Inting Sion Build – A Complete Guide – Updated for Season 11

Inting Sion hasn't been a very popular pick lately, but that doesn't mean that it's a bad choice. You'll be surprised how good it actually is when you pick it, plus you're gonna have tons of fun!

Inting Sion isn’t just a build. It is a philosophy and a strategy. It’s essentially a style of winning even the hardest of games in a most relaxed and ridiculous way. And if you have never heard of it, we’re going to tell you one thing: Inting Sion wins by losing. 

But how? How does one champion with near the highest numbers of deaths per game gain LP in ranked matches and climb time after time? Riot Games have made something truly “special” in League of Legends and if you want to learn the way of the Inting Sion, then here is the complete guide!

Inting Sion Build Guide

The first thing to understand here is what exactly is “Inting Sion.” And it goes something like this.

Inting Sion is a playstyle developed by Sion mains that focuses on pushing waves and destroying turrets while doing nothing else! Inting Sion’s purpose is to always kill the minion wave as soon as possible and then dive the enemy’s turret and hit it until death. Then, to reanimate himself and continue smashing the turret with enhanced auto-attacks. And after respawning, do the same thing all over again!

In this strategy, the rules of the laning phase or League of Legends, in general, are non-existent! As Inting Sion, you will never trade, score a kill, or try to help your team. Instead, you will mindlessly demolish the base of your opponents until that shiny “Victory” screen appears. But if you’re doubting if this is possible, please consider this!

How many times have you played a game where one of the enemy players “ints” and his teammates are spamming messages like “ff 15”, or “report him”, or “open mid”? And how many times in those games did you and your teammates feel bad because you’re winning the game? Right, pretty much always. So, Inting Sion is kind of the same.

You will most likely go to at least a 0-10 score in your first game. And your team will flame you, spam pings, and possibly even report you. But you will probably get the enemy turret first, then reach the second turret, then the inhibitor… You see, it doesn’t matter that you’re dying as long as you’re getting close to victory. And how do you get LP in League of Legends? By destroying the enemy Nexus, right? So, this is one hell of a way to do so!

But, if it works so well, why can’t you do it with any other champion? Why does it have to be Sion?

Because Sion has the ideal kit to perform the “inting win strategy”. Sion’s passive – Glory in Death lets him return to life as a zombie and hit with incredible attack speed. His Q – Decimating Smash is the perfect one-shot ability for wave clear. W – Soul Furnace is a free max Health increase, while E – Roar of the Slayer can also be an AOE damage spell if aimed right. And Sion’s R – Unstoppable Onslaught is an excellent get-to-lane card, so you can push the turrets even faster.

And if you’re wondering if there are specific runes or items that you need to pick up for Inting Sion, then here they are!

Best runes for Inting Sion

Grasp of the Undying

  • Grasp of the Undying is overall the best keystone for Sion. With this strategy, the whole point is to stack up as much Health as possible, so when you dive, you can hit the turrets for longer. Well, Grasp of the Undying permanently increases your HP as the game goes on, making it a vital rune choice.


  • Demolish is probably the primary reason why the Inting Sion works so well. It gives you an enormous damage buff to structures every 45 seconds. It also takes up a nice portion of your maximum HP to deal bonus damage. But the best part about it is that it activates even when you die!


  • Conditioning is the next rune you take to make yourself as beefy as possible. It’s a straight-up buff to your Armor and Magic Resist. And you will need to be very tanky in order to survive the turret’s shots.


  • And Overgrowth is just a bonus source for Sion to stack HP. It synergizes well with the rest of the runes and his abilities, so it’s best to pick this one up every game.


  • Transcendence is a free way to gain a bit of cooldown reduction. As a tank, Sion won’t get much CDR through his build, so having your abilities even more frequently is a free win.

Gathering Storm

  • And Gathering Storm is just an insurance card for late game. If you fail to get your items on time, this rune will help you provide good damage without having to complete your build.

Best items for Inting Sion

Inting Sion hasn't been a very popular pick lately, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't work. Here's are the best items for inting Sion tactic

Titanic Hydra

  • Titanic Hydra is as important as Demolish. That’s because it helps you one-shot the minion waves while dealing damage with a portion of your maximum Health! Your first purchase should always be Tiamat, and your priority to upgrade it to full Titanic Hydra!

Sanguine Blade

  • Sanguine Blade is just a God-sent item for Inting Sion. It triples your attack speed, which allows you to push waves and turrets ten times faster. Since you will mostly be alone or 1v1 in lane, the passive will be triggered all the time!

Sterak’s Gage

  • Sterak’s Gage is a great tank item with a nice defensive proc when you get damaged. The shield is massive, and it gives much more time to stay alive. Plus, it builds with Jaurim’s Fist, which additionally increases your max HP. 

Sunfire Cape

  • Sunfire Cape boosts your aoe damage and adds a bunch of Armor to your stats. But if you’re facing a lot of AP champions that slow you down, then Locket of the Iron Solari or Spirit Visage can be the better options.


  • As a fifth item, Inting Sion can buy nearly anything. Thornmail is one of the better choices overall because it further increases your armor and Health. As a bonus, your enemies will fear attacking you and will leave you alone to push.

Guardian Angel

  • Because boots aren’t really necessary for Inting Sion, Guardian Angel is the ideal finishing item. Having the ability to come back to life twice in a row and take one or two turrets down on your way will just tilt your enemies, and they will surrender in no time. So be sure to buy it!

Summoner’s Spells

For Inting Sion, the essential Summoner’s Spells are Flash and Teleport. Flash is useful in every situation. And Teleport will give you quick access to the enemy turrets. Back-to-back with Sion’s ultimate, your opponents won’t be able to take a break from your power! If you liked this build guide, we’re pretty sure you’ll like the AP Nautilus mid guide as well!

Written by Spezzy

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