iBUYPOWER vs CyberPower – Which One Is A Better Choice For Gaming?

iBUYPOWER vs CyberPower - Which One Is A Better Choice For Gaming?

Prebuilt computers have been a favorable option for users due to their convenience and level of selectivity and quality. Users only have to be concerned with the specifications they need and be less concerned with the little details of the PC components. Usually, prebuilt computers are created by very high-tech companies and run through tests to prove their quality.

In the field of prebuilt PCs, two of the biggest brands are iBUYPOWER and CyberPower. They are privately owned US-based companies that have produced quality PCs for years. PCs produced by these companies are created explicitly for esports and massive graphics gamers.

Brands Description


iBUYPOWER vs CyberPower - Which One Is A Better Choice For Gaming?

This brand began in the year 1999, with its headquarters situated in California. It produces and retails pre-built computers, gear for games, specially-made computers, and laptops, and these products have an average lifespan of about 3-6 years. Usually, their products are made from putting together specially selected electronic and PC components, creating more sophisticated computer systems.

As a well-established company with exceptional tech qualities, it has partnered with prominent industry colleagues like nVidia, Intel, ASUS, Microsoft, etc. Being a tech beast, it is in massive competition with worldwide brands like CyberPower and Origin.

As a company that has gained so much popularity and widespread usage, iBUYPOWER has its marketing team and customer service spread all around Europe and Asia. Also, it is known for its reputation for Strength, Perseverance, Unity, Ambition, and giving the best gaming solutions to its users.

iBUYPOWER has a policy of strictly adhering to users’ specifications, and they give support to export competitions, gaming enthusiasts, and developers. An example of their product is Revolt.


iBUYPOWER vs CyberPower - Which One Is A Better Choice For Gaming?

Cyberpower is a privately-owned brand situated in the industrial city of California in the U.S, and it was founded in February 1998. As a developing brand in 2003, it was seen as a quickly thriving brand in Los Angeles, and from 2011 till 2016, it was continuously listed among the first 150 companies operating from LA.

As PC producing giants, their products include desktop workstations, 4K Gaming systems, Syber Gaming Consoles, custom gaming PCs, custom gaming laptops, and small form factor PCs. They use different PC components produced by various electronic giants and put them together to form a single unique computer system.

Their laptop products are made in series. Some of them include the Tracer series, Vector series, and Fangbook series. Their products are strictly built to users’ specifications, and they have many building samples available for users to choose from.

Over the years, they have partnered with tech giants like Intel Radeon, Microsoft, AMD, and nVidia.

Brands Features

Models and Products: 

They both make and sell custom-built and pre-built computers for games with processors like miniature version Intel Core i3 processing unit, low-cost Ryzen 3, high version Core i9 processing unit, and five-star Threadripper processing unit.

They both have series for their products, as it helps users easily spot differences between various product models. iBUYPOWER has series like the Revolt 2, Snowblind, Case Builder, the Pro Series, and the VR Ready systems.

On CyberPower’s list of Exclusive series, there is the Creator Pro Series, the less-expensive Quadstellar series, the Elegato Stream Machine, the Hyper Liquid II line, the EVO mini line, etc.

Both brands also provide accessories like mice, headphones, keyboards, etc. Their configurators are similar as users can select components of their systems and customize them as they wish. CyberPower, however, seems to offer more base models and configuration options for its products.


As producers of high-quality techs, their products are indeed expected to be expensive. However, CyberPower, in addition to its large spectrum of categories, has systems with meagerer costs, even as little as $800, compared to iBUYPOWER that has costly computers and fewer models.


CyberPower produces high-tech PCs, as well as low-grade computers for typical uses. They also have models and setups for these ordinary systems, while iBUYPOWER strictly produces pre-built PCs, and they are gaming computers just for gamers.


From the way CyberPower is designed, its circuit board connects to both gaming accessories and other non-gaming accessories. However, for iBUYPOWER, its motherboard only connects to the gaming accessories, improving the gaming process.

Best Gaming Model: 

For CyberPower, Elgato Stream Machine is the best gaming model for CyberPower. In comparison, iBUYPOWER’s Snowblind is a better custom-built gaming model. This model gives a more preferred gaming experience compared to CyberPower’s Elgato Stream Machine.

