How To Upload League Replays To Youtube

When Riot Games majorly reworked the League client the last time, they also introduced the option for us to rewatch our games. It sounds simple, but most long-time LoL players remember the days when if you didn’t record your own gameplay, then your match was gone forever. Nowadays, you can simply head over to your match history, download the replay, then watch the actual match. However, how do you upload those League replays to YouTube, for example?

Uploading of League Replays can be really tricky. It’s not like the game automatically records all matches and then gives them to you in a video format. No, the matter is way more complicated.

There can be a number of reasons why you’d want to upload your League replays on the internet, be that YouTube or Reddit. Some players simply want to share their gameplay, and the League replays system might help with that. But not in the way you hope so.

Here’s how League replays work.

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How to Upload League Replays to Youtube?

If you want to upload your League of Legends replays to YouTube, you’ll have to record them first. You can choose whether to record as you’re playing the actual game or as you’re watching the replay. And this is because you need the file to be in a video format.

Many people don’t understand that the League replays are actually in a text format. When you download a replay through your client’s match history, you don’t have them in a video format. And that’s why you don’t watch them through a video player on your PC, but the League of Legends client instead.

The League replays files are actually just written instructions for the League client just so it knows what to display for you. So you can’t upload the League replays files directly to YouTube because they require the League of Legends client in order to display anything.

I came across an example from a Reddit user that really explains how the League replay files work in my research.

A League replay file is like a movie script. It contains everything from scenes to characters and acts, but it isn’t the actual movie. You still need to record all those information if you want to have a video.

And that’s really it. So if you want to upload your League replays to YouTube, you’ll want to record them with another software first, then upload them in a video format.

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What to Use to Record League Replays?

When it comes to actually recording your League of Legends gameplay, you have a number of different options. Any application that allows recording of your screen can do the job. But here, I’ll go over the two most popular methods of recording League of Legends games.

1. GeForce Experience

If you’re using an Nvidia graphics card on your PC, then you can download the GeForce Experience software if you haven’t already. This application allows you to organize and optimize all of your games, including League of Legends. But it also gives you all the necessary tools for gaming, such as recording your gameplay. This is probably the easiest program you can use, so I definitely recommend it.

2. Open Broadcasting Software – OBS

OBS is currently the most popular software for recording and streaming games in the world. It’s what most Twitch streamers and YouTubers. OBS has many tools, and using them may seem overwhelming at the start. But the more you learn about it, the more you can do with your replays.

In summary, I really think that you should use GeForce Experience if you simply want to record a game you’ve just played and nothing else. It’s easy, simple, and anyone can do it.

And that’s how you can upload your League replays to YouTube!

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