How To Type to All Players in Valorant?

Communication is crucial in first-person shooters like Valorant, and you can see in the myriad of ways you can communicate with your teammates. Party chat, team chat, and even team voice chat are all proper channels to message your team about necessary information to win the match. 

However, if you feel this playful need to trash talk or randomly hit up someone on the enemy side, Valorant also has your back. You can access all chat where everyone in the match, including the enemy team, can see and read.

Typing to All Players in Valorant

There are two ways to send a message to all chat. The most convenient way is to press Shift+Enter, which will prefix “/all ” immediately, then you can type your message after it. Pressing Enter again will send the message to all chat; you can tell by looking at the chatbox and seeing if it has “(All)” before your message.

Another way to send a message to all chat is to press Enter and manually type “/all “ before your message. Don’t forget the space after the “/all” or the game won’t send the message to all chat.

Now, you’re ready to send your well-wishes, trash talk, or try your luck to scout a better teammate from the enemy team!

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