Gaming Hardware: 

CyberPower does not provide enough gaming hardware accessories to its users. Its rival brand provides enough gaming accessories, and all of them have a very high level of performance.

Low-End Specifications: 

iBUYPOWER vs CyberPower - Which One Is A Better Choice For Gaming?

For iBUYPOWER, the Gaming RDY SMRRR202 is selected for comparison from the inexpensive section. It has a shiny black look with a tempered glass case. For its repository, it has an 8GigaByte Double Data Rate4 Random Access Memory with a 500GigaByte Solid State Drive and a power unit of about 500-watts.

It features an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with a processing speed of 3.6GHz. To maintain a stable and safe temperature, it uses the Deepcool gamma xx 400 Central Processing Unit fan. Its graphics card, which has a computerized simulation capacity, is the Radeon RX580 4GigaByte Graphics Processing Unit.

In its packaging, it is provided with accessories like a game pass, a mouse, and a keyboard for games. Its current price is $849 for a single payment and $75 monthly as installments.

For CyberPower, the Gaming Instant Ship GC99024 is selected for low-cost comparison. It works with an Intel i5-10400 processor with 2.9GHz operating speed, yet still, it’s the most recent and very useful for gamers. It has an Intel LGA 65W cooling fan for its CPU. Rather than a circuit board created by ASUS or intel, t uses the GB G460M.

For repository, it features a 1TeraByte Solid State Drive and a DoubleDataRate4 memory of 8GB. It also features game accessories and electric power of 600 watts. For its graphics card, it uses the Nvidia GTX 11660 6GigaByte DoubleDataRate6, and this also supports virtual reality.

Furthermore, it includes support for life and a 3-year guarantee. Its current price still stands at $949 per single payment and $84 per month for installments.

From these features, it can be observed TX 11660 possesses an additional versatile execution than the known Radeon RX 580. From the memory angle, it can be observed that the GC99024 beats the RDYSMRRR202, still amassing a more considerable expense. Furthermore, the Ryzen 5 3600 unit stands at a better spot than CyberPower’s i5-10400 of 2.9GHz.

High-End Specifications: 

iBUYPOWER vs CyberPower - Which One Is A Better Choice For Gaming?

For high-end specifications, the Lirik 200 produced by CyberPower is selected for this comparison. It has a particular casing made of phantom enthoo elite aluminum, and it is embedded with a Gigabyte GA-X299 and outstanding operating intel core i9 10920X with a working capacity of 3.5GHz.

For its repository, it features a 3TB hard drive, a 1TB Solid State Drive for fast boot, and a massive 64GB Double Data Rate4 RAM. Its Graphics Processing Unit is the gigantic Evga Geforce RTX 2080 Ti 11GigaByte DDR6. In addition, it supports virtual reality. Its current price is over $7,090 for a single payment and $230 per month for installments.

For iBUYPOWER, the Titan RTX Ultimate Gaming is selected for the high-end section. It uses an ASROCK Z390 phantom gaming 4S circuit board and an intel core i9 9900Kline with a strength of 3.6GHz. It ranks as more costly than other systems produced by iBUYPOWER.

For its repository, it has just 1TB SolidStateDrive and a 2GB Double Data Rate4 RAM. For its Graphics Processing Unit, it uses an Nvidia GeForce Titan RTX 24GigaByte Graphics Double Data Rate6. It supports all high-quality games in any setting Its current cost is over $4,650 for a single payment and over $215 monthly for installments.

From the features listed, it can be observed that the Lirik 200 has an additional sophisticated casing than its rival. Furthermore, Lirik 200 has a high processing efficiency, but its competitor, in this case, has a slightly higher speed, giving it a loss in this area. Furthermore, the CyberPower product has a larger capacity for storage than the Titan RTX, but it’s GPU capacity is lesser by 13GigaByte.

The Titan RTX is nonetheless more cost-effective than the Lirik 200.

Warranty Period: 

For both companies, their products have a warranty period of three years for labor and one year for parts.


Both companies produce quality products; however, for cost-effectiveness, iBUYPOWER products are preferable. On the other hand, for a better gaming experience, knowledge, expertise, and a high budget, CyberPower products would be the best bet.

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