How to Take Screenshots in League of Legends (In Game)

Ever since League of Legends’ decade-old release, the game has witnessed rapid development when it comes to introducing new and advanced features. While that aspect has remained a staple, capturing screenshots is still as confusing as ever. 

Being able to capture your favorite moments can be an absolute joy in League of Legends. You get to show it to your friends, keep it as a trophy – and even share the ‘What?’ moments with others, it’s an extremely integral part of blending in with the League system. 

In League of Legends, the best way of capturing in-game screenshots is by pressing the F12 button on your keyboard. However, the game will only capture the screenshot in the game’s specified resolution. Thus using third-party apps is also an option. 

Needless to say, there is a multitude of alternative methods that can be used to take screenshots in League of Legends. However, some of them are much more than a single button action and can require you to follow a system of steps. 

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Is Default Screenshotting Possible in League of Legends?

The simple answer is no. Riot Games have implemented their own screenshotting system that can be initiated by pressing F12. Your screen might freeze for a split second, indicating that the screenshot has been captured. 

While there are games that use the default Prt Scn button as a mechanic, it’s often not present or is rather limited in the older games when the said feature wasn’t that popular during the time of development. 

How To Access Screenshots in League of Legends?

Since the screenshot system of League of Legends is different from the default Windows experience, it is only fair to assume that the dynamics will differ as well. Kudos to you, that’s exactly what happens. 

While we have discusses the method of capturing Screenshots in League of Legends. It’ll all turn out to be a major waste if you can’t access them in the first place. Through the regular Prt Src methods, a captured screenshot is generally placed in the clipboard. 

You can then paste it wherever you want in order to save it. However, the League of Legends screenshots is saved in the Screenshots folder located within the Riot Game files. 

With that being said, here is the proper method to access it:

  • From the start menu, type File Explorer and hit enter in order to launch the application. 
  • In there, navigate to the League of Legends files folder. By default, this is located in the C drive. 
  • In the Riot Games folder, head to League of Legends and open the Screenshots folder to find all the LoL screenshots. 

From there, you will be able to access every captured screenshot in the game, and as you might have guessed, it’s perfectly fine to move or delete them. Despite it being located in the game files folder, any changes to it would not affect the game itself. 

League of Legends: Capturing Screenshots in macOS

While the mere thought of playing League of Legends on a Mac might be too blasphemous for most, it does happen – and the experience is not half bad. However, capturing screenshots is another monster to conquer when it comes to gaming on a mac. 

Luckily, one small trick can enable the regular screenshots commands to work in League of Legends. In order to do this, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • In the League of Legends client, press Play on the top left corner and initiate a custom match. 
  • Press the esc button to open the settings. 
  • From there, simply open the Video tab and select the Borderless option. 

Once that is done, you will be able to capture screenshots and snaps using the shift + command + 3 and shift + command + 4 sequences respectively. 

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How is a Screenshot Stored in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, a screenshot is stored in a PNG format. While the image dimensions are identical to the in-game specified settings, the screenshot often tends to look and feel slightly worse in quality. 

Luckily, this factor is not apparent unless you’re trying to look for extreme detail. That being said, trying to capture a screenshot in League of Legends through the Prt Src option will store it in the device’s clipboard. 

The resolution will scale according to the specified screen resolution. Therefore, you can get a higher-quality picture through this method in most cases. However, there won’t be any visual differences since it’s the same picture of League at the end of the day. 

Fixing Prt Src Not Working In League of Legends

The Prt Src command is only intended to work in the Windowed or Borderless settings of League of Legends. While there is no apparent difference between Borderless and Full Screen for the end gamer, it can be an entirely different story for the Windows PC. 

That being said, this issue can be fixed by heading to the Settings during a game. In the Video tab, simply change the Window to Borderless and you’re good to go! Consequently, it’s also possible to simply use the F12 button if you don’t want to mess with the League settings. 

Prt Src vs F12: What’s Better in League of Legends

While the general consensus might shift towards the F12 command, it’s generally not recommended. This is because you will experience a slight stutter while the screenshot is being captured. Normally, this would not be an issue in the regular laning phase. 

However, a frameskip in pivotal 5v5 fights can be extremely disastrous. Imagine this, you’re an AD carry getting a quadra. You and the final member of the enemy team are alive. You try to take a screenshot in order to commemorate your achievements, but the enemy decides to engage you in that split second. 

While you could simply sidestep his/her abilities and get your Penta kill, you choose to die instead because of the frame stutter. Sounds quite frustrating, doesn’t it? That’s usually what happens, so it’s generally better to use the Prt Src instead. 

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Using The Prt Src In League of Legends

As mentioned, the Prt Src button saves the screenshot in the clipboard. Therefore, you just need to press Alt + Tab as soon as you get free in the game in order to Ctrl + V it on Paint 3D. From there, you can simply save it by pressing the Ctrl + s button. 

However, there is a major setback to this method of capturing screenshots as well. It’s that you cannot capture multiple screenshots in the middle of a fight at once. This is because you would need to make the manual hassle of saving each and every moment one by one, which can be rather impossible in the middle of a team fight. 


To sum it all up, it is entirely possible to capture screenshots in League of Legends. You can have your 0/10 power spike commemorated, or you can show off your Penta kills to your fellow community members, the possibilities are virtually endless!

In general, there are two basic ways of saving screenshots. One is the built-in one while the other needs you to do most of the stuff manually. Choosing the better option is entirely dependent on your requirements. 

This is because each method comes with its own limitations and perks so choosing can be extremely difficult. With that being said, you simply need to either press F12 or use the Prt Src to capture a screenshot in League. 

How have your League of Legends experience been going so far? Have you managed to capture your highlights through the screenshots? We love hearing more from you! Therefore, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below about the things you love and hate about League of Legends. 

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