How to Track a Stolen Laptop With Serial Number

How to Track a Stolen Laptop With Serial Number

If you are someone that works on the go, you most probably carry your laptop everywhere you go. This can be at a coffee shop, the office, the park, or anywhere where you can easily get your work done. 

Having the option to complete your work while taking in the beautiful scenery outside sounds amazing. However, that always increases the chances of misplacing your laptop or, worse – having it stolen. That is why this guide will show you how to track a stolen laptop with its serial number. 

To track a stolen laptop with its serial number, you need to contact the manufacturer and ask them to provide the location. However, it isn’t always precise, and you will need more things to track your laptop other than just a serial number.

If you want to know what other things you need to track your stolen laptop, continue reading to find out. Plus, we will show you where you can normally find the serial number so that you can use it to file a report or tell it to the manufacturer. With that said, let’s jump straight in and take a look at how to track a stolen laptop with its serial number. 

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How to Locate Laptop’s Serial Number

The first thing you need to do is to know how to check the serial number of your laptop. If you do not know where to find it or what the number is, then there is no use in talking about tracking it using a serial number. Make sure that you take a picture of the serial number or write it down somewhere safe so that you know what it is in case you need it. 

The best way to check your serial number is to open the Command Prompt by pressing the Windows Key and the X button together. Once the prompt is open, type “wmic bios get serialnumber” and your serial number will be written in front of you. 

Keep in mind that you should not show or tell your serial number to anyone other than your manufacturer in case you need to. Otherwise, someone can use it to track your laptop or report it missing. 

In case you have a Mac, you should press the Apple logo located on the top left side of the screen. Once you click it, you have to click “About This Mac.” A window will open that will show you the serial number. Again, make sure that you keep this to yourself and do not show your number to anyone else. 

Tracking a Laptop With its Serial Number

How to Track a Stolen Laptop With Serial Number

Now that we know how you can check the serial number of a laptop, let’s talk about how you can track it by using that number in case it gets stolen or misplaced. 

In case that happens, you should call your manufacturer and explain what happened. When they ask for your serial number, give it to them, and they will provide you with the information.

Since your laptop is regularly being monitored by the manufacturer, they can give you the location for it as well if you tell them that it’s stolen. However, keep in mind that it isn’t a precise location, and this isn’t the best method to track your laptop. However, you can still try it out to see if you get lucky and find your laptop or not. 

One thing to keep in mind before you can ask them to track your laptop is to register it with them. When you buy your laptop, make sure that you register it with the manufacturer so that they can give you full support without any issues. 

This way, you can get the latest updates, solve any potential issues, or try to track it by talking to your manufacturer. Otherwise, they might state that your laptop is not registered and they cannot assist you. 

Alternatively, you can give the serial number of your laptop to the police or any nearby pawn shops to ensure that they know it has been stolen. In case any of them comes into physical contact with the person that took your laptop, they will know that it has been stolen and will call you. 

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Other Methods to Track a Laptop

If you fear that your laptop might get stolen, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you easily find it even if someone snatches it. However, most of these steps are preemptive measures that you need to take before it gets stolen. So, if you have your laptop with you right now, take these measures so that you do not have to go through the pain of trying to track it down. 

Install a Tracking Software

The first thing you should do is to install a tracking software that will help you find your laptop no matter where it is. There are tons of good tracking softwares available in the market that you can use. Two of the most common and widely successful softwares are called “Prey” and “Adiona”.

Both of these software are extremely effective, and they will get the job done. Keep in mind that these are paid software, but they have a free trial as well for a limited time. However, if you want the ultimate protection, buying one of them is highly recommended.

Once you download a software of your choice, enter the details that they ask and you will be good to go! Now, you will have full access to the location of your laptop at all times. 

If you misplace it or someone takes it, you can always see where your laptop is. This way, you can file a police report and give them the location so that they can retrieve your laptop and take care of the thief. 

Turn on “Find My Device”

If you do not want to go through the hassle of purchasing a tracking software, you can always use a feature in both Mac and Windows laptops known as “Find My Device”. This is an extremely handy feature that can help you track and locate your device wherever it is.

However, it is disabled by default, and you have to turn it on. For Windows laptops, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the Settings and open Update and Security.
  • Look for Find My Device in the left sidebar.
  • Press it and turn it On.
  • Open Settings again and go to Privacy.
  • Search for Location and press “Allow devices to access your location”.

Now, you will be able to easily locate and track your Windows laptop without any issues. However, make sure that you log in to your Microsoft account and register your laptop in your devices. Whatever devices you register will show their locations for you to track. 

If you have a Mac, you will have to go to Options and search for “Find My Mac”. You can search for it in the search bar and enable it. Make sure that you turn on your location so that this feature works properly as intended. 

This is an amazing feature that you should enable so that you can easily find your laptop without any worries. Otherwise, it can be quite a hassle to track it down, and in most cases, you will have to buy a new one. 

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