How to Use Wildcards in Legends of Runeterra

How to Use Wildcards in Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra is a free-to-play card game. Notably, the game is very friendly toward players who do not wish to spend a ton of money purchasing cards or decks. Players can exchange so-called Wildcards for any card of the same rarity. But this isn’t an automated process, and players have to go through a couple of steps to do it. And we’re here to show them to you.

What you will learn:

  • How to Use the Wildcards in LOR
  • How to Earn Wildcards
  • Some advice.

How to Use Wildcards in LOR

There are a couple of ways of going about expanding your hard-earned Wildcards. Firstly, you can go to the main menu screen and click on Collection on the left side. From there, move on to the ‘Cards’ section and browse which cards you’d like to obtain. Once you’ve found your desired card, right-click on it, and you should see an option bar open on the left with a few options.

You could purchase the card with coins, exchange shards for it, or simply use a Wildcard, which should be the third option. Clicking on that will expend a Wildcard, and you’ll see the card pop right into your deck.How to Use Wildcards in LOR

This same options bar is where you can purchase Prismatics and change the style of your cards. You can do so through coins, listed on top, or Prismatic Shards.

Another less convoluted way of using your Wildcards is through the Deck Editor. This allows you to take a desired deck and see exactly which cards you need. Importing decks doesn’t always mean you’ll import all the required cards with it, so you may need to pick up a few extra cards to complete it. Doing this through the aforementioned ‘Cards’ screen will take up more of your time for no reason.

To access the Deck Editor go to Collection like before, but this time click on Decks. Left-click on your Deck of choice and select ‘Edit Deck’ on the bottom right. You should now see cards you can craft on the left side of the screen. Scour what you need and right-click it like you would’ve done on the regular ‘Cards’ screen, and you’ll see many options for purchasing or stylizing your desired card. This is a much faster and easier way to do precisely what you want without having to browse so many cards that you don’t even intend on purchasing.

How to Earn Wildcards in Legends of Runeterra

Naturally, like with all games of this type, you can earn special Wildcards by simply playing. The more you play, the higher your chances of obtaining a Wildcard. There are also additional rewards that may result in your getting a Wildcard. Expedition rewards and chests are a good source of high-quality Cards and, potentially, Wildcards. Logging in daily and picking up daily chests or the Weekly Vault rewards may also provide you with a Wildcard or two. Individual cards can also upgrade to Wildcards, but they have a somewhat low percentage of doing so. Around five to ten percent are your chances, depending on the Card rarity. In short: just keep playing the game. You’ll accumulate a ton of Wildcards in no time, and you’ll then be able to craft your perfect deck!How to Earn Wildcards in Legends of Runeterra

Some Advice On Card Collection

Wildcards should be expended as soon as possible. Getting as many cards as possible, especially duplicates, will be your primary source of Shards that you’ll later exchange for new and desirable cards. Having a ton of Shards stashed and at hand will give you an advantage when each new Deck or collection of Cards drops. Purchasing the latest and greatest cards will give your deck a nice edge over the competition, so you should keep yourself well-stocked with resources. Don’t treat Wildcards as invaluable treasures that cannot be replaced or obtained. They’re part of the game and should be utilized immediately. Don’t let them go to waste!


Legends of Runeterra is among the most player-oriented card games out there. They offer their players free and easy access to all the content, and spending money is merely for the perfectionists. Wildcards are one example of the developers’ giving the players a way of obtaining rare stuff for free. They’re quickly earned, and the more you play, the more abundant they become. We hope this guide has helped you understand the Wildcard system better and wish you all the best in the fields of Runeterra!  

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