IG Fiora – The Ultimate Skin Review

Invictus Gaming (IG) Fiora is one of the best skins Riot Games have ever released in the game. This skin has cool visual details, and they make Fiora look very nice!

One of the absolute best skins in the entire League of Legends is IG Fiora. There are numerous different things that make this skin amazing, like looks and spell animation. But, the story behind the skin is also very interesting, adding to the value of IG Fiora. And today, it is considered one of the most prized skins in the game!

As you may know, ever since 2012, Riot Games releases a unique skin line that changes almost every year. This skin lane is Riot’s way of paying respect to the World Champions in League of Legends. So, whoever wins Worlds, gets to have “his own” skin in the game. The skin line is restricted to 5 champions only, usually the ones that the winners played the most during the World Championship.

And so, back in 2018, during season 8, Invictus Gaming lifted the trophy and became champions. Thus, Riot Games made Invictus Gaming, or IG, skins for the champions Camille, Irelia, LeBlanc, Kai’Sa, Rakan, and Fiora. However, IG Fiora is perhaps the skin the deserves all the spotlight here. Here is why!

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What’s Behind the IG Fiora Skin?

As mentioned above, the IG Fiora skin belongs to the IG skin line made after the season 8 World Champions Invictus Gaming. And as with the other skins, IG Fiora belongs to a particular player on that squad, named Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok.

TheShy is a legendary top laner from the South Korea region that’s been notoriously popular around the world for years. He’s been playing for Chinese teams, though, his entire career. And for a long time, his only success was local.

However, in 2018, TheShy was regarded as the absolute best in his role and even the best player overall worldwide. His mechanics, knowledge, and performance became an international sensation, with many other top laners copying his style. Finally, he proved to everyone that he was the greatest by winning that year’s World Championship. And as a result, he was crowned with the IG Fiora skin!

Now, TheShy played Fiora during the entire season quite a bit. It wasn’t his most played champion on the tournament itself, but he still made her work in a couple of games. But, Fiora remained his favorite champion, which is why he chose her for the IG skin.

So if you’re looking to get IG Fiora for yourself, know that you’re continuing the legacy of one of the best top laners that has ever played League of Legends!

IG Fiora – Characteristics

As it’s the case with all other IG skins, the Fiora one is done primarily in two colors: silvery-white and shadowy-blue. These two shades are the same ones that appear on the Invictus Gaming logo, so they’re quite fitting.

With the skin, Fiora has short blond hair. She is also adorned in shining armor while carrying a needle-like blue sword. Her cape looks like a flowing shadow, and every move she does is extremely pleasing to the eye.

When it comes to the skin’s spell animations, everything is crisp and clear too. The vulnerability circles that Fiora creates on her target when attacking are very easy to spot. Her W – Riposte appears as a broad wave that you can’t miss. And her ultimate’s animation is a much darker version than the original skin, which we personally love.

But the most impressive characteristic of the IG Fiora skin is the recall animation. Here, Fiora begins to channel with a simple drop of her blade. Then, she notices Riven’s sword stuck in the ground, which is a reference to another favorite champion of TheShy. Fiora attempts to drag out Riven’s sword during the channeling, but she is unable to. At last, she gives up, picks up her own sword, and jumps home. And while all this is happening, the player can see TheShy’s personal signature next IG Fiora.

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Should You Buy IG Fiora?

The IG Fiora skin costs 1350 RP currently on live servers. In our honest opinion, it’s an amazing skin that deserves the spotlight. And we definitely think that every Fiora enthusiast should have it. Many Fiora mains have reported that the skin does help visually since it upgrades the way Fiora performs her attacks. Many skins enhance the champion’s features, and we can agree that it is one of those skins.

However, you shouldn’t make this decision lightly. Remember that the skin won’t make you a better Fiora player automatically. It can only help you in certain situations and only by small margins. But if Fiora is your favorite champion in you absolutely adore TheShy, then go for it! You won’t be disappointed!

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