How to Unlock Skins in Teamfight Tactics?

Is there anything sweeter than the Little Legends? Well, various skins make the look of these tiny creatures even more beautiful, which we loved as soon as Riot Games released Teamfight Tactics. Let’s repeat, Teamfight Tactics is actually a spin-off version of the mega-popular League of Legends game where you need to think tactically to beat your seven opponents and be the last player standing. 

In this article, we will talk about the skins you can collect in Teamfight Tactics and how you can get them. If you are ready, let’s begin.

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Guide on Teamfight Tactics Little Legends

Little Legends are small, cute creatures that actually represent players in Teamfight Tactics. Unlike champions you can’t control on the battlefield, Little Legends you can control during a match. With your Little Legend, you choose units from Carousel and collect item orbs. 

The Little Legends can be customized and changed for the player to adapt to their gameplay. There are currently six species of Little Legends, Runespirit, Silverwing, Furyhorn, Molediver, Featherknight, and Hauntling.

When you first start playing Teamfight Tactics, you will get a default avatar called River Sprite. After a few matches, you will be able to choose between Molediver, Silverwing, or Runespirit. This is followed by the option to purchase the Little Legends you want. 

Also, via Eggs, you can unlock other Little Legends. Eggs are similar to Chests from League of Legends, and you buy them with Riot Points. Also, you can get an Egg from Missions if you don’t want to buy them from the Riot store.

Types of Eggs

  • Series 1 Rare Egg (Random Furyhorn, Hauntling, or Silverwing) – 490 Riot Points
  • Series 2 Rare Egg (Random Featherknight, Molvediver, or Runespirit) – 490 Riot Points
  • Little Legend Egg (Specific Type) – 750 Riot Points
  • 10+1 Little Legends Series 1 Rare Eggs – 4,900 Riot Points
  • 10+1 Little Legends Series 2 Rare Eggs – 4,900 Riot Points

And here’s a comparison of the dollar and RP how much you can get for a certain amount of real money.

  • 650 RP – $5.00 USD
  • 1,380 RP – $10.00 USD
  • 2,800 RP – $20.00 USD
  • 5,000 RP – $35.00 USD
  • 7,200 RP – $50.00 USD
  • 15,000 RP – $100.00 USD

Furthermore, each one Little Legend has three stars, which means it can be upgraded. For upgrading your Little Legend you will need a particular variant of it and then buy the same variant from egg. This will upgrade it to the next tier.

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List of Little Legends

So, let’s talk more about Little Legends. Here is a list of all the Little Legends you can collect in the game. As we have already said, each of them has three tiers, and it starts from the first tier. If the same tier opens in Egg, Little Legend moves on to the next tier. When Little Legend has all three tier it will no longer be received in eggs. Here there are: 


  • Pengu Featherknight
  • Ravenlord Featherknight
  • True Ice Featherknight
  • Extra Spicy Featherknight
  • Cheeper Featherknight
  • Sakura Featherknight


  • Molten Furyhorn
  • Void-Marked Furyhorn
  • Willowbark Furyhorn
  • Lionheart Furyhorn 
  • Sugarcone Furyhorn
  • Tundra Furyhorn


  • Demacian Silverwing
  • Lost Silverwing
  • Tropical Silverwing
  • Rosebloom Silverwing
  • Dawnglow Silverwing
  • Snow Cherry Silverwing


  • Shadowmask Hauntling
  • Dark Matter Hauntling
  • Toxic Hauntling
  • Lunar Claw Hauntling
  • Fireborn Hauntling


  • Toxic Molediver
  • Clumsy Molediver
  • Fresh Water Molediver
  • Skydance Molediver
  • Blazebattle Molediver
  • Soft – nosed Molediver


  • Sakura Runespirit
  • Glacial Runespirit
  • Black Mist Runespirit
  • Seedling Runespirit
  • Brambleback Runespirit
  • Sentinel Runespirit

Besides skins, Teamfight Tactics has more content you can unlock, and some have been used in League of Legends, which you probably already know. For example, emotes and icons work both in Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends, while Little Legends and Rift Arenas work only in Teamfight Tactics.

This is another specificity of Teamfight Tactics – you can change the look of the fight arena. Great, huh? In addition to the default arena layout, there are more additional skins that you can earn or buy it. Only then you will be able to edit the look of the Arena. Blue Arena can be unlocked at level 2, while Purple Arena can be unlocked at level 7.

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Final Thoughts 

To summarize all that we talked about in this article, we will focus on the most important question – how to unlock cosmetics in Teamfight Tactics. We are most interested in Little Legends skins and how to collect them to expand your collection. 

As we said below, Little Legends are playable characters in Teamfight Tactics, unlike champions which you can’t control on a battlefield as you can control them in a League of Legends match. There are currently 6 Little Legends (we’ve also listed new characters you can win during the Lunar New Year event that appeared with Patch 12.2.) that you can find if you open Eggs, which are similar to Hextech Chest, another familiar item from League of Legends. 

Each Little Legend can be upgraded to three tiers, and you can upgrade it by opening Eggs. We have also listed the special types of Eggs and how to buy them. However, Teamfight Tactics is a relatively new game, and so far, there is not much content that players can win, but we have no doubt that Riot Games will add new content to the game because this is a game with a bright future. After all, it already has a large number of players, and we are excited about new game updates.

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