How To Use Jhin’s Ultimate? – A Complete Guide

How To Use Jhin’s Ultimate? - A Complete Guide

Jhin is often described as the best champion that Riot Games has ever designed. His ability kit felt new and refreshing when he was first released back in 2019, and it’s still the same today too. No matter if you’re an ADC main, a mid, jungler, or top laner, you probably like how Jhin works in League of Legends. His 4-shots dynamic is unique and interesting, and it’s an important component to his ultimate too.

Jhin’s R is a special type of ability that allows you to shoot your enemies with 4 big powerful shots. These shots slow your target and deal a good amount of damage, allowing you to secure kills that are out of range. Jhin can use his ultimate in a number of different situations, which is also the source of all the confusion regarding how players should actually use this ability. 

If you’re a new League of Legends player, or at least new to playing Jhin, you may be wondering how you should take advantage of his ultimate. In this post, I’ll go over the key aspects of Jhin’s R, Curtain Call, and explain how and why you should do certain things.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the complete guide of how to use Jhin’s ultimate in LoL!

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How Do I Activate Jhin’s Ult?

To activate Jhin’s ultimate, Curtain Call, all you need to do is press your R button after level 6, when this ability is off cooldown. And when you do, the game will zoom out, allowing you to see more of Summoner’s Rift. This will help you see your enemies as they’re running away, making it easy for you to shoot them.

Keep in mind that Curtain Call won’t lift the Fog of War in League of Legends, which means that your enemies can still hide in the shadows or the bushes. However, if you land a shot of Jhin’s ultimate, you’ll actually reveal the enemy and slow them down. And this increases the chances of landing the second, third, or fourth shot as well.

How Do I Cancel Jhin’s Ult?

How To Use Jhin’s Ultimate? - A Complete Guide Cancel Ult

Sometimes when you activate Jhin’s ultimate, you may notice that an enemy is approaching you, ready to slay you while you’re immobile. This is most common when you play against assassins such as Zed or Kayn because they’re always on the lookout to eliminate squishy targets such as Jhin. In that case, you’ll need to click anywhere on Summoner’s Rift to cancel Jhin’s ult and run away.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you click inside Jhin’s R, outside, or the minimap itself. If you give a movement command while Jhin’s ult is active, you’ll immediately cancel the animation, and the game will zoom back in.

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How to Use Jhin’s Ult?

How To Use Jhin’s Ultimate? - A Complete Ult Guide

The best way to use Jhin’s ult is to activate it when your enemies are running away or when there are no enemies around you. And as soon as the ability is activated, you want to fire off your first shot. If it lands, then you must shoot the second shot instantly as well. This will give keep your opponents slowed and easy to shoot.

Sometimes, especially when the enemies have a lot of mobility (Fizz, Zed, Ezreal), it’s better to be calm and calculative with Jhin’s ultimate. This means that it’s better to wait and aim your shots perfectly instead of rushing all the shots in one motion. These shots have a 0.5 seconds cooldown between them, so use that to assume where your enemies will click next.

It’s also important to remember that you need to stop all your clicks as soon as you activate Curtain Call. You don’t want to randomly cancel this ability between your shots and sabotage yourself. So, be careful and remember to only press your R while shooting the 4 bullets of Jhin’s ultimate.

In this sense, Jhin’s R is pretty similar to using Xerath’s ult. The only difference is that Xerath’s shots travel in a parabola towards the target while Jhin’s shots are straight.

Jhin’s ultimate lasts for up to 10 seconds or until he uses all 4 shots.

Does Jhin’s Ult Go Through Minions?

Yes, Jhin’s ultimate goes through minions. In fact, every shot of Jhin’s Curtain Call does the same amount of damage to all minions it passes through, but it stops when it hits an enemy champion. This means that minions and monsters can’t block Jhin’s ultimate shots, but other champions can.

This is definitely a great advantage that Jhin has because it allows him to snipe champions no matter where he stands. The shots will always hit the champions if they’re aimed right.

How Much Damage Does Jhin’s Ult Do?

Jhin’s ultimate does 50 / 125 / 200 (based on rank) damage with each shot, plus 25% of his AD. This damage is increased up to 300% based on the target’s missing health. However, Jhin’s 4th shot always critically strikes, dealing 100% more damage, plus 35% bonus damage of his total critical chance.

All this damage is physical.

Is Jhin’s Ult Good?

Jhin’s ult is one of the greatest abilities in League of Legends. It’s not only helpful when trying to slay a champion from range. It can actually be an excellent engage tool for your team. If you activate Jhin’s R before the team fight even begins, you can scare your enemies away from the objective at hand.

Obviously, there are many different ways to take advantage of this ability. But even if you’re only using to squeeze out the maximum damage the champion can do, you’re doing a good job. Jhin’s may be one of the most useful abilities that marksmen champions can have because it allows him to deal damage while staying away from all the fighting.

Learning how to use Jhin’s ult in League of Legends can be pretty tricky. But as long as you keep to the tips I’ve explained in this post, you’ll do just fine. Practice makes it perfect, so go and play some Jhin games!

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