How to Unlock Champions in League of Legends?

Whether you are a beginner or a long-time loyal League of Legends player, you know for sure that owning champions is a must-have for this game. The more extensive your collection of champions, the better position you are to learn to play with different champions and thus become the master of this planetarily popular game. 

In this article, we will reveal all the secrets of how to unlock League of Legends champions in different ways. Since Riot often throws out new champions, it’s time to start collecting them one by one, so start reading.

League of Legends has a big roster of champions, and recent figures say there are currently more than 150 champions you can play with. This number is high, and since Riot very often throws out new champions, the chances are high that there are champions you have never even tried to play. With League of Legends Free Rotation, you can try some new champions every week. 

Free Rotation means that 16 new champions become free to play every Tuesday. This way, you can try out what it’s like to play with a new champion and whether you like his appearance, skills, strategy, etc. The disadvantage of Free Rotation is that after a week, you can no longer play with free champions unless you buy them. 

Either way, Free Rotation helps you test the champion before you spend your resources on it, just like when you test the car before you decide to buy it. Clever move, Riot.

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Let’s Get Familiar With Blue Essence

Blue Essence is found everywhere within the League of Legends. Blue Essence is the essence of the whole game, we can say. It is the main currency with which you can buy things in the League of Legends. 

Blue Essence is collected by completing Missions, playing games, or disenchanting Champion Shards from Champion Capsules. Riot gives you Champion Capsule every time you level up. Also, with enough Blue Essence, you can unlock new champions.

Once you reach Level 5 in the League of Legends, you will start getting Champion Capsules at each new level. Inside the Champion Capsules there are Champion Shards, and when you disenchant them, you can win Blue Essence. Champion Capsules can be activated with Blue Essence, or you can upgrade them to permanently unlock the desired champion.

Also, your in-game stats determine whether you will be rewarded or not. Every match is an opportunity to show how good your gaming skill is. If you played the match well, there is a chance to win Honor, and that Honor rank can also be leveled up. 

When your Honor rank level up, you will win an Honor Capsule that can hold a Champion Shard, and then you can choose what to do with it. Maybe you will permanently unlock the new champion, or you can disenchant it to get the Blue Essence.

Also, don’t ignore Missions. Missions in the League of Legends are a great source of winning Blue Essence. For example, complete the Mission “First Win of the Day,” and you will win additional amount of Blue Essence.

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A Little More About Champion Shards And Hextech Chests

You can win the Champion Shards if you or your teammate has won an S-tier match performance. Then you will get a Hextech Chest where the Champion Shard can be found. We mentioned above three ways you can take advantage of these Champion Shards.

Champion Shards are mostly tied to Hextech Chests, and you have to own Hextech Chest first to be able to open them, right? We already mentioned it, and you can win Hextech Chests if you won S rank on the champion you played in that match. So to get S rank, you have to own that champion. Another reason to make your champions collection even more enormous.

When you win an S rank, for example, with Vayne, you will no longer be able to get Hextech Chest with that champion until the beginning of next season. A little sad, but this can motivate you to practice playing with different champions to reach S rank and win Hextech Chest. 

Also, if your premade teammate wins an S rank with your champion, you will also receive a Hextech Chest for the champion you played with. This is a good deal if you ask us.

Riot made sure you open as many Hextech Chests as you want, but only if you pay for them first. This time with real-world currencies, Riot Points. One Hextech Chest comes in 125 RP or 195 RP if you want to buy both Hextech Chest and Key. If you like to spend a lot of money on games, you can buy a package of 11 Hextech Chests and Keys for 1950 RP.

Well, we didn’t mention Keys. Hextech Chest has to open up with something, and that something is an elementary item, like the Key. One Key that opens one Hextech Chest consists of three fragments. You win fragments by playing matches. 

You can’t know for sure when and which match will bring you the Key fragment. In 4 weeks, you can win 12 Key fragments. The tactic is to play as much and as well as possible and thus increase your chances of winning Key fragments and opening Hextech Chest.

Unlocking Champions Via Store

If you are a person who likes quick shopping, instead of collecting Key fragments and Hextech Chests, you can walk to the Store and buy the champions you want. Okay, we don’t mean to take a walk literally; just within the League of Legends client, select the Store tab and complete the transaction.

In-Store, you can buy champions with Blue Essence that we wrote about how you can win them, or with Riot Points that you get by paying a certain amount of real money, which is then converted into Riot Points.

  • RP Blue Essence
  • 585 1350
  • 790 3150
  • 880 4800
  • 975 6300

The newest champions will cost the most, and those who have been in the game for a long time will be cheaper. Your choice which one you will buy.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to become a real League of Legends player, you have to start building your collection of League of Legends champions. Your collection must have different types of champions, and you must be able to play with them. 

It takes a lot of time (and money) but also brings a lot of success in the League of Legends world. In addition to collecting Key fragments to open Hextech Chests, you also win Blue Essence while playing matches. Try to be as good as possible to win everything you need to unlock new champions in a short time.

Furthermore, don’t neglect Free Rotation and Champion Sale. Riot allows its players to try out new champions every week, so you can try to play them before you decide to buy them. Riot often puts up Sale and then sells out champions within the Store for low price, so check the Store to see what’s on offer from time to time. 

Champion Sale is an opportunity to buy the desired champions for a small amount of Riot Points and thus increase your collection. Start collecting League of legends champions today, and don’t forget to have fun.

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