How to Unblock Someone in League of Legends?

Here are a couple of easy steps on how to unblock someone on League of Legends. Let's say that you've blocked your friend on "accident", here's how you can unblock him

Okay, so you wish to get rid of a player and don’t know what blocking someone in League does. If you can’t communicate with a particular player, it’s because you stopped the person from doing so.

Done with the mess, you’re looking for how to unblock someone on League of Legends. You can do this all by yourself. But where is the block list in League of Legends?

In this article, you’ll find out how to remove someone from the block list in LoL. Although this game is standard, only a few know where this list is located.

Unblocking other League players

There’s a cog icon located on top of the home screen. This button is useful for cutting off users and keeping them on the block list, and it does a lot more work.

Here's how Unblocking other League players goes. If I can do it, then you can do it too!

You can edit sounds, notifications, or manage controls, etc. But that’s not what you’re there for. So look for where you see the block list.

Once you click on it, a cluster of blocked players will display. Hover over the list and select the ones that you wish to associate with.

After that, hit the X button to confirm the process. You can as well search for a client’s username and use the block icon below.

If at all, the process goes well, you’ll see the people in your block list. Unblock them to receive invites again.

Reasons Why Players Block Friends

For some, it was only a dumb idea. Perhaps, these LoL users did it jokingly. Or they attempted to beat the words of a friend. For others, they had their grounds.

After assessing a couple of professionals, here are the everyday basis for initiating the block button:

  • For no reason (Jokingly)
  • To shun the person in Solo Queue
  • To protect yourself from spamming
  • To avoid toxic friends.
  • To stop someone from stalking you.

Many see it challenging to reverse their action after hitting the halt icon. Not because of some technical issues, but because they couldn’t locate the halt list. That’s where the show goes down.

If, after searching for your friend’s username and still missing, it could be that he/she is from a different region. Simply put, players from two different areas can’t interact with each other in any way.

Change League of Legends name

Have you thought of changing your LOL name? Fast forward to the relevant details—you can’t change a username. Even the riot support system can’t initiate the process.

On the upside, your summoner name is fit to change. It’s common for players to alter specific characters in their summoner name. This can help to escape that one player that’s stalking you with it.

For clarity’s sake, a username is different from a character ID. You use your user ID when logging in. And your character ID displays at the top of the page.

Customer support also assists in initiating a character name change. If you need a helping hand, reach out to representatives.

How to Reset a Summoner Name in LoL

Did you know that it's not possible to change username in League of Legends? Luckily for us cringe lords, it's possible to change summoner name in LoL. Here's how you can reset it

First off, remember that this action isn’t free. It requires 1300 RP or 13,900 Blue Essence.

If your RP is available, kickstart the change with the steps beneath:

  1. Visit the store in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Navigate to the Account icon and press it. This menu is also in the top right part of the page.
  3. There, you’ll see the tag “Summoner Name Change.” Click through and make the change with the said RP.
  4. Relevant information will pop up. Put your preference in the box and check for its availability. No issues? Pay up and confirm the process.

Not to worry, nothing will change. Your friends and activity will pretty much be the same. You can as well notify your friends that you have a new summoner name.

If your account has been inactive for a long span, your summoner name becomes available again. But still pretty much okay, every other thing remains the same.

Does a blocked friend get to see my status?

Does a blocked friend get to see my status? This question has been asked by many players lately. Let's say that you have an annoying game-friend who you want to get rid off. Blocking him is the best move you can do because once he's blocked, he can't see your status

Here’s an experience between two players: Janet had this friend (Player 1), who she used to play with sometimes. She probably hasn’t met him in person. But she liked playing with him.

After a short while, she discovered a new friend (Player 2) and enjoyed his game. In a tizzy, the former keeps texting and requesting for a play.

Player 1 soon became a pain in the ass. He kept spamming Janet with all sorts of requests and insisted on texting her until she played with him.

Janet got caught up, although a little bit concerned about this player. She doesn’t want to compete with him anymore. To her, blocking him would seem wrong, as Player 1 doesn’t have any friends.

So she posted about this on a forum. Her main objective was to know if she could turn off the online status in her profile.

If you block a player, the person actually sees you but can’t get through.

Big thanks to the online community — several viewers came to her rescue in the comment box.

Why care about a player that you don’t enjoy playing with, many opined?

Fortunately for her, some decided to run a test. The first one blocked the other. After experimenting, the whole viewers reached an agreement.

It turns out that when you block someone, he/she still gets to see your status and everything. Messages sent will go through on his/her account. But it won’t reach the other’s user’s end.

How to block a LOL player

At some point, you may find the block feature useful. If you play this riot game for long, you should know how spamming feels.

Some players just wish to spam others until one can handle them no more. Hence, you have to take precautionary steps by halting them. To go well about this, choose any of these methods:

Disabling the chat client

This option is preferable for users who wish to avoid the chat icon. You can block access to this component by disabling it. But note one thing: no one can reach out to you. You don’t have access to anyone either.

This approach is most useful, as it provides access to solo games. To disable a chat client, use the guide below:

  1. ● Launch the administrative account as cmd. You’re going to signal the chat IP for a block.
  2. ● Use the firewall add rule block. Looks more like a long line of characters. 
  3. ● Copy and paste it in your control line.
  4. ● Going back online? Use the same technique. But this time, paste netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name=”lolchat” in the given space.

Remember, this method helps to stay down. It merely means blocking your chat IP. Your friends will assume that you’re offline, and they can only know from your play history. However, talking in the play is still very much possible.

Deleting everyone

Don’t feel like accessing the chat IP? Delete the full chat list, since there’s no need to talk to anybody. You’ll be playing solo games, after all.


Battling with every client that comes your way isn’t your job. If a friend is giving you a hard time, unfriend him/her.

You can as well be honest about the whole thing. Let your chum know your true intentions, instead of welcoming spams. If you’re still having issues with the player, stop him/her from sending a request.

LOL is played across several regions. Friends, colleagues, family, and strangers can play with each other. So you can always play with any League client.

If you’ve outgrown your original LoL username, here is a guide on how to change your name in League of Legends.

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