How to Send Gifts in League of Legends?

How Does Gifting Work?

For all players who may not know yet, Leauge of Legends features a special “Gifting” option that allows you to give away and receive mystery gifts. The content of the gift can include champions, skins, emoticons, or rare collectibles, such as eggs and orbs. Since the demand for rare or legacy items is most common among players, this feature has become very popular. Gifting has become widespread, so care should be taken when shopping. Various scam sites offer exclusive gift offers for an affordable price, eventually taking money from the player and never delivering the gift. In general, Gifting has become an extremely popular way of collecting items because it allows players to get to the desired skins or champions quickly. After all, they do not have to wait months to win items, instead, they can have it by sending and receiving gifts. In this way, players can save money and at the same time expand their collection, which allows them an even better experience of playing League of Legends.

Gifting is a feature when one player gives an item to another player. Inside the gift, there can be various items, from ordinary to legacy and rare items. For example, these can be skins, champions, runes, Riot Points, ward skins, summoner icons, hextech chests, hextech keys needed to open hextech chests, or others. If, on the other hand, you want to send your friend a skin that he already owns in his collection, the League of Legends client will warn you via a notification that it is impossible to send this skin because your friend already has it. In the League of Legends store, you can see which items have a small gift icon next to them. If the item contains a small gift icon, it means that you can give it to someone from your Friends list.

However, two options indicate whether or not you can send a gift to someone.

  1. The player you want to send a gift to must be on your friends’ List for at least 24 hours.
  2. Players wishing to send and receive gifts from each other must not be banned or suspended.

After you send a gift, the player receiving it must wait a certain amount of time before receiving the gift. This usually lasts one day, and after that, the player can see that he has received the gift and open it.

In addition to the classic sending of gifts via the League of Legends client, you can do so through certain websites that allow you to buy and send gifts to other players at affordable prices. This method is very popular, and most players opt for it because it is faster and more reliable. Given the diverse offer, players can decide which site offers them the best options and thus, for even less money, send a gift to the player they want. The price of the gift depends, of course, on the item you are buying. For example, something worth 1350 RP will be more expensive than something worth 500 RP. Of course, you should pay attention to various scam sites. It is very desirable to get information before paying money to a particular site because players often do not check the reliability and authenticity of a site and then remain without money or gifts.

Gifting Rules

  1. You must be a minimum of level 10 to be able to send a gift.
  2. You can only send 10 gifts in 24 hours.
  3. Also, you can only receive 10 gifts in a 24h period.

Gifting Riot Points

  1. You have to be a minimum of level 15 to send someone an RP.
  2. In a 24h period, you can send someone only 5 RP.
  3. In a 24h period, you can only receive 5 RP.

How To Send Gifts

You can send gifts in two ways via the League of Legends Game Client.

The first way is by using the Game Client.

1. By entering the “Store,” click on the gift box icon located in the upper right corner

2. From the offered List of friends, choose who you want to send the gift to

3. Select the type of gift (it can be skin, champion, RP, runes …) that you want to send to the selected player

4. If you want, you can write a message with the gift and then click the “Send Gift” option

In addition to this, League of Legends has provided its players with a new and improved method of sending gifts:

1. Using the Social Panel feature in the League of Legends client, click on the friend to whom you want to send a gift (if the option is gray, it means that you cannot send a gift to this player or, for some reason, he cannot receive it)

2. Among the offered options, choose “Give Gift,” which will immediately redirect you to the Gifting Center, where you can choose what you want to give to another player.

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