Unleashing Your Inner Champion: The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Emotes in League of Legends

Unleashing Your Inner Champion: The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Emotes in League of Legends

Ever found yourself in the heat of a League of Legends match, wishing you could quickly send a message to your team or taunt your opponents without having to type out a text? You’re not alone. Riot Games, the creators of this thrilling online battle game, have come up with a brilliant solution: Emotes.

These digital expressions of emotion are more than just cheeky taunts and celebratory cheers. They’re a game-changing way to communicate that’s fast, fun, and thoroughly engaging. But using them correctly can seem as intricate as mastering a new champion.


  • Emotes in League of Legends are a swift and entertaining way to communicate in-game.
  • 94% of LoL players use emotes, according to a Riot Games survey.
  • Riot Games releases new emotes every season, fueling a trend of in-game expression and collection.
  • This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to effectively use emotes in League of Legends.

Decoding the Language of Emotes

According to a survey conducted by Riot Games, a whopping 94% of League of Legends players use emotes in-game. These vibrant images that pop up above your champion’s head are a dynamic and succinct way to convey your in-game emotions. As Riot Games puts it, “Emotes are a great way to communicate with your teammates and opponents without having to type out a message. They can convey emotions and reactions quickly and easily.”

Express Yourself: The Growing Trend of Emotes

Each new season brings a flurry of new emotes to the game, with players eagerly adopting them to express their unique personality and style. These aren’t just communication tools; they’ve become collectibles, with rare and limited edition emotes serving as status symbols among the player base.

Unlocking the Power of Emotes: A Step-by-Step GuideUnlocking the Power of Emotes: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of using emotes in League of Legends. Here are some steps to guide you:

  1. Start by opening the Emotes tab in the Collection.
  2. Select an emote slot and choose the emote you want to equip from your inventory.
  3. Once in-game, press the corresponding key for the emote slot to display the emote above your champion’s head.

Knowing When to Use Emotes

Emotes are most effective when used at the right time. For instance, a thumbs-up emote can reassure a teammate, while a laugh emote might taunt an opponent. It’s a playful way to add another layer of strategy to your game.

The Power of Emotes: More Than Just Fun and Games

Emotes are not just a fun addition to League of Legends; they have become an integral part of the game’s culture. Emotes provide an avenue for expression that transcends language barriers. Whether you’re part of a multi-national team or trying to bridge the communication gap with a foreign adversary, an emote can send a universally understood message. The use of emotes has gone beyond the game’s intended purpose, evolving into a unique language that binds the community.

Collecting Emotes: A Status SymbolCollecting Emotes: A Status Symbol

With the release of new emotes each season, collecting them has become a popular pastime among players. Some players vie for limited edition or rare emotes, seeing them as a status symbol within the game. The trend of collecting emotes adds another exciting layer to League of Legends, fueling the competitive spirit outside the battlefield.

Avoiding Misuse of Emotes

While emotes add a playful and expressive dimension to the game, they should be used responsibly. Spamming emotes or using them to harass other players can lead to penalties. It’s essential to remember that behind every champion, there’s a real person trying to enjoy the game.


1. What are emotes in League of Legends? 

Emotes in League of Legends are small, animated images that players can use in-game to express their emotions or intentions. They appear above the player’s champion and can communicate a wide range of messages, from taunts to congratulations.

2. How do I get more emotes in League of Legends?

You can obtain more emotes by purchasing them in the Riot Store, earning them through in-game events, or unlocking them as rewards in the Hextech Crafting system.

3. Can emotes be muted in League of Legends?

Yes, if you find emotes distracting or inappropriate, you can mute them. To do this, go to the scoreboard during a game and click on the mute button next to a player’s summoner name.

4. Are there any restrictions on using emotes in League of Legends?

Emotes are designed to add fun and personality to the game. However, they should be used responsibly. Spamming emotes or using them to harass or annoy other players can result in penalties.

5. Can I customize my emotes in League of Legends?

Yes, you can customize your emotes. You can equip up to five different emotes at a time, choosing from the ones you’ve unlocked in your collection.

6. What is the most popular emote in League of Legends?

The popularity of emotes varies widely among players and often changes with the release of new emotes. However, some of the consistently popular emotes include “Thumbs Up,” “Tears of Joy,” and “Clean.”

7. Can I use emotes to communicate with opponents in League of Legends?

Yes, you can use emotes to communicate with both teammates and opponents. Emotes can be seen by all players in the game, which makes them a useful tool for expressing a variety of messages or reactions.

8. How do I disable emotes in League of Legends?

You can disable emotes in the in-game settings. Go to the Interface section and uncheck the “Enable Emotes” option.

9. Can I get banned for using emotes inappropriately in League of Legends?

Yes, misuse of emotes, such as spamming or using them to harass other players, can lead to penalties, including temporary or permanent bans.

10. Are emotes in League of Legends available on all servers?

Yes, emotes are available on all servers where League of Legends is available.


Emotes in League of Legends have redefined the game’s communication, adding a whole new level of fun and strategy. Using them effectively can not only enhance your gaming experience but also give you a competitive edge. So what are you waiting for? Embrace the emote revolution and make your mark on the Rift!


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