editions to legacy collections, and range in different price ranges. There are currently over 1300 of them in the League of Legends database, and Riot will surely surprise all players with new and even better skins for maximum gaming atmosphere.

Champion skins do not improve how a champion plays or his playing ability, but they are certainly a nice aesthetic experience for every player. They change the champion’s clothes, his voice, movements, and the appearance of the summoner’s spells. In addition to Champion skins, there are also Chroma skins that are actually recolored variants of champion’s basic or purchasable skins. In addition to champions, wards also have their own skins. 

Wards skins change the look of existing wards and are a real refresh on the map. In addition to Shop, all types of skins can be intended as a gift to the player, and this is only one way among a few for getting a skin for free.

Players who still don’t want to spend money on skins can win them in various ways.

Have you ever wondered how all the skins look and how to get to them? Also, want to see all your champions, runes, skins, wards, etc., in one place?

Riot did their best to make it as easy as possible for you to see the collection of your own items. You need to enter the League of Legends Client, click on the Collections tab, and select the Skins tab from the subcategories. 

All skins published so far for each champion will be displayed here and can be sorted alphabetically, those the player owns, by skin set or skin tier. In the same way, the player can see chromas and ward skins. Hovering over the chroma or ward icon shows its price and how the player can come into possession of a particular item.

All you need to do is buy or win a skin, go to Collections, and from the skins database, choose the one you want to play with and click on the skin you want to equip.

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