How to Use Fiora’s Ultimate?

Fiora is one of the most popular Top Lane carries at the moment. And rightfully so – she’s so on top of her game that rarely does any Champion come close in comparison. However, she might not be as easy as most people would think. 

She has many quirks and mechanics that are challenging, to say the least. You’ll have to use your brain and amass some knowledge on the Champion – to be able to utilize her to the fullest. And that’s where this article comes in. 

We will give you a brief guide on using Fiora’s Ultimate, a powerful spell that can literally one-shot the tankiest of Tanks. Firstly, however, we must dive into her passive and how it works, and then we shall move on to her Ultimate. 

With that out of the way, let’s begin! 

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Fiora’s Passive

Fiora’s Passive is called Duelist’s Dance. It identifies the Vitals of nearby, visible enemy Champions and takes 1.75s to activate. They last for 13.25s and will expire. If Fiora goes out of range, the enemy loses sight of her, or she loses sight of the enemy – it will also disappear. 

Fiora can strike the enemy at the said Vital and proc it. It deals 3% + 5.5% per 100 bonus AD of the target’s max HP as true damage. It also heals Fiora for 40 – 115 HP based on level and grants 20 – 50% movement speed based on her Ultimate’s Rank. 

A mouthful, that’s for sure, but we had to go over it quickly. This passive ability is the core of Fiora’s kit, and everything she does will revolve around striking at Vitals as often as she can. If procced in quick succession, Fiora can one-shot any target, as the bonus damage is true and ignores any defenses. 

The Ultimate 

Why am I speaking of this when her Ultimate is the primary topic? Well, her Ultimate does the same as her passive. Fiora will spawn four Vitals on each side of the enemy. She can then, for a duration, strike at all four. If she lands all four hits or kills the target while the Ultimate is active, it will activate a vast area that heals Fiora and her allies. 

Players often rush into a fight and use the ability as soon as possible. Though this may be a plausible strategy, one should approach things more cautiously. Since Fiora can do so much damage so fast, it would be unwise to ignore utilizing her passive first and then casting the Ultimate for even more blazing damage. 

Thus, I would advise you go in using your Q and E. Strike at least one Vital and seek to slow the enemy with your W. After they’re slowed, and it’s a substantial amount, you should cast your Ultimate. Activating one Vital will do a ton of initial true damage, and since late game Vitals will deal somewhere around 20% max HP, 5 is precisely the amount to kill a full HP enemy. 

That one initial Vital proc before the Ultimate goes off guarantees that the enemy will be dead. The slow just makes it easier to strike at all four sides of the enemy. Keep in mind that the W can also proc a Vital, making a Q-W-R-E engagement also viable. 

If you’re low on health and are in dire need of sustain during a fight, Ulting the lowest HP enemy is a good idea. The Ultimate’s heal is fantastic, and you’ll bring a low HP enemy down in just a hit or two. It could be a lifesaving spell. The heal is also insane on its own from Vitals, and thus you can Ult whomever you want – you will still get a ton of sustain. 

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Though a simple ability, it has a very complex use. One has to approach playing Fiora with extra care and strategy. Utilizing everything she has to offer to the fullest will allow you to climb through the ranks easily. 

Just recently, I went on a 20-win streak with her, and it is no doubt that she’s at her strongest right now. It is no wonder that she’s been getting so much flack and such a high ban rate. I highly recommend you give her a try while she’s hot. 

I hope you’ve found this guide informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift. 

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