Is Newegg Legit? – The Ultimate Guide

Since the you-know-what started, many people are shifting from offline to online in various ways and one of them is online shopping. People started to buy the products they wanted online because of social distancing due to you-know-what. 

And if you are looking for some kind of technology like the hardware of computers or PC components, you might want to look at

Newegg As A Place To Buy PC Components

Newegg started its journey in 2001 as an e-retailer. Newegg is headquartered in California, North America with the expansion to Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Newegg began as a company to sell PC Components and helped the improvement of PC-building in the world. 

Now, the company offers a comprehensive selection of the latest consumer electronics, entertainment, smart home, gaming products, toys & drones, automotive & Powersports, even home tools, apparel & accessories, and equipment for health & sports, they provide too.

When you search about Newegg, you may find a lot of positive and negative feedback about the company. Through this article, we will help you to know more about their pros and cons.

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1. Provides Many Kinds Of Products

Newegg provides so many categories of products to you. When you search in components categories, you will find core components, accessories, storage devices, and even refurbished components. You may grab the components at a low price.

Besides that, Newegg not only provides  PC components but also a kit for home tools, toys & accessories, and certification training to learn through Global Knowledge.

2. Free Shipping & Discounts For Most Of The Products

As an e-retailer, Newegg gives free shipping to most of its products all across North America. In addition, Newegg also offers many discounts for a limited time. So, you may end up saving your money with these promos.

3. Gift Codes And Eggpoints To Buy The Products Cheaper

Same as most other retailers, Newegg gives you the opportunity to buy the products with EggPoints. Also if you have a gift code, you could use it to make the product cheaper. 

EggPoints is an accumulation point you collect from a product 30 days after you bought it. After you earned it, you may use EggPoints to buy other products but you could not earn EggPoints if you bought the product with EggPoints.

4. Cryptocurrency As Payment (Bitcoin And Dogecoin)

Yes, you are not wrong. Newegg is following the trend of cryptocurrency and accepting payment through Bitcoin and Dogecoin. You may purchase the products through BitPay. The only thing is if you want to return the products, Newegg will give you back the payback in Gift codes. 

5. A Place For The Pc Enthusiast

If you are a PC enthusiast, you might find Newegg as a paradise. You can build your own PC’s through Newegg. You will love to choose and pick any components that fit with your PC starting from hardware to software or any kind of components available at Newegg. 

Well, if you are not a PC enthusiast too, you do not have to worry. Newegg provides a service to those people. You can choose whatever service and you may find it only $39.99 – $99.99 before the discount. After you purchase, they will ship out your PC and build it when it arrives at your place.

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1. As a place for merchants (third party) to sell their products

At first, Newegg was only selling its own products. As the trend developed, many e-retailers accepted other merchants to sell their products at Newegg. It creates many problems when you have to research and know in detail about the seller. 

Why is that?  Because Newegg has to make sure the product from the seller has the same quality as they described. The next issues that will be faced are the returning of products, the shipping problems until the customer services issue. 

So, the best solution for these problems is that the sellers have to send their products to Newegg’s warehouse so the staff can organize it very well to proceed with the order. 

2. Bad Reviews During Returning And Refunding

When you search on google, you may find these issues arise. Many buyers complained about the refund issues because the product was broken when arrived or Newegg delayed the returning of their product. 

Before you purchase any products, we suggest that you read about the policy here. It would help you to know what you have to do when you have a problem with your purchasing.

3. Miscommunication Between Customer Service And Buyer

Same as the previous topic, another problem with Newegg is miscommunication in customer service with the customer. The order from customers usually got canceled without any confirmation. 

We think this is good feedback for Newegg to improve their services to the customer so there is no miscommunication between the sellers and the buyers.


Well, we already know that Newegg is a retailer that provides many things, like PC components, computer services, and other outside PC things. 

Many customers claimed that they purchased many quality computer spare parts from there and had no issues at all but some other people also ran into many issues like miscommunication, the shipping, the returning issues, and also the quality of products.

Newegg is still a good place to buy any kind of product or service as long as you know what you want to buy. Additionally, you may need to learn and read about the policy in Newegg to help you when facing problems/issues.

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