How’s that even possible? This LoL player doesn’t use QWER keys

“All League of Legends gamers are using QWER.” Gamers use three fingers across the QWER keys because with this setup, the index finger can easily hit E, R, D, or F keys. All of this is wrong, at least for one LoL player who is being referred to as an alien because he isn’t using QWER. 

Wait a minute now…there’s a LoL player that doesn’t use QWER on his keyboard? Then how is he even playing League of Legends? That was my initial thought, and with my curiosity being stricken, I had to dig deeper into the scenario to find out what this “alien” was all about.

Up until now, I was under the impression that every LoL player uses the Q-W-E-R buttons because that, after all, is the default settings for the skills. Take Yasuo’s W, or Lee Sin’s Q as an example, LoL players automatically remembers what it is, and they don’t need specific description of the spells that come with the keys.

Imagine trying to do an Insec move on Lee Sin using WASD keys. That would be very difficult, right? Well, this gamer girl is not using QWER keys and she still manages to do a great job in the solo queue

Simply put, those 4 QWER keys on the keyboard are the default settings, and as far as I know, no one in my crowd has changed those settings. Actually, from what I have researched, there are very few people out there who change this. 

So when a guy stepped forward and revealed that his girlfriend…wait, his girlfriend? It’s a girl? “My gosh, it’s a girl gamer …” Oh, now that’s a plot twist …now, let’s get back to the story – he noticed that she wasn’t putting her skills in QWER, but WASD order, and that’s when the typical troll community ripped through the scenario, calling her an alien, dark witch, and so on.

Here’s a quote from this guy who originally revealed his findings on Reddit. “While playing Aram’s with my GF, we talked about the whole flash on F or D discussion, and she explained to me that she is playing with “WASD.”

Almost every single League of Legends players is using QWER keys to use their abilities. However, we recently saw a post on Reddit where one user shared that his girlfriend is using WASD keys to play League of Legends. We were really surprised by this, but here's why she's using it in that way!

After discovering this, he was shocked because he was under the impression that every gamer played with QWER and may change item or trinket keys, but not the spells. Same here, I was just as shocked, but I know that we’re all wired differently, so if someone chooses to play LoL with something other than the traditional QWER, then that is their prerogative, and I have no say over it …plus, I have other things to worry about.

Take a look at the full hotkeys she has been using: 

§ Q is for R (Ult)

§ W is the same. (At least something)

§ A is for Q (Ezreal mystic shot)

§ D is for E (Ezreal Blink)

§ E is for Flash

§ F is 2nd summoner (ignite), and her camera lock is on S.

TL:DR: Flash should be on E because your girlfriend is always right.

Okay, so the League of Legends community has a couple of problems with this. First, the problem is she uses WASD. The second problem here is that she’s doing it in a super weird way. I spoke with someone the other day about this, and he told me that he uses WASD as well. His basic abilities are AWD because those keys are where your fingers go when playing games with WASD (that makes sense). 

In League of Legends, if you don’t use Flash with D or F, you’re going to be called an alien. 

The majority of the League of Legends community were surprised at how this girl organized her keyboard shortcut keys. Still, a couple of people showed their support and revealed their equally strange settings. 

Here's how default League of Legends keyboard keys look like

Others Reveal Their Strange Settings:

First Reveal: “I play with WASD too. Different keybinds, though – W=A/W=W/E=D/R=S.” So, instead of “WASD,” this LoL player uses the WDAS key – that’s interesting. 

So his setup looks like this: 

  • (W) is (Q)
  • (D) is (W)
  • is (E)
  • (S) is (R)
  • (Q) is (D) for my first Summoner spell (always flash unless I take TP/Flash. In that case, TP would go here)
  • (E) is (F) for my second Summoner spell
  • (V) is to back, (Y) is Camera lock, (R) is a trinket, (T) is the shop, (F) is to stop movement completely


Up until I saw this post on Reddit, I honestly never thought about people changing their QWER key bindings. I always thought that’s just how it was. So, when I write my posts here, I always mention what the Q key is for, and so on. Don’t worry, guys, I’m going to continue doing this, but this post has really made me stop and think about things…we really are all different, and our minds don’t always look at things the same way, and to me, that is okay, there’s nothing wrong with being different. 

So while I’m at it, I’d love to hear about your keyboard setup. Are you using the traditional QWER, or are you using something completely different? In the comment section below, go ahead and tell us how you like playing…is there something you do that the gaming community would find unique?

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