How To Whisper in Valorant?

In team games, communication is critical. Players must inform their teammates about what they are presently doing and what they plan to accomplish. It’s crucial when attempting to execute plays in-game.

Even if you’ve played shooters before, there’s something different about Valorant. Coordination is essential to effectively capture bomb sites, defend key locations on the map, and move to the other side of the map to assist your teammates at the appropriate moment in these fast-paced low time-to-kill games like Valorant. Sure, voice chat is available in Valorant online; however, let’s face it, most people—particularly novice players—prefer avoiding using voice chat altogether.

It’s possible that this is due to a variety of factors, but one possibility is that players are quiet or don’t have a good headset. However, they may be the polar opposite of shy when playing in-game. In these cases, the in-game text chat comes to the rescue.

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Valorant In-Game Text Chat

The Valorant text-chat is a simple text chat that may be accessed almost everywhere in the game by pressing the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

There are three main chat modes for VALORANT’s in-game text chat. These are:

  • Team Text Chat
  • Party Text Chat
  • All Text Chat

Team Text Chat – When a game has already begun, the team text chat is used by default. On game modes like Unrated, Competitive, Spike Rush, and so on, when the player presses “Enter” on the keyboard, the default text chat is utilized. It only sends texts to your teammates.

Party Text Chat – When players join a lobby with two or more other people, the Party Text Chat will be used as the default text chat mode. Sends text messages to all of your current Party Members, regardless of game type (Deathmatch, Practice, etc).

All Text Chat – Every team has its own Team and Party Chats, which may be activated by pressing the “Enter” key. To utilize the All Text Chat, players must press a different combination of keys than they would to use individual text chats.

All Text Chat allows the player’s text message to be seen by all players in the game. If you want to converse with your foes for whatever reason, all-chat is the text chat you’ll need. To use this function, press “Shift+Enter” on your keyboard. Reverting the chat mode back to Team/Party requires repeating this procedure.

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How to Whisper Chat

Valorant added a really useful function to the in-game text chat that adds some much-needed simplicity to chatting with specific players on your Friends list. In Valorant, the Whisper Chat functionality is a simple chat option that only sends text messages to one person. To use the Whisper Chat function, all you have to do is:

  • Press “Enter” to bring up the VALORANT Chat Box
  • Click on the Text Box:
  • Press “Tab” on your keyboard to switch to Whisper Mode
  • Begin typing the in-game name of the person you wish to Whisper. The Chatbox will show suggestions of all your friends with the same first letter.
  • Click on the name from the suggestions list or manually enter the specific name, then press “Enter.”
  • Begin typing your Whisper:
  • Press “Enter” to send your Whisper:


Whisper is a fantastic method to send particular messages to specific individuals. Whatever your reasons for using Whisper are (talking trash about your noob teammate with another friend), it may help you get the message out without alerting other players.

Whisper is also a wonderful method to notify your friends on your Friends List that you aren’t currently playing because it does not necessitate you to leave the game screen. The Chatbox may be found almost everywhere. This is fantastic, since it reduces distractions and makes sending private messages in-game easier.

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