Top 5 Best Hullbreaker Champions in LoL

Top 5 Best Hullbreaker Champions in LoL League of Legends

League of Legends is a game where the sole goal of winning is destroying the enemy’s Nexus. To do so, a team must go through several tiers of turrets and inhibitors, a pretty hefty task. On average, it takes 35 to 45 minutes to end a game, as the aforementioned defenses pose a pretty serious threat to those attacking.

Not everyone has 35 to 45 minutes, though. Some players strive to finish the game as soon as possible and ravage through the enemy base blazingly fast. Riot knows this, and obliged the players by gracing them with a wonderful item known as the Hullbreaker. Hullbreaker grants extra damage against turrets, making the structure destruction game tremendously easier.

Likewise, not all Champions are built for such endeavors. This article will go over the 5 best Hullbreaker Champions in League of Legends. The following list is consisted of the best split pushing, tower munching beasts. Hullbreaker is just a cherry on top for them.

To cut a long introduction short, let us begin with our list. Watch your towers and enjoy!

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No Champion has been as popular for split pushing recently as Sion. Before Riot stepped in to nerf him, he reigned supreme in the Top Lane as a suicidal maniac smashing his head into towers endlessly. The sheer efficacy of going 0/20 while breaking through the enemy’s base was obscenely high, and Riot thankfully stopped it quickly. It’d gotten so bad that people were perma-banning Sion, a Champion that wasn’t even that good outside this single strategy.

Even without the capacity to do suicide runs, Sion can still easily split push and remove towers without breaking a sweat. Since he will primarily build up HP and defenses, with some AD mixed in, Runes like Demolish are a must have for him. With Hullbreaker and Demolish combined, Sion can more or less one-shot towers. Having only a few minions in the wave will be enough to get through any tier of turret.

Sion is a formidable Top Lane Champion that should be feared. With the right hands controlling him, he can be quite the nuisance, capable of fighting for prolonged periods, roam, Tank, push, you name it. He was the first Champion I used to get out of Bronze with so many years ago, and he certainly has a special place in my heart. Thus, I have to recommend him to everyone for the sake of memory. Go ahead and give him a try.


While Sion may have given me some fond memories, Jax certainly is the Champion who continues to do so. My all-time favorite and main, Jax is a brutal split pusher only enhanced by the force of Hullbreaker. Though it is not a core or meta item on him, it’s an amazing situational buy that can take Jax way ahead of his enemies. If he has even the slightest opportunity to take on a split-pushing approach, Jax should immediately do it and sport a Hullbreaker on himself.

Taking Demolish is also a great idea, though it won’t be as potent as with some others on this list. This is primarily due to Jax not building many HP items. It does depend on the player and their build (as Jax has more builds than I could count), but in general it will have a reduced effect. Nevertheless, it’s still good enough to drastically speed up the tower breaking process, which Jax is already great at.

Jax is among the top performing Champions in League of Legends. His simple design is what makes him lethal, as mastering him takes no time. Despite being quite basic, his kit is exceptionally deadly, loaded with high base damage and utility. Split pushing is one of his best aspects, and Hullbreaker only serves to add to that. I highly recommend Jax to just about anyone out there. I mean, you can just feel how much I favor him. It would be insane for me not to.


Fiora Best Hullbreaker Champions LoL League of LegendsFiora is what I consider a wonder pick – a Champion so brutally strong that you like to keep them for special occasions. Her high skill cap, insane potential, and overall brutality make her one of the best Champions in League of Legends proper. With such design, it is no wonder she also happens to be good at split pushing and tower destruction. Not only that, it is one of her core build paths.

Hullbreaker is considered a core item for Fiora if one decides to play the split pushing game. Rushing this item is recommended most of the time, though you might focus on something else first situationally. Fiora’s pushing isn’t that great on its own and requires items to be perfected. Thus, one should combine Hullbreaker with AOE items like the Hydras (whichever makes more sense to buy). After that, it’s open season on the enemy turrets, and Fiora’s exceptional AD and attack speed will make quick work of all structures.

Picking up the Demolish Rune is not a bad idea, depending on what you want to do. Sometimes, it’s good to leave it out for something else if the matchup isn’t that good. But do keep it in mind at all times and calculate if you can take it. If there is even a small viability of you having it, just do it. It’ll make your life easier and the split pushing much faster.

I highly recommend Fiora to just about anyone out there, as there are few Champions like her in the game.


When you’re a Champion who doesn’t have to leave the Lane at all, you might as well push. Garen is the best legally AFK Champion in League of Legends, capable of staying in the Lane for basically the entire match. Picking up anything that helps with pushing is only logical, making Hullbreaker a natural part of Garen’s build. Not all players will go for it, however, but I’d advise you to do it.

Garen’s sustain keeps him in the Lane perpetually. He’ll be safe, healthy, and insanely difficult to take down. He’s able to outlast all enemies on the Lane, and every time his opponent leaves the Lane, Garen capitalizes on it by pushing. His wave clear is among the best in the game – he’ll cleave through those minions in a single button press. With demolish and the eventual Hullbreaker on his hands, Garen will break through any defenses that the enemies put up. Turret or Inhibitor, Garen just doesn’t care.

Like Jax, Garen has one of the most basic kits in League of Legends. This may sound like something bad, but is actually very dreading. You see, simplistic ability kits are usually loaded with high base damage and utility, and Garen’s is no exception. With the capacity to deal over 1000 true damage in one spell, Garen is truly a force to be reckoned with. No matter how deep he ventures into the enemy base, they will always be reluctant to attack him.

Garen is a sweet Champion that everyone should try at least once, so make sure you do it right now. But please finish the article first, thanks 🙂


I know I said that Garen is the best perma-staying Champion in League. However, I have to retract the statement and give the crown to Nasus. He’s at least equally as good if not better at the sustain game. While Garen has his passive healing, that can be easily interrupted by an attack, Nasus has passive life-steal. There’s no stopping that without breaking the bank and getting some grievous wounds.

No matter how low you get Nasus, all he needs to do is hit a few Qs and he’s back. These Qs also bring extra damage to the ability, slowly increasing Nasus’ might. Stack after stack Nasus grows in power, and so does his pushing capacity. By the mid game, with Hullbreaker and potentially Sheen under his belt, Nasus will be chunking half the Turret’s HP in a single attack. Hell, he might even be doing more damage if he has Demolish on him, which is basically his core Rune.

Nasus loves staying on the Lane for as long as he can, pushing through the minions and towers. He needs his Q stacks to be relevant in the game, and the best way of acquiring those is farming. Roaming around the map would largely deprive Nasus from his farm, making him much less useful overall. The good Nasus player will farm for a precise amount of time and to a certain point, and then join his allies in the onslaught.

Split pushing is the best thing for him, in my opinion. If he gets stacked and strong enough while pushing passively, he’ll become so powerful that attacking him would be futile. A few Q hits and the whole team would be as good as dead. I highly recommend Nasus to everyone out there, as this Champion is certainly something else.

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League of Legends is filled to the brim with Champions. No matter how much we narrow it down, it’s still hard to select the best Champions in any category. Please leave feedback below or contact us, as we are always looking to improve as much as we can. And what way better of doing so than by directly taking feedback from our readers?

I hope you found this article interesting and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift!

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