How to Uncap Your FPS in League of Legends?

Despite being such a popular franchise, League of Legends is a game that is still available to the masses. It’s not uncommon to see a PC costing 100-150 dollars running League of Legends just fine. However, even though the game can be run on a low-budget PC, you need a good PC with beefy specs to get the maximum performance out of this game.

A good frames rate per second is one of the key benefits of having a high-end PC. Normally in League of Legends, if you have a “Potato PC”, your FPS would stay in the range of 30-45. 

However, if you have a PC capable of handling high FPS, we would highly recommend leaving your FPS uncapped. This allows your PC to pump out the maximum amount of frames rate that it can.

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How To Uncap Your FPS In League of Legends

  • Load up your League Client
  • Hit Play and get in a game (can be a custom game)
  • Once in the game, Open your settings by pressing the “Esc” key
  • Select the “Video” tab in the upper left corner of the settings menu
  • Scroll down and you will find an option called “Frame Rate Cap”
  • Click on that option and select “Uncapped”
  • Just below that, there will be an option called “Wait for Vertical Sync”
  • Uncheck that option and you are good to go

Vertical sync means that your in-game FPS will meet the refresh rate of your monitor. By unchecking that option, you’re allowing your computer to pump out as many FPS as it can regardless of what your screen’s refresh rate is.

Now that we’ve shown you how to uncap your FPS, let’s talk about the main questions people have about uncapping your FPS.

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Should You Uncap Your FPS?

People often ask questions like “what’s the point of uncapping your FPS if your screen’s refresh rate is only 60 frames per second”. The answer to that is simple. Let me explain;

Your computer processes and generates data given to the user in the shape of frames. More frames equal more accurate data. Your display might only be able to show 60 FPS but on the backend, your computer might be producing more than that.

This ultimately makes your games feel smoother even if your display is only capable of 60-hertz. And this is the main reason that experts in the industry recommend that you leave your FPS uncapped. 

What is V-Sync/Vertical Sync?

Vertical Sync is a technology, designed to synchronize the frame rate of your computer to the refresh rate of your display. If not synchronized, it can cause screen tearing, an effect that causes the screen to look duplicated or glitched.

So the solution is quite simple, if you’re experiencing a lot of screen tearing, turn V-Sync on. However, if you’re experiencing a lot of input lag, turn V-Sync off.


Whether you should leave your FPS uncapped or not is still up to debate. However, we would urge you to read this article thoroughly and make judgements by yourself. Get in the game, play with the settings and see if you like it or not.

If this article helped you in any way or if you have any suggestions for us, make sure to leave a comment down below and let us know. 

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