How to Untilt Yourself in League of Legends?

Oh, the familiar tilting. Don’t lie, we’ve all lost our temper sometimes and allowed our instincts to go wild and approached the game overly aggressively. Whether we had a bad day, playing with noobs in the team( just kidding, don’t call them noobs, prefer the name “beginners”), or simply that we are eager to win so much that we are convinced that an aggressive approach will help. 

Yeah, this tactic is rarely helpful, we are mostly so angry that we refrain from applying physical force to the keyboard or mouse. No worries, with the following tips and tricks on how to avoid tilting in League of Legends you will become a master of controlling your own emotions, at least while the game is on.

What is Tilting in League of Legends?

Tilting is a familiar term within the gaming community and is associated with something that particularly annoys us within the game. For example, today you decided to play with Lux but you persistently miss every stun and fail to use the ult in time, which results in the opponent’s champions easily killing you.

 Or you get a team that doesn’t know how to play as a team and persistently ping them that it’s time to kill Baron Nashor while they persistently ignore. These are just examples of tilting, each player has different things that annoy him and cause emotional meltdown during the game. This is where the cycle of lost matches and player dissatisfaction most often occurs.

Tips and Tricks for Untilting Yourself

1. Learn from your mistakes

Of course, no one likes to lose, man is by nature a being who loves success, approval, and the feeling that he has won in something. When you have a few lost matches in a row, it is normal that you feel bad and want to give up “this stupid game”. But old wise people whose quotes you can find everywhere on the internet and in various history books will say that the game should be played for its own sake, for experience, fun, etc. Anyone who goes with the premise that they have to win will have a bad time. 

Instead of getting annoyed by losing a match, look at where you went wrong to avoid those mistakes in the next match. Maybe you chose the wrong build or the wrong runes, maybe you got into a team fight too soon or you didn’t recall yourself in time. Remember, League of Legends is a fun game, something that should make you happy if you have a bad day or want to divert your thoughts from something. Compete and persevere to be a winner, but don’t despair if it doesn’t go as you envisioned.

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2. Silence is half the battle

It is not said without reason that we should often remain silent if we are angry because in that anger we can say things we do not mean. In other words, toxicity all over. Players in League of Legends can be very toxic and very abusive towards players who do not play as they imagine. A toxic environment is not healthy and often distracts from more important things, such as winning a match, for example. Luckily, Riot knows how to deal with it successfully. 

In situations where an individual player harasses other players on the team, it is best to use the ‘mute’ option for him to spare reading his insults. Inside the chat type ‘/ ignore all’ and focus on your own game. It may be hard to win without consulting the team but at least you will be able to do your best instead of trying to reason with the angry player.

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3. Blame yourself, not your teammates

Yes, we all know that it is easiest to blame others for your mistakes. The internet connection is to blame (hey, sometimes it is, lagging is among the most common causes of tilting), the keyboard is to blame, this noob who chose the wrong support champion is to blame, and so on. 

Sometimes you will find yourself “on the other side” where you will be a toxic player of the match due to your emotional distraction. Self-help advice: others are not to blame for your accidental mistakes or the choice of a champion who is bad for you, just accept that you have a bad day and that you are responsible for it teach you from your mistakes to break a series of lost matches.

4. Set some grounding rules while you play the game

For a good game, it is important to follow its rules, so you have already learned not to cheat, harass other players, troll while playing, etc. Another tip is related to your own rules. For example, take a piece of paper and write down your own rules. They can read like this: “After the third lost match I stop playing for today” or “I will play the champion in which I am the best to contribute my knowledge and skills to the team to win the match”. 

You can write as many rules as you want and put paper close to your computer so that it is always in a visible place. Once you get used to these written rules, your brain will also avoid breaking them which will result in you not allowing yourself to play too aggressively and fall into emotional distraction.

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5. It’s time for a break

One of the curses of all online multiplayer games is that there is no break. You can’t just click the ‘Pause’ button and come back when you cool off. Sometimes it’s good to take a break and sort out your thoughts. Depending on what you like, a break can mean you’ll go for a walk, do a workout, meet up with friends, surf the internet, or just go for an afternoon nap. The moment you’re angry about the game it’s best not to think about it and let your brain wander in other directions. You can take a break of a few days or even weeks to forget about all the negative sides that you were primarily angry about. 

During the break, you can dedicate yourself to other hobbies and ways of having fun, so your focus will not be on the negative thoughts that creep into your head when you lose matches. At the end of the day, League of Legends will be where you left it so once you cool off you can continue your game path.

And for the end…

Remember, League of Legends is meant to be fun, however sometimes you will also have bad periods where it will cause frustration and you will wish you had never even installed it. In those bad times remember that others are not to blame for your series of lost matches, that it is always good to mute toxic players to play smoothly, that it is important to check stats after a bad match to see where you are wrong and not to repeat the same mistakes next time and most important of all, when you feel that the League of Legends makes you moody and emotionally distracted it’s a sign that you need to take a break and preoccupy yourself with something else. Your champions and teammates will be happy to welcome you when you return.

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