How to Stop Feeding in League of Legends?

For all new League of Legends players feeding is a relatively unknown term that simply explains that the player is constantly dying and “feeds” the champion of the opposing team and thus allows the opposing team player a large amount of gold with which he can buy items and thus strengthen and bring victory to his team.

Unlike new players who do not yet know how to play well and use all the possibilities of their champion, griefers are players who deliberately refuse to cooperate with their team (let a rival champion kill them or stand under turret to increase their team’s deaths stats). Thus actually, they “give away” the victory to the rival team.

What can you do in order to stop feeding?

One of the beginner mistakes that happens to most new League of Legends players appears during Champion Select. The player must first be well acquainted with his champion: what are his abilities, what are his weaknesses, which position on the map suits him best, and which items bring him the most strength. After that, the player should closely monitor which champion will be chosen by the opposing player – that champion will be his opponent on the lane. For example, what is the weakness of a champion, whether he is strong at the beginning of the game or only in the late game. The following error can occur as soon as the match starts. Beginner players often think that they should attack the opponent’s champ immediately, and if an experienced player manages it, he will use the opportunity to get fed. In the beginning, there is usually no need to fight, i.e., it is necessary to assess well whether the attack is worth it at all and whether the champion has enough skill to kill the opponent’s champion. Here are the 4 most important things you need to learn in order to improve and stop feeding!

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1. Play safe

A better tactic is passive play – passive play allows the champion to collect gold and XP through the minion farm. This creates a much bigger advantage over the opponent’s champion because gold allows you to buy items in the shop and thus actually strengthens the champion and gives him a better chance of winning the fight.

Also, standing under an enemy turret and fighting the enemy champion will only speed up the process of your death, so this should be avoided unless you are an experienced player and know the professional tactics of tower diving. When both champions have about the same amount of health, it is not best to engage in combat as the chances are equal, which can result in a poor outcome if the player is not experienced and does not have elaborate tactics on how to kill the opposing champion. It is also a situation to be avoided if one wants to stay alive.

2. Check the map

It is mandatory to follow the map where the other nine players are located to assess the potential danger in time. If a player knows how important a map is and knows how to keep track of all the changes on it, he can easily predict when the jungle gank will happen or when is the best time to use some of the global abilities possessed by certain champions. Having poor map awareness means that the player is unknowingly a potential feeder. The opposing champions will often surprise and outdo him, and it will be difficult for him to defend himself. The good thing is that map awareness can be practiced, so during the game, it’s not bad to make a reminder in your head to pay attention to the minimap every few moments.

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3. Good positioning

Another thing that will prevent feeding is good positioning. The mistake that happens again is that players choose to check the bushes themselves or walk through the jungle. If a player is unsure where the opposing players are, he should not even try his luck and try to find them. Good positioning means that the champion stands behind his minions, near his turret, and returns to base if he sees a danger of being outnumbered by rival champions. It is always good to wait for teammates to fight so that the team can defend itself more easily and so that the weakest players do not lose their lives.

4. Use wards

Proper use of vision wards is also very important for longer survival on the lane. Vision wards are inside the game for a reason, to show players where the danger is. Vision wards are placed on vulnerable areas such as bushes in the jungle, blue and red buff, dragon, Baron Nashor, or river access points. Unmarked areas are often a trap in which there is sometimes a whole rival team just waiting to be approached by a naive champion who thought there was no one in the bushes. That’s why it’s important to instill the habit of setting vision wards across the map right from the start of the game and keep a close eye on what’s going on on the lane and who is possibly lurking around your team. If you don’t know how and where to ward, check out our how to ward in League of Legends tutorial.


These strategies may seem difficult and hard to remember to anyone meeting the League of Legends for the first time, but trust me, once you start having fun, it will be easy for you to learn and remember everything you need to die as little as possible and spend as much time as possible on the lane. First of all, it is important to learn about champions, choose the one that suits you best and learn all about it. It is very important to learn what a good build of the champion you choose looks like, because his level depends on his level of strength and skill, and thus the chance to use his potential during team fights. The easiest and fastest way to study build for a particular champion is to find them online.After that, you should check the champions who can be found on his lane as opponents; when they learn the weaknesses of these champions can easily predict when and with what they will attack you. League of Legends is a team game, so the champion should enter the fight for the team’s benefit; if the player has less than half the level of health, it is best to withdraw to the base and recharge. Furthermore, it is important to use vision wards and thus make it easier for all team members to check where the danger is highest. Vision wards are placed along with the map and, depending on their duration and radius, allow the detection of rival champions. In the end, don’t worry; if you’re an unintentional feeder, you’ll quickly grasp a strategy of good team play.

